How I lost 31 pounds in 7 months without dieting, overcame my food addiction and have kept all the weight off while still enjoying my favorite junk foods...”

Here are the secrets to quickly stop binge eating, start losing weight and finally get the beautiful sexy slim body you've always dreamed about...

Dear Friend, you ever feel like you are obsessed with food? are you always thinking about food?  do you feel hungry all the time and have these very strong cravings that you just can't control? you ever overeat or binge eat and feel really guilty afterwards and try to "make up for it" either by vomiting, fasting, overexercising or using laxatives? you diet one week but can't stop eating junk foods the next? do you eat healthy during the day but overeat on nights and weekends? do you eat healthy in front of your friends and family members so that they never learn about your embaressing eating habits? you ever hide food and eat it in private until your stomach hurts and then bury the evidence (food boxes and wrappers) in the bottom of the garbage so that others will not learn about your secret eating habits? you ever feel like eating is almost like an outer body experience, where you have no control over yourself or how much you eat no matter how many times you plead with yourself to stop eating when you are full or to eat sensibly? you eat "comfort foods" at the end of a stressful day and wake up the next morning regretting it and wishing you could stop doing it? you know that you need to lose weight yet every time you try to diet you fail and maybe even end up gaining weight? you hate seeing your reflection in the mirror, or always being the "fat one" in the pictures? Are you sick of all of the comments, remarks and uncomfortable looks you get because you are overweight? you always have a tough time shopping for clothing because you look fat in everything you try on, and end up going home feeling like crap?

   I've been there and I know how frustrated you feel.  You've probably tried many diets and failed.  You've probably tried every piece of weight loss advice and failed.  You've probably even given up on the idea of losing weight and tried to just be happy with your current body shape.

    What I'm about to share with isn't another diet or food plan.  It isn't another set of rules for you to try and end up breaking.  Rules, diets and food plans DON'T WORK.  Even if you lose weight on a diet sooner or later you'll gain it right back.

    Let me tell you my story and how I came across the secrets to lasting weight loss, overcame food addiction and was able to stop binge eating...

My 2nd grade teacher made a "fat joke" about me and all my classmates busted out laughing

    Growing up I was the fat kid.  I didn't realize this until that day in 2nd grade that I'll never forget.  I was spacing out in class and not paying attention.  My teacher stopped and put me on the spot by asking me a question that I didn't know the answer to.  

    I took a guess and was wrong.  She responded by saying the following in front of all of my classmates and friends "Andrew it seems like the fat from your chubby head leaked into your brain and now your brain no longer works".  All of my classmates busted out laughing.  My face blushed and turned bright red.  I was so embaressed, and i felt the tears swelling up in my eyes. I hated school from that day forward. 

    Fast forward to high school, I thought the fat jokes would stop by now, but they didn't.  In fact they kept getting meaner and meaner.  I hated my life even more.  I could never get a date.  Who wants to go out with the fat kid?  I didn't even go to my own senior prom, instead I sat home that night and just pigged out on food to comfort myself.

I finally got fed up with being the "fat kid" and decided to lose weight

    It was my fist year in college and I got really serious about losing weight.  I tried all kinds of diets, some worked but I could never keep the weight off and always gained it back.  Not only that, but I noticed because of diets I started craving junk foods even more. 

    The more diets I went on, and the more junk foods I deprived myself from, the worse my cravings would get.  I would often keep up with my diet for a few days, and then my cravings would get so out of control that in a moment of weakness I would binge or eat every junk food in sight.  I would keep repeating this cycle of dieting and binge eating over and over again.

Being fat isn't your fault

    I always thought that being fat was my fault.  I always thought that I was lazy, and didn't have enough discipline or self control to stick to a diet.  I was wrong.  It wasn't my fault.  In fact I found out that I've been lied to by every diet book and weight loss commercial I've came across. 

    I finally realized that while diets might work, there was a big dark secret the diet industry never told me.  While diets helped me lose weight quickly, I could never keep the weight off.  I even learned a darker secret that the diet industry didn't want anyone to know.  Dieting is the single most common cause of eating disorders including binge eating and overeating.    

My years of dieting caused me to develop binge eating disorder

    When I finally gave up on diets I had an even bigger problem.  I had binge eating disorder.  I just couldn't stop binge eating.  I would eat until my stomach felt like it's about to pop.  I would eat whether or not I was hungry.  I would eat every food in sight.  My eating was out of control.  It felt like I was addicted to food and could never get enough.

    Sometimes I would even get in my car, and go through several fast food restaurant drive throughs in a row.  I would order a full sized meal from each single restaurant, hide it in the back seat, and drive up to the next restaurant.  Then I'd park my car in a secluded dark spot in the parking lot and eat all the full sized meals in a row.  Of course I would toss out all the food bags and wrappers before getting home.  I didn't want anyone finding out about my embaressing eating habits.

I was living 2 different lives

    In front of family and friend I always ate very healthy foods.  They were often confused to why I just couldn't lose weight.  However in private, and behind the closed door of my room I would often binge eat.  I would often have binge eating episodes where I wouldn't stop eating until my stomach hurt.

    After a binge eating episode I usually feel discomfort standing up or even sitting down.  So I would just lay down on my bed and take a nap.  After an hour or two I'd wake up with the worst taste in my mouth.  My mouth would feel really dry and I'd feel disgusting.  I would feel so much guilt and shame that I would often eat some more "comfort foods" just to numb out all those negative emotions.

    I didn't want to binge eat yet I couldn't help it.  Whenever I engaged in binge eating it always felt like I was on autopilot.  I just couldn't control it and couldn't stop myself.  I would regret it afterwards because of all the weight gain.  After binge eating I would often feel so depressed and hopeless and would isolate myself.

    Binge eating was ruining my life.  I no longer made it out to social events because I would often binge eat before the starting time and I just wouldn't show up.  Many of my friends stopped calling me because I was very unreliable.  I'd make plans to hang out with them on the weekend, yet I would often binge eat on weekends and cancel on them.  Even at my work and school I started becoming lazy, skipping classes or "calling in sick" at work because of a binge eating episode I had the night before.

I finally decided to do whatever it takes to stop binge eating

    I admitted to myself that I had eating issues and will do whatever it takes to recover.  I read all the books I could find on eating disorders specifically on binge eating recovery.  I went to all the popular eating disorder support groups.  I even did therapy for several months with a doctor who specialized in eating disorders.  

    While doing all those things I slowly started making progress and breaking free from my food addiction.  However I would always relapse and sooner or later end up binge eating again.  I realized that I still haven't came across a simple step by step system to stop binge eating and start losing weight.

    I felt like I had all the information I needed.  I felt like I had all the missing pieces of the puzzle, and it was time to put it together.  So I decided to review everything I learned.  I started reviewing my journals, asking my therapist the really tough questions.  I even started finding people who have recovered from binge eating and flooding them with questions.  

    I started putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and finally came up with a step by step system that I thought might work.  So i put the system to the test in my own life, and in I lost 31 pounds in 7 months without dieting and overcame my food addiction.  I've also managed to keep all the weight off while still enjoying my favorite junk foods.

I knew I was on to something big, but could it work for others?

    If you suffer from binge eating, it's not your fault.  You've probably tried all kinds of different diets.  Those diets told you to avoid junk foods.  Naturally your body started craving the junk foods your diet told you to avoid.  As a result you would end up binge eating on those same junk foods you deprived yourself of during your diets.  

    This is why I was really excited when my step by step system to overcoming food addiction and losing weight worked.  I knew I was on to something.  However there was a big problem.  I was doubtful if my system would work for others.  

    So I started sharing bits and pieces of my system on my website and through my newsletter.  The feedback I got was phenomenal, not only did the techniques work, but I was shocked at how quickly they worked.  

    I was still skeptical, and thought maybe my newsletter readers are just giving me good feedback to be nice.  So I decided it was time to start doing some phone coaching and get some of my newsletter reader on the phone.  After all this was the only way I could get their honest feedback, and verify the extremely exciting results they were reporting.

    To be honest with you part of me was jealous.  Many of my phone coaching clients were able to break free from their food addiction and start losing weight in a matter of days or a couple of weeks.  While I on the other hand spent years putting together this systems and gathering all the missing pieces until I finally got it to work.  

    So yes I was jealous but it also felt great knowing that I could make a difference in their lives.  As I kept doing more coaching and writing additional newsletters, I was even more shocked at the results I was hearing.  Here is some feedback i got from one of my newsletter readers:


Just wanted to say thanks. Your words have helped me SO much in just the last week. It's so great to finally know what's causing me to eat like this, and that I'm not alone!

In my first week, although it hasn't been completely binge-free, I've managed to greatly cut down on my binging, and lost 7 pounds! Yay! I have been thinking about why I'm eating, and stopping myself most of the time.

Thanks again! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!

- K.P. from Los Angeles, California

The 3 Secrets to Stop Binge Eating, Lose Weight, and Keep the Weight Off

    I'm going to share with you the three secrets to stop binge eating and start losing weight.  Using these secrets will not only help you lose weight but more importantly keep the weight off. There is nothing worse than losing weight and gaining it right back.

    These are the same secrets that I've shared with my coaching clients.  I've shared bits and pieces of these secrets in my newsletters and on my website.  However, for the first time ever I'm going to share each one of these secrets in their entirety.

Secret #1 - Stop Dieting

Diets don't work

    Diets simply don’t work long term.  Most of those who lose weight through dieting or caloric restriction often regain the weight back in a few weeks or months.

    Maybe you have experienced this.  I sure did.  I would be excited about finding the next new diet.  I’d think to myself that’s it “I’m finally going to lose weight the easy way and live happily ever after”

    Often the diet was too restrictive.  My cravings would get out of control.  And in a moment of weakness I would binge on those foods I’m not supposed to touch.

    Even when I did follow a restrictive diet and lost weight I faced a problem.  Once I reached my goal weight I had to get off the diet, simply b/c it wasn’t realistic for me to maintain it my whole life.  The moment I’d stop dieting, I noticed that I would slowly gain the weight back.  After years of dieting I made a very important realization.

Being overweight is a symptom of a more serious problem

    I realized I was overweight simply because I ate too much. So then I started digging into why I ate too much, and what to do about it.  This is when I started making progress, lost weight, and naturally kept it off.

    Even if you do diet and lose weight you have just treated a symptom not the real problem.  That real problem will creep back out sooner or later, and make you gain the weight back.

    It’s just like when you have the common cold.  All the medication you take treats the symptoms such as your headache, sore throat, and runny nose.  It never makes the cold go away.

    Even after you recover, sooner or later you will get another cold.  Why?  Simply because the common cold is a virus that always mutates and appears in a different strain.

    I will help you discover that real problem that makes you overeat and keeps you overweight.  In treating that problem you will naturally treat all other symptoms of it that might be currently ruining your social life, your friendships, your relationships or your career.

    So when you see the next diet commercial or ad remember the diet industry wants to keep you overweight.  Why?  So that when your current diet fails, you’ll just buy the new one that just came out.

What the cycle of dieting and overeating looks like

    You try some new diet that tells you to either restrict calories or avoid certain type of foods.  Or you might try to completely avoid junk foods, because you think they are addictive and so on.  You’ve failed several times in the past but this time you decided that you’re going to stick it out no matter what.

    Then the day comes when you screw it up.  For whatever reason you end up having one of those “forbidden” foods.  Maybe you rationalize and say “I’ll just have a little bit” or “I’ve been so good I deserve it”.  Or maybe you have just been having a very stressful day and crave one of those comfort foods.

    After the first bite, you can’t stop and end up consuming a bigger portion than you planned.  The guilt creeps in.  You start feeling like crap.  You beat yourself up.  These questions start running through your head.

• “Oh no I screwed up AGAIN, What’s WRONG with me?”
• “Why don’t I have ANY self control?”
• “Will I ever really have normal eating habits?”
• “Am I just a FAILURE?”

    The questions keep getting harsher.  You might even start to remember all the other times you ruined your diet attempts.  To deal with the guilt, mental and emotional pain you do one of two things.

    You might automatically try to avoid all those painful thoughts and emotions by binge eating, and stuffing yourself.  By doing this you numb out your emotions.  You become emotionless for the next hour or two.  You figure you’ll just make up for it the next day.  

    Or you decide to make up for it right away.  To make up for it, you might vomit, exercise compulsively, or starve yourself for the rest of day, or the next couple of days.

    No matter how you make up for it, guess what?  At some point you will screw up, fall off track, and have some other “forbidden food” starting the cycle all over.

    This cycle will make you life unbearable.  And if you are overweight, it will keep you that way.  As a matter of fact after going though that cycle repeatedly for years, I ended up gaining weight instead of losing it.

Secret #2 - Get a Handle on Your Emotional Eating

    I got home and went right to the fridge.  I yanked it open, and started stuffing my face with every comfort food I could find.

    Half an hour later my stomach was hurting and my mouth was very dry.  I unbuttoned my pants, laid down on my bed and ended up falling asleep.

    When I woke up an hour later I realized that I just binge ate again.  But why?  My mind was racing, I didn’t get it.  Earlier I promised myself not to overeat again.  But I just broke my promise.  What happened?

    Then it hit me.  I had a pretty stressful time at work earlier today.  Dealing with my boss and coworkers was a pain and I wished I could just quit.  But I couldn’t just quit.

    I first had to update my resume and start applying to other jobs.  Then I would have to go into those awkward interviews.  Who knows how many of them I’d have to do until I found another job.

    And who says that if I got a new job I’d like it.  I hate having a boss, and working in a cubicle in general.  I knew what I had to do.  I had to work on starting my own business in my free time.  It was the only solution.

    But that’s too much work.  I even heard a statistic that said most new businesses go bankrupt in the first year or two. What if I fail?  What if I waste a lot of my time and money?  How would I even start?

    I started seeing the payoff of emotional eating.  It numbed out all of my unpleasant emotions.  While it never really solved my problems it gave me a temporary break from having to face them.  Life is tough, eating is easy.

What is Emotional Eating?

    Emotional eating is when you eat in response to your feelings instead of real physical hunger.  The average person engages in emotional eating occasionally, once in a great while, and it isn’t necessarily harmful for them.  Emotional eating is why we have “comfort foods”.

    However, a binge eater or even someone who’s overweight often engages in emotional eating very frequently.  Emotional eating can be very hard to spot especially in your own eating habits.

    We all like to think that we are very smart powerful mighty beings.  To some degree we are, however we are also emotional beings.  Emotions are very powerful chemicals.  A positive emotion such as happiness or joy can make your day very pleasant.  A negative emotion such as sadness or fear can turn your day into a nightmare.

    People have different ways to deal with tough emotions.  Some like to keep themselves super busy to avoid having to face their emotions.  Others might spend all their free time watching TV so that they never have to reflect on their own lives.  Some like to go to the bar and have a few drinks.

    Then there is emotional eating where one consumes food in response to certain emotions.  Emotional eating often happens automatically.  You don’t realize you are engaging in emotional eating as you are doing it, you only realize it afterwards.

Emotional Eating Triggers

    Emotional eating triggers include stress, anxiety, worry, fear, disappointment, sadness, anger, boredom, achievement, or even comfort.
Emotional eating helps you numb out negative emotions, so that you can avoid them, at least temporarily.  Consuming large amounts of junk foods or comfort foods numbs you out.  

    You are probably wondering about how boredom, achievement or comfort can trigger emotional eating?   

    Boredom is an interesting emotion.  Often when you are bored it’s because you are avoiding something you know you should do or need to take care of.  That thing might be uncomfortable, scary or a hassle. 

    If you feel bored all the time then you should take a vacation.  But you probably won’t.  The though of having to take the time off work, save up the money for it, or having to arrange it with your family is probably such a hassle.  So you’ll just decide to remain bored instead.  This boredom builds up over the weeks, months, and years and become unbearable.  

    Consuming comfort foods is easier than dealing with the boredom.
Achievement and comfort are very similar.  Because once we achieve a goal we often start getting comfortable and take the success for granted.  That comfort leads to boredom, and you know what happens from there.

Eating versus Facing Emotions

    Why would you rather eat than face your emotions?  Simply because facing the emotions is tough.  It’ll often require you to make some tough decisions.

    For years it was easier for me to overeat at the end of a stressful day at work rather than face the emotion.  The stress was because I hated the 9 to 5 office environment.

    Deep down I knew I had to quit my 9 to 5 job.  But it was scary.  It would require that I start learning all kinds of different skills required to start my own business.  And there was no guarantee of success.  The fear of possible failure scared me.

    At some point I got fed up and finally left my first 9 to 5 job and tried to make money on my own.  I failed and started running out of money.  So I went back and got another 9 to 5.  After six months of working there I started hating it. 

    This is when my emotional eating really got out of control.  I already tried making money on my own and failed.  But at the same time I hated going into a boring 9 to 5.

    I knew I had to quit once again, and try to make money on my own.  I knew it was going to be tough, scary and I might fail again.  It also meant that I will have to move back in with my parents temporarily to cut down on my expenses.

    So I went for it.  This time I succeeded.  I learned from the mistakes I made last time and got my business off the ground to a good start. 
Now I would never go back to a 9 to 5 job.  While my business is still small, and is slowly growing, I love it, I love what I do.  I don’t have all the luxuries of my old salary but I’m slowly getting there.

    In sharing this story I’m not trying to tell you that 9 to 5 jobs or office jobs stink and that you should quit yours.  They just didn’t work for me.  If you have a 9 to 5 job you enjoy then that’s great news.  I never liked my 9 to 5 jobs which is why I had to quit.

Finding Your Emotional Eating Triggers

    An emotional eating trigger for you might be any event, circumstance or person in your life that stirs up a certain emotion inside of you which encourages you to eat for comfort.

    It’s easy to find your emotional eating triggers.  Just think about the last 2 or 3 times you engaged in overeating or binge eating.  Think about the events, circumstances, or thoughts that lead up to the overeating.  What happened the few hours before you overate?  What was going through your head?

    Start writing down everything you can recall.  You’ll start noticing some of the things in your life that are stressing you out, the things you’re trying to avoid dealing with.

    Some common stressors could be a certain relationship or friendship, your school or job, your family, or a health condition you might have.
If you regularly start reflecting on your overeating episodes you will start seeing patterns.  A pattern for me was my job. 

Secret #3 - Understand the Payoffs of Binge Eating

    You know that overeating is bad for you.  It makes you gain weight, and leaves you feeling a little depressed.  You've probably always wondered why you still overeat or binge eat when you know that it's bad for you.  Well it's because you never thought of the benefits of overeating.

Immediate Gratification

    I’m sure you are familiar with how gratifying food is: the taste, the texture, and the aroma.  Eating any of your favorite junk foods can be a very gratifying experience.

Emotion Beats Logic    

    Logically you know you shouldn’t overeat, and you know it’s bad for you.  Yet logic goes out the door when our emotions take over.  When you feel those cravings your mind will come up with a good reason to justify it.  Like “I deserve it” or “I’ll just have one small piece”. 

Long Term Payoff

    Food becomes a distraction.  Your weight, all of the pain, and sadness builds a wall around you that keeps you safe.  You forget your dreams and passions.  You avoid having to take risks and going for what you truly want in life.  Rather you settle for a safe predictable existence where you can simply waste your life away by overeating all the time. 

These 3 secrets are just a fraction of my step by step system to stop binge eating and start losing weight

    These 3 secrets will help you get started right away on your recovery from binge eating.  However I have put together a complete step by step system to stop binge eating and start losing weight.  

    In putting my system together I basically didn't leave any piece of information unexamined.  I put together everything I learned from my therapy sessions, support groups I attended, other books on binge eating I read, and every piece of advice I've ever gotten from someone who actually had recovered.

    As you can imagine this was lots of information.  I tested all the information, and refined it.  I kept the stuff the works and left out the stuff that didn't.  I then started sharing bits and pieces of this information with my newsletter readers and my phone coaching clients.

    After hearing their great feedback and amazing results, I put it all together in a simple quick step by step system that works every time if you follow it.  I put my system in an ebook that you can instantly download right now, stop binge eating and start losing weight.

Here are a few of the secrets, the tips and tricks that you will find in my ebook

  • How to Still EAT and ENJOY your favorite junk foods, stop binge eating, lose weight, and KEEP IT OFF all at the same time.  Whoever told you it isn't possible LIED to you and wants to keep you FAT - page 22

  • A QUICK SIMPLE TRICK that you can start using right NOW to avoid a binge eating episode before it even starts.  If you use this TRICK regularly you'll NEVER binge eat again, best of all you can learn it in couple of seconds - page 23

  • An eating technique that helps you eat smaller meals while still feeling FULL.  Most SKINNY people use this technique without even realizing it - page 24

  • Why dieting will always keep you FAT and how you should eat instead.  You can start implementing these simple eating techniques during your next meal and start losing weight TODAY - page 18

  • 11 Tools and TRICKS that will SPEED up your binge eating recovery, and help you get your eating under control ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.  Each one of the tools is VERY effective on it's own, however combining all 11 is almost like an Olympic sprinter on STEROIDS - page 58

  • 24 FUN and EXCITING ways to increase your level of physical activity, Many of which are FREE and DON'T EVEN take up much of your time - page 61

  • A SIMPLE technique that helps you reset your food cravings so that you'll actually start craving healthy foods AS MUCH as junk foods - page 24

  • How to QUICKLY and EASILY identify your emotional eating triggers and NEVER crave those "comfort foods" AGAIN - page 35

  • How counting calories will ALWAYS RUIN your weight loss efforts and keep you FAT, and what to do instead - page 21

  • 25 activity ideas to do when you feel those really STRONG UNCONTROLLABLE cravings to overeat.  Each single one of these activity ideas ALONE can save you from many future binge eating episodes - page 83

  • An eating technique you can use during your next meal that will help you to NEVER overeat again - page 24

  • A technique that Hollywood actors and popular music artists use to eat 100% healthy meals ALL THE TIME to lose weight and to NEVER crave junk foods in the first place.  This is the same technique they use to get ready for a bikini scene or get a sexy beach body very QUICKLY - page 81

  • The different types of eating triggers that you've probably NEVER even heard about, and how to eliminate them QUICKLY and EASILY so that your are NOT ALWAYS hungry - page 29

  • Why you should NEVER cut out junk food and other "forbidden foods" from your diet if you actually want to lose weight and KEEP it off - page 22

  • How to quickly break the cycle of DIETING and OVEREATING that you've probably been stuck in for years and NEVER go back - page 27

  • A SIMPLE habit that you can start implementing TODAY to relief stress, feel HAPPIER, BOOST your confidence and self-esteem, eat HEALTHY and LOSE WEIGHT - page 58

  • The TRUTH about food addiction that therapists and support groups DON'T want you to know so that they can keep taking more of your MONEY, selling you more of their products and WASTING your time - page 15

  • How being overweight is a symptom of a much LARGER and MORE SERIOUS problem that you need to face IMMEDIATELY otherwise you will ALWAYS lead an unfulfilling lonely miserable and depressing life - page 18

  • An EASY 5-minute exercise that can help you ELIMINATE most of your emotional eating triggers IMMEDIATELY - page 37

  • Why you overeat in the first place when you KNOW it's BAD for you and what to do about it - page 14

  • The mental mindset NECESSARY to stop binge eating and start losing weight. You can NEVER succeed without using this simple mindset - page 14

  • A QUICK SIMPLE 5-minute exercise to deal with all the REPRESSED memories from your past that will ALWAYS sabotage your healthy eating and weight loss efforts.  Therapists will make you see them for multiple sessions and charge you 100's of dollars before they teach you this exercise - page 41

  • All the eating triggers that advertisers and fast food chains SECRETLY use to get you to crave their foods and how to ELIMINATE their effectiveness so that they NO LONGER work on you - page 31

  • How to say NO when your family and friends pressure you to eat in such a way that will NOT offend them and help you stay on track with your weight loss efforts - page 31

  • A technique you can apply right now to QUICKLY ELIMINATE your overeating on NIGHTS and WEEKENDS once and for all - page 38

  • A very common mistake you're probably making that will ALWAYS KEEP you engaging in emotional eating.  Without fixing this mistake you'll NEVER be able to stop emotional eating - page 40

  • The SECRET to ELIMINATING most of the useless STRESS that causes you to CRAVE junk foods and other "comfort foods".  This SECRET will also help you lead a HAPPIER more SATISFYING life - page 42

  • How to build a SUPPORT system like the one used by Olympic athletes to EFFORTLESSLY keep you on track with your healthy eating and weight loss efforts.  Best of all you can do it for FREE - page 44

  • The binge eating recovery SECRET that most therapists and binge eating books NEVER discuss.  It's so SIMPLE and a NO-BRAINIER yet NO ONE ever talks about it or USES it - page 49

  • A QUICK little TRICK to start LOVING and APPRECIATING your body and FEEL SUPER Confident in your own skin - page 56

  • An exercise that will help you quickly turn your BORING DULL and maybe even DEPRESSING day-to-day life into a very EXCITING one where you'll NATURALLY NEVER feel like binge eating again - page 50

  • The SECRET to creating an AWESOME social life where you have LOTS of FUN friends and plenty of HOT dates.  Combating loneliness is a MAJOR KEY to binge eating recovery - page 52-53

  • How to find a job you love and work in a STRESS-FREE environment.  On average you'll spend 1/3 of your life at work, and this can be a major source or STRESS and Emotional Eating if your STUCK at the wrong job - page 55

  • A QUICK DIRTY LITTLE TRICK that models and personal trainers use to exercise regularly and stay in AMAZING shape all year long.  Best of all it's FREE - page 66

  • The TECHNIQUE used by Olympic Gold Medalists to stay 100% focused on their GOALS and TRAINING.  This technique will make exercising a FUN EXCITING activity that you just CAN'T wait to do so that you can QUICKLY burn off all those extra pounds - page 67

  • 8 different ways to track you binge eating recovery PROGRESS and stay MOTIVATED.  These aren't the POPULAR ways and very few people have actually ever used them - page 95

  • A 5-Minute exercise that will ALWAYS INSTANTLY snap you out of feeling down or feeling a light depression.  Regularly using this exercise will help you ELIMINATE your cravings for "comfort foods" FOREVER - page 69

  • The SECRET to NATURALLY CRAVING healthy foods ALL DAY LONG.  I learned this SECRET from one of the BIGGEST nutrition and fitness gurus who charged his clients INSANE amounts of money for a FEW minutes of his time - page 70

  • The technique that has been used by many of the MOST SUCCESSFUL and INFLUENTIAL figures in history to boost their productivity and stay FOCUSED on their goals.  This technique will help you stay LASER-FOCUSED on your goal to stop binge eating and start losing weight - page 72

  • A QUICK EASY EXERCISE you can do REGULARLY to eliminate ALL of your emotional eating once and for all - page 74

  • The SECRET to INCREASING your awareness, IDENTIFYING your binge eating triggers, and SPOTTING all of your SELF-DEFEATING mentalities that are will KEEP you FAT FOREVER - page 75

  • A TRICK that will help you differentiate between REAL hunger and EMOTIONAL hunger.  Using this TRICK regularly will help you stop emotional eating - page 78

  • How to INSTANTLY get back on track if you ever slip up and engage in binge eating again.  You'll also learn how to ELIMINATE those feelings of guilt and shame that always follow a binge eating episode - page 88

  • The TRUTH about REAL recovery from binge eating and what it REALLY looks like.  This is a SECRET that I've learned only from talking to REAL people who have recovered from binge eating, and now lead AMAZING FULFILLING lives - page 90

  • The 4 different stages of recovery from binge eating and how you can QUICKLY jump from one to the next - page 90

  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE you can make when it comes to recovery from binge eating that will ALWAYS keep your eating out of control and NEVER let you lose weight - page 95

  • A DIRTY little TRICK to keep yourself ALWAYS motivated to stop binge eating and lose weight - page 98

  • The BIGGEST MISTAKE that MOST overweight individuals make when trying to lose weight.  This MISTAKE keeps them failing repeatedly - page 101

  • The SECRET to building healthy eating and exercising habits and maintaining them for a lifetime - page 102

  • A 30 day action plan that you can start using TODAY to QUICKLY stop binge eating and start losing weight.  This actions plan is very SIMPLE and only requires a FEW minutes of your time each day  - page 105

  • The 16 MOST COMMON TRAPS that will ALWAYS SABOTAGE your efforts to get your eating under control or lose weight.  Just one of these TRAPS could be the reason why you've ALWAYS failed in the past - page 110

How can you know if my ebook is for you?

    If you never engaged in overeating, binge eating or emotional eating then you probably don't need my ebook.

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  • You're overweight and have tried many diets without any lasting success.  While you might have lost some weight on a diet you always gained the weight back sooner or later

  • You've engaged in binge eating or overeating in the past where you couldn't stop eating until your belly was about to pop

  • You feel unsexy, ugly, have low self-esteem or just don't have any confidence

  • You hate seeing your reflection in the mirror, and always being the "fat one" in pictures

  • You eat healthy in front of friends and family yet you hide food and eat it in private, often hiding the evidence (food containers, and food wrappers) in order to prevent others from finding out about your secret eating habits

  • You feel disgusted at your current body shape or even the stretch marks all over your belly and wish you could just get a normal skinny body and keep it this time

  • You have tried to "make up" for binge eating in the past by vomiting, fasting, overexercising or using laxative

  • You have out of control cravings that are driving you nuts.  You are always thinking about food and about what you are going to eat next.  You feel hungry all the time and can't help it

  • You sometimes feel like eating is almost like an outer body experience, where you have no control over yourself or how much you eat no matter how many times you plead with yourself to stop eating when you are full or to eat sensibly

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    I've spent countless hours in many of today's popular eating disorder and weight loss support groups.  I've spent thousands on therapy.  I've spent many additional hour filtering through all the information from the books, the support groups, and the therapy sessions and putting it together in an easy step-by-step system that has been proved to work.

    After studying human behavior for years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there is a very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future.

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P.P.S. Once you start using this information, please click HERE to contact me and tell me how it’s working for you

What others have to say about my system to stop binge eating and start losing weight

Hi Andrew,

I can remember one day going for a walk after work, and passing by fast-food store, grabbing three Mc-Burgers and fries. I ate while I walked and finished them ... just as I got to the next store for another three Mc-Burgers and fries. I felt so gross afterwards and for the whole rest of the night.

But I finally buckled down and dealt with the real root of the problem. I haven't been tempted by fast food in a few weeks now, and I've already lost ten pounds and feel way better.

Thanks for putting this information together Andrew, I know you're going to help a lot of people!

- J.S. from Alberta, Canada


Just wanted to say thanks. Your words have helped me SO much in just the last week. It's so great to finally know what's causing me to eat like this, and that I'm not alone!

In my first week, although it hasn't been completely binge-free, I've managed to greatly cut down on my binging, and lost 7 pounds! Yay! I have been thinking about why I'm eating, and stopping myself most of the time.

Thanks again! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!

- K.P. from Los Angeles, California

Hi Andrew,

You are such an inspiration to me. I've lost a couple more pounds since my last e-mail to you. It seems like the pounds are just dropping off...I believe my true success comes from your teaching. I haven't binged in days and that's a miracle since for many years I've been a daily binge eater.

Thanks again for all your help and support.

- B.S. from Hoquiam, Washington

Dear Andrew,

I bought your ebook a while back. I had been dieting for almost 20 years. I wish I had something like this years ago. It would've saved me the trouble (you would think I would've figured out that diets don't work just by looking in the mirror!).

Since I bought your ebook, my compulsive eating tendencies have all but stopped, and my binge eating went from 3-4 times a week to 2 times a month

I wish this kind of ebook was more popular than the fad diets.

I eat my favorite treats, no denying. That's the best part. My favorite junk food is Pop Tarts. I had a Pop Tart today, and stopped at one. I didn't eat the box, or overeat them.

And, I'm losing weight. I went from a high of 171 pounds to 164 pounds in less than one month. I's small, but pretty incredible considering what I was doing before.

Thanks a bunch,

- G.G.


I have managed NOT to binge for 11 days now which is fantastic.

- S.T. from Los Angeles, California

Review of My eBook from Binge Eating Forum:

Tonight marks a small victory: I did NOT binge when I got home from work. I work 3-11 right now, and every SINGLE night when I get home I eat and eat and eat and eat. I eat til I get tired and then I go to sleep. Tonight, I put into practice something Andrew talks about in his book. I put a GAP in my binge eating routine. When I came home from work, I didn't even look in the fridge. I got into my pajamas, went into the bathroom and washed my face/brushed my teeth. In the middle of putting lotion on my face, I realized I wasn't going to binge. I have been bingeing after work for MONTHS, and today I didn't. 

- K.S. from Worcester, Massachusetts


My binge eating has calm down quite a bit. If I do occasionally overeat it's not to a point where I feel physically tired and stressed and depressed about it.

I workout 6-7 days a week in the morning for an hour so that's definitely helped me feel happier, before whenever I would overeat or binge I would avoid the gym because I felt so bad about myself and there's mirrors everywhere there

- J.Y. from Westland, Michigan


A lot of these things you have shared with me have really help a lot and I thank you,  been doing a lot of mindful eating and hope to stay on track, didn't mess up at all last weekend - Ive been feeling the freeness already.  Trying to examine the reasons for running to food for comfort and been dealing with those reasons instead of numbing them with food. 

Thanks again.

- C.G. from Seattle, Washington

Hi Andrew

I have always been easy to get anxious, but today I thought, maybe it's a challenge for me.

Actually I did get anxious and wanna grab some chocolate but I was too busy to do that. Then I took a deep breath and told myself: get through this terrible day, and it'll be a successful day. And I made it! I got into that course that is hard to get in without emotional eating. But I do feel an urge to eat more (especially some sweets after meal), and I controlled myself. It feels so good to feel not hungry and not too full, it's just all right!

- Y.E. from Hong Kong, China

Hi Andrew,
I currently weigh over 300 pounds. About 321 to be exact. I am 5'8" tall, so I am considered morbidly obese. I can really relate to a lot of things that you share.
I have tried what seems like an endless amount of diets and I haven't had the will power to stay on any of them for very long. I usually feel hungry and deprived on diets.
I've considered weight loss surgery, but my doctors don't think it's the right choice for me since I have a history of binge eating and occasional purging. I know quick fixes don't work, but that's what I've been looking for.
I get encouraged whenever I read your stuff in your e-mail newsletters and on your web site. I'm so happy that you are there to support the millions of people like me who truly need and want your help.
Thanks for being the wonderful person that you are!!! 

- B.L.S. from Olympia, Washington

After studying human behavior for years, I know one thing: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there is a very small chance that you're going to do anything about it in the future.

I'm asking you to believe in yourself by clicking the following button and downloading a copy of my ebook right now:

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