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Binge Eating Disorder Recovery Tip

Are you sick of overeating? Your late night eating? Do you want to jump on the path to recovery from binge eating disorder yet you don’t know where to start?

In my initial recovery stages one technique that really helped me is awareness journaling. Awareness journaling is a a little different from regular journaling.

Awareness journaling is NOT simply recording your days events or keeping a diary.  Awareness journaling is about breaking down your thoughts and emotions in real time.

This really helped me with my recovery from Binge Eating Disorder.

Awareness Journaling Tools:
A pocket sized pad and a pocket pen.  The pad and pen need to be tiny enough for you to carry in your pocket at all times wherever you go.

Awareness Journaling Rules:
– Don’t judge what you are writing
– Don’t think too much about what you are writing
– Write freely
– Write whether or not you feel like it
– Review your notes often

Awareness Journaling Techniques:

* Question Any Feeling or Thought of hunger or food

Example: “I’m hungry”, when you feel or think this, record it down in your journal and question if you are physically
hungry or if you just want to eat for pleasure? record the answers in your pad.

* Question Emotions and Come up with Action steps

Example: “I’m stressed out”, when you feel or think this, record it down, and also ask yourself what’s stressing me out? Is it something that I can control? If so What are some action steps I can take to deal with it?  If you can’t control it, then decide to let it go and not worry about it anymore. Record all of this down in your pad.

* Record past flash-backs in your pad. Record past events situations that you randomly remember, especially if you think they might be significant.

Example: I remember the one time I locked myself in my school’s bathroom stall to overeat in private. After coming out of the stall, a guy who was using the bathroom informed me that there was a cafeteria down the hall. I already knew this and felt very ashamed.  (this really did happen to me).  After this incident I started wondering if I have an Eating Disorder.

* Record any good ideas or techniques you learn & want to try out.  This will help you stick to your Recovery efforts.

* Record how you feel after eating a meal.  Whether it’s healthy or was a binge, you need to record how you feel. Example: “I ate a good sized meal, I feel satisfied, light and energetic” or “I just binged on (list foods) and now I feel stuffed, my stomach hurts, and I don’t feel like doing anything else for the rest of the day.”

How Awareness Journaling helps your Recovery From Binge Eating Disorder
Bingeing and overeating are usually mindless activities. Becoming more away of your thoughts, emotions, and actions
will help you start controlling your eating habits. It will help you gain power over food. When you review your pad, you will learn more and more about yourself and your eating habits.

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    Are you sick of overeating? Your late night eating? Do you want to jump on the path to recovery from binge eating disorder yet you don’t know where to
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