How To Stop Binge Eating

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How to Really Stop Eating

The endless dieting and binging cycle.  When will it ever end.  When will you finally get control of your eating habits.  After the last binge you promised yourself once and for all, that you will not binge again, that this time you will stick to your healthy eating, exercising and drop off the weight.  Yet You have made that promise to yourself several times and broke it.  Is there any hope?  YES there is hope…

How would you like to end your binge eating? how would you like to have a normal relationship with food? how would you like to finally drop off those last few pounds, and keep them off for the rest of your life?  Yes it is possible, and yes you can do it…

One of the biggest road-blocks to recovery for me as a binge eater was my unrealistic expectations.  After dealing with overeating and binge eating for several years I still yo-yo dieted.  I would start a new extreme diet expecting myself to finally drop the extra weight and recover this time super fast once and for all.  This is like someone getting on a surfing board for the first time and expecting to surf the first big wave they run into perfectly without falling off the board.  What are they thinking?  What are you thinking?

If you have been yo-yo dieting, and binging now for a year or more, it’s going to take you some work to finally create a healthy relationship with food and create a life long lean body.  Understanding what realistic recovery from binge eating looks like is critical to your own recovery.

For me it meant binging less and less often and having shorter binging episodes. Of course this happened slowly and gradually.  And while I can and will give you future tips on how to speed up this process, there is no magic pill.

The next diet you come across, or the next food plan which might be great and all will not end your binge eating.  Neither will the next great exercising machine or video.  Believe me I’ve tried them all without any luck.  Often I would lose a few pounds, but binge on food for comfort, and gain those pounds and even add on a few extra.

So your first step to recovery is having realistic expectations.  Go easy on yourself.  If you binge forgive yourself.  Otherwise you will feel really guilty and might binge again just to numb out the guilt.  Realize that recovery is possible and that yes you can and will do it in time.

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    The endless dieting and binging cycle.  When will it ever end.  When will you finally get control of your eating habits.  After the last binge you pro
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