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7 Resources to Help You Stop Binge Eating – Resource #3: Support Group Meetings

This post is Part 3 of  the 7 part series 7 Resources to Help You Stop Binge Eating…to get more tips on how to quickly stop overeating and start losing weight please subscribe to my free email newsletter here.

The third resource is simple yet very few people take advantage of it because it actually requires some effort yet the payoff is HUGE…

Resource #3 is taking advantage of binge eating support group meetings…

Binge eating support groups have existed for years yet many people I meet who have overeating issues have either never tried them or have tried them and have very strong opinions on why they’ll never go back…yet I often find that those people did NOT like the support groups simply because they went into them with the WRONG expectations…

I’m quickly going to discuss the most common reasons people avoid support groups…

Reason #1: My Overeating Problem is NOT that Serious, I thought Support Group Meetings are for Really Screwed-Up People

This is exactly what I thought, and it was my number one excuse for not going. First I had to admit that I had a problem with overeating. Then I had to commit to myself that I’m willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get the problem handled even if it means going to support group meetings….

In reality once I actually went to meetings I met all kinds of people, some with very casual overeating issues, others with really serious binge eating problems and some who have recovered a few years ago yet still come to the meetings to maintain their recovery…

Even if you’re in recovery already going to a support group meeting makes it really easy to stay on track with your recovery and keeps you in a very positive state of mind.

Reason #2: Laziness…

Yes it actually takes effort to get off your couch and go to a support group meet…first you have to find out when and where they meet, if you’ve never attended that specific meeting you might have to call the group’s organizer to ensure that the group is still active and ongoing…and when it comes time to go you actually have to get up and go…

I realize that you are probably NOT lazy however going to a binge eating support group is OPTIONAL…and this is where the laziness kicks in…

You see you do NOT have to go, so you probably will put it off thinking “I’ll just go next week” etc. I mean let’s face it we’re all busy these days….WRONG…if you really want to stop binge eating you have to take it seriously, you have to prioritize, and you really do have to make an effort and invest some of your free time into things like support group meetings

Reasons #3: Awkward!!!!

If you’ve never been to an overeating support group before then the whole idea of going to one might sound very awkward especially if you’ve kept your binge eating a secret for a while now.

How awkward is it to go to a meeting made up of total strangers and be able to openly talk about a very personal and private issue like your struggles with eating?

I get it, and yes it will feel a bit awkward the first time you go, however here are some tips to make it less awkward…

– The first time you go to a meeting your ONLY goal should be to simply show up there on time, that’s it. Do not plan on speaking or sharing anything about yourself other than maybe sharing your first name if asked to. If your new the other group members will be aware of that and will NOT usually ask you to participate or share, however even if a member does (this is very rare) just say “sorry it’s my first time attending a meeting, I’m just taking it all in, if you don’t mind I’d rather not share for now” and that’s it, that’s all you have to say

– If possible try to attend the same meeting every week so you can get more comfortable with the people that go to that meeting. If your schedule is always changing then you can attend different meetings however I highly recommend finding a meeting made of a few members that you like and sticking to it

– As you start going to meetings the Awkwardness will disappear on its own, you will start becoming friends with many of the other members and sharing your binge eating struggles with them will become very easy

Reason #4: Privacy Concerns

Another reason people avoid support group meetings is because they’re concerned that if they go and they share that their privacy will be compromised.

This is a very valid concern however I’ve been to several kinds of support group meetings and in every single meeting I’ve found that the attendants took others privacy very seriously. In fact a standard rule for most support groups is that no one discusses what’s said at a meeting with anyone else outside of that meeting.

You also have to realize that other members value their privacy and they will take yours seriously. And like I stated earlier, in the first few meetings you do NOT really have to share if you don’t want to, you can just say it’s your first time or that this is your second meeting and other members will understand your hesitation to share.

Reason #5: Disagreeing with some of the Teachings of a Specific Support Group Meeting & Therefore Avoiding Meetings All Together

Below I will include links to different support groups and you will notice on their websites that while they have similar goals, they also have many differences. So if you look hard enough you can find a support group meeting with teachings that you mostly agree with…HOWEVER even if you don’t it’s NOT an excuse not to go to the meetings and I’m going to tell you why…

You do NOT go to a support group meeting so that the members there can validate you or agree with your ideas on how to recover…although we all like validation and we all like being right, this is just an egotistical need, you go there for support…

So whether you agree with 100% of the teachings at those meetings or even only agree with 50% it’s irrelevant, you go there so you can get together with other people with the same goal which is to stop binge eating

Those people will be there to support along you on your path to recovery and you will be there to support them, you don’t have to agree with all the teachings or the ideas at the meetings, just take and try what you like and keep doing it, and ignore what you do NOT like, it’s that simple

This is the main point of this resource, you should attend support group meetings for support. Just the act of you regularly getting together with other individuals who are trying to achieve the same goal will help A LOT towards your own recovery, in fact if you regularly attend support groups your recovery will kind of happen on autopilot…

So do NOT try to find the perfect support group meeting because there isn’t one, instead try to find the meeting that offers you the most support.

Here are some support groups. I recommend you check out their websites:

Overeaters Anonymous: OA is a 12 step program based on the same principles behind Alcoholics Anonymous. OA is is the biggest program when it comes to eating disorder support meetings. On their website you can find meeting dates, times and locations. You can also find phone meetings going on throughout that day that you can just call into from home. I strongly recommend you go to an in-person meeting however if there aren’t any near you then try the phone meetings.

Eating Disorders Anonymous: EDA is the second biggest meetings program. On their website you can find dates, times and locations of meetings.

Eating Disorder Referral: ED Referral lists many more local support group meetings by their location, so check out their website

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