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Note of Encouragement from a Former Binge Eater

NOTE: This is a guest post by Tracy D

Hi everyone, Tracy D. here, recovering binge eater. I want to take a moment and tell all of you what I am doing today. I am flying to Michigan to reunite with my childhood best friend whom I have not seen since 1985.

Why am I telling you this?

Because a year ago I would NEVER have had the desire or confidence to take such an excursion. Why? Because I was severely caught in the tornado of binge eating and exercise. I did not like myself at all and was ashamed of my habit.

After a long week, I would have my usual insane binges every Friday and Saturday on massive amounts of sweets. Then, completely numb and sick, I would go to bed and get up Sunday and exercise like a maniac to “start over”.

I would fall down and get up time and time again, feeling lousy. This went on for over 20 years.

This greatly affected my self esteem. I had a secret I was hiding. I had to manage this enslavement with food. I did not like myself enough to enjoy friends. I did not understand myself. What was WRONG with me?

I hit rock bottom early in 2012. I found Andrew’s powerful book on how to stop binge eating. It changed my life. Why? I learned to FEEL my feelings and understand myself.

I am 42 years old and I have NEVER survived the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas without binging almost everyday to where my clothes do not fit and I am severely depressed come Jan. 1. Last year was BAD.

Here I am in the holiday season again, except this time, I feel lean, strong, mentally clear, very happy and confident. My clothes are loose. I like myself….wow! That is huge. I do not binge to cope with holiday stress. I see past it.

I want all of you to find yourself in the same place of recovery. Take small steps.

Do you have a childhood friend you would love to reunite with?

You CAN break free from the enslavement of binge eating to gain self-efficacy and social confidence. You are worthy of that. You are worthy to LOVE yourself.

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