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7 Resources to Help You Stop Binge Eating – Resource #1: Online Support Forums

This post is Part 1 of  the 7 part series 7 Resources to Help You Stop Binge Eating…to get more tips on how to quickly stop overeating and start losing weight please subscribe to my free email newsletter here.

When putting together these resources I realized that many of them have to do with seeking others help in one way or another…It amazes me how someone who’s been trying to stop binge eating for months or even years tries to recover all on their own. I get it…It can be hard and even embarrassing to admit that you have a problem, and even harder to admit that you need others help to recover.

There is this misconception these days that successful people make it on their own…they’re go-getters, they can always figure out what to do no matter what, they’re always motivated, always strong, can always keep going and NEVER have a bad day or screw up. This is a lie, anyone who succeeds in a specific field only does it because they’ve found and made use of a tremendous amount of resources and if these resources were made available to someone else that person can usually become pretty successful in that same field.

The first resource is a very simple one yet for some reason very few people choose to make use of it….

it’s Online Support Forums….

Make use of online support forums, there are several out there and I hear and read the same story from those who start using forums: After regularly logging on to the forum for 2-4 weeks they notice that their eating habits start improving automatically, they find it easier to stick to their healthy eating plans and notice that they get less and less junk food cravings. HOWEVER forums only help you if you:

1. Log on to the forum daily or at least 5-6 days a week

2. Make an effort to participate by sharing your own experience, and replying to other members posts, in other words try to become part of that online community

3. Find other forum members who overcame what you’re currently struggling with and contact those members directly asking for help and guidance

4. Approach the forum as a resource that can help you but also as a place you can help others. This is very important, if you go on an online forum and just try to take, take, take without giving anything back then other members will probably ignore you….

So how can you give back on an online forum? You do NOT need to be an expert or to even give away good advice, you simply need to be open and honest and share about yourself, in sharing you’re letting other forum members in, you’re gaining their trust and you help them open up and share.

Most people GET NOTHING out of online forums because they casually scan the forum, read a couple of posts, close out of the forum and go back to whatever they were doing before…however if you follow the 4 forum tips I just mentioned you will get A LOT out of forums

Here are some forums that you can start checking out:

Binge Eating Forum: If you enjoy reading these newsletters then you can start chatting with other like-minded newsletter readers on this forum which I created a few years ago, there are thousands of posts there and many members who have overcome their struggles with binge eating. I even started a thread that you can use to discuss each of the 7 Resources to stop binge eating, you can find the thread here. PLEASE NOTE: If you register on the forum and do NOT receive the email with your password within a few minutes, just check your spam/junk mail folder

Something Fishy Forum: This is probably the oldest and biggest online forum on eating disorders. It cover all sorts of eating disorders, and has a lot of information, and lots of members

– These are some other forums you can check out, I have NOT had a chance to use them myself however if you have the time feel free to give them a try: Psych Forums, Recover Your Life, Why Eat, Mental Health Forum

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