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7 Resources to Help You Stop Binge Eating – Resource #5: Reading Books

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The fifth resource to help you stop binge eating is constantly reading books about the topic. Now I know these resources are supposed to be free so when it comes to books I recommend that you borrow them from your local library or that you visit bookstores and at least browse them for free before deciding whether or not the book is worth buying.

Before I recommend some books for you to read I want to discuss some of the benefits of reading books especially when it comes to binge eating recovery.

Whenever you try and accomplish a goal in life or achieve anything really it’s a lot easier to do when you’re constantly reading about it and learning about it. From a young age this technique is used with school children yet what happens is that after we become adults we stop reading and therefore we stop learning.

In many ways your current lifestyle…whatever good or bad there is about it is a result of your environment and what kind of information you’re feeding your brain with. The average person feeds their brain with a lot of television shows, movies, news stories and maybe the latest catchy magazine articles.

Now while there is nothing wrong with doing those activities they are really just a way to pass time. They do not contribute anything positive to our brains or lifestyle.

This is why reading is in many ways a superior activity to things like watching TV or checking out the news. Now I am not necessarily saying that you have to give up TV or that you should never check the news again. However if you’re trying to better yourself and like the idea of constantly improving your life then I highly recommend spending more time reading books instead of watching TV.

When you’re reading positive and educational books you’re constantly feeding your brain with new information. Your brain can’t help but start implementing this information. This is why if you read books about something like “positive thinking” after a while you’re thinking starts to become more positive automatically.

When trying to stop binge eating or trying to accomplish any other goal, a real easy way to stay focused is to constantly read about that subject. Doing this fills your brain with new knowledge and all kinds of ways of how you can achieve your goal.

Also when  you are constantly reading about ways to achieve your goal you often come across many examples of others either in your same situation or in very similar situations who overcame all kinds of obstacles and were able to achieve what you’re going after. This can be very motivating and can help you stay on track.

There are many books on the topic of binge eating, overeating, weight loss, nutrition and exercise. I recommend that you simply visit either your local library or bookstore and just browse through those kinds of books just to see if anything catches your attention. If you start reading it and you feel like you cannot relate to it or it’s not really that interesting then just move on to the next book.

I’ll recommend a couple books about the topic of binge eating that I really enjoy myself however please do not just limit yourself to these books. If you’re trying to recover and you’re serious about it I recommend that you constantly check out new books on the topic…

“The Good Eater” by Ron Saxen – Here is a quick description of this book…

Saxen’s life is a wild ride that includes a childhood of extreme discipline and fundamentalist religion, the shame of being called fatso, the world of high-fashion modeling, his sudden and mysterious disappearance from the fashion world-and embarrassing rediscovery when his agent tracks him down six months and seventy pounds later, killing–and bombing–as a stand up comedian, the shock of Marine Corps Officer Candidacy School, the “Crystal Meth Diet,” nearing the 300-pound mark the month his formerly-thin self appears in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, a failed marriage and finally love and redemption.

“The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite” by David Kessler – here is a quick description of this book…

In this groundbreaking investigation of the insatiable American appetite, Dr. David Kessler explains why we eat more than we need to and what we can do to stop the vicious and unhealthy cycle of overeating.

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