How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

You are all amazing.

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    I know what it feels like to have an eating disorder. I know how horrible it feels, I know sometimes you begin to think there is no point to life anymore, and how it feels like no-one else understands what you’re going through, not even your partner.

    What you are going through is big and it is hard. You’re not a wimp/pussy/soft because you find an eating disorder a big issue to deal with. ED’s effect every part of your life, they are a huge deal. I don’t believe there is any quick fix to ending an eating disorder, but these days I don’t even wish there was. I believe for me, my ED was a massive growing experience. I have learnt so much in the past few years and much of what I have learnt I would not have even bothered with if I had not been suffering with binge eating disorder/bulimia.

    Overcoming my ED was not about diets or self-control. It was not about how much I exercised or how well I could follow my daily routine. It was about growing as a person. About learning new ways to do things. Being open minded. Focusing on other areas of my life. Being ME. Believing in myself, even when I don’t think I should. Developing my confidence and knowing that I do not know much, but everyday is an opportunity to learn.

    I know this sounds really soppy, but it is 100% true. Go to and type in Self Improvement. Begin reading. This is a gooder place as any to begin.

    You are NOT who people tell you, you are, you are not destined to be any certain way. You are who you want to be. Hear that?? Now, sensibly talking you do need to face up to who you are not (be honest with yourself). Read this it explains that part better: .

    You are the person who is choosing to binge eat. Got it? No one is forcing you to do it! Stop giving yourself excuses for it, seriously!! However, forgive yourself if you do binge eat and move on. Start living and start learning. Run towards the roar and start doing it right now. Stop starting fresh everyday, every week or every month. Right now is the only place to start. Start living in the present. It is the only place that truly exists.

    Some advice that are really helping me develop a little: (and these will be different for everyone as we all have different things to learn)

    First and most simply BE YOURSELF.

    Look people in the eye.

    Act the way you want to feel.

    Do the opposite of what you think you should do.

    Always ask questions.

    Take some responsibility

    Change you attitude (you are responsible for your own happiness)

    Run towards the roar (there is nothing to fear, but fear itself).

    Be Brave and even if you are not pretend to be, no-one can tell the difference.

    Don’t expect life to be fair.

    Bad things happen, it is how you react to them that matters.

    Use your head, but go with your heart. Every single time.

    and anyone else that might have some advice that will be helpful to people on this site please share it below because everyone has something to teach.

    You are all amazing.




    so beautiful words, thanx



    sarah! wow it is so good to hear from you. as usual you have such wise and encouraging words for us all. thank you xxx



    Wow, what a beautiful thing to read 1st thing in the morning. Thank you Sarah; I feel SO motivated now!!



    Glad i have helped in any way!!! I know it feels like you get knocked down so many times on the road to recovery from and ED. But the ONLY way to get past it is to get up and keep trying until you find out what works for you. =)



    Tobe… you’re back? How are you? How are things going? xx



    yeah i left for a bit but then i thought, this forum saved me, so i need to come back and help out if i can – return the favour. a bit like what you are doing with this thread :) xxx



    I just found this forum a few days ago and i am so happy i joined, you all sound so nice and have great advice….(i have been browsing ED forums for a while but didnt really find anything that helpful. i love your comment;

    “You are the person who is choosing to binge eat. Got it? No one is forcing you to do it! Stop giving yourself excuses for it, seriously!!”

    that is so so true, for so many years i have been making excuses for my binges: ‘oh it was my ex relationships falt, i have no friends, im so stressed with uni/work, im lonley, my boyfriend is away at work and im in my house alone and the list goes on”…these are all pathetic excuses and i need to man up to tomyself and really really try….I do have freinds i just let the ED hide me, im the one who is making me lonley and stress can be relieved from better things then eating(actually binging is stressing my body more) I am only really comming to realise these things as i read and write….so thankyou xx



    UPDATE: I think the KEY to overcoming the whole ED stuff is to focus on other areas of your life. I was also diagnoised with celiac’s disease and eating gluten free has helped me alot. I don’t reccomend this as a fad diet, but if you are feeling hungry/low energy/cramping/bloating/constipation/diarrhoea/fatigue etc then it would be a good idea to get tested.

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