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Yet another binge

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    I have no plausable explanation for it either. Last night I went out and didn’t have a drop of alcohol then me and my friend decided to leave. I suggested we went to Macdonalds! We went and I had a meal and a mcflurry. I was already bloated because of all the coke i’d been drinking but I still ate it. I woke up this morning and had a few ‘flash’ thoughts about binging today and started a fresh tomorrow as it’s Monday. Typical. I then went to the shop bought 2 packets of biscuits, 4 muffins, cream and a choc bar. I’ve ate it all, except 1 packet of biscs which are now in the bin. I feel utterly out of control. I’ve gained about 7lbs in 2-3 weeks and it is visable. I can see it. I tried to make myself sick after the binge but I couldnt even do that. I just want to be normal.



    Dont make yourself puke!! When I do that it just makes me feel even worse about myself so it just causes more binging!

    The fact that you stopped yourself from puking and came to ths forum instead is a step forward!!! What time is it for you know?? forget tomorrow is monday and just tell yourself ‘Yes ive binged already today, but I can make it better, the day is still young!’

    and by making things better I dont mean starving yourself

    Have your next MEAL as normal, just dont pick on anything till then! Think of a really good meal you could have! Dont think of calories! Dont think you shouldnt eat! Just have it! But have it as a normal meal as part of a normal diet!

    I was doing well without binging this whole week..then friday came and i ate everything I could grab hold of. Yesterday I binged again but it wasnt as bad..So since the scale of binging is decreasing and not increasing, Im trying to stay positive.

    So its now lunchtime! and Im gonna cook something, so that i can take a break from studying, and give myself a NORMAL meal!

    We should both stop thinking about what we did yesterday or earlier today, or even how its all gonna be better tomorrow…(hopefully).. Its not gonna get better, unless we think about NOW. and what we can do NOW…

    Easier said than done!



    That makes a lot of sense. I’ve already ate more though! Now i’m thinking I shouldn’t eat anything else today (i’m not going to be hungry) but then not eat at all tomorrow if I can help it, but I know that is totally the wrong way to go about it.

    I just don’t want to get any bigger. I need to weight myself tomorrow and I predict I will be about 156lbs ish (i’m 5ft 7). I look totally out of proportion. I’m having a low day :(



    I know what you’re feeling! Ive had and keep hsving my own share of low days…:(

    Dont weigh yourself!

    I think thats only beneficial if you know youre losing weight rather than gaining..otherwise you just feel worse

    Ive also gained weight in a short period of time. And although I know Im not fat (yet) people have noticed, and what worries me is, yes, i dont want to get bigger, but not so much becausei think im fat, but because I dont know where the limit is!! Is there one? I mean it’s scary to think what this thing does to us.. make us big and unhealthy and just define us!! Im sure you dont look out of proportion! and i think what helps is thinking that we’re not on a diet to lose weight..were in a recovery process trying to b normal and have a healthy relationship with food! So lets not put that pressure on ourselves to lose weight.. keep smiling x



    No I think I may avoid weighing myself because it will make me feel even worse.

    I’ve managed to avoid eating anymore so far and just drank water.

    I really do look out of proportion, all my weight piles on my lower half. I really do want to lose weight though but at the same time if I keep dieting I ultimately end up binging which will mean I will get bigger. So like you say it’s important to have a normal relationship with food to avoid any further gain. Everything you’re saying makes sense :) x



    sparkie please eat if you get hungry ok? by limiting yourself to water post-binge, you are just ensuring you stay trapped in this cycle forever xxx



    I won’t be hungry because i’ve eaten so much today :( x



    I can completely relate…this is my first time posting, but I find myself in this horrible cycle of binging and restricting and binging and restricting. I had another binge today and now I feel sick. I know it’s so bad for me, but I don’t know how to stop. I have an appointment with a therapist on Tuesday, and for that, I am hopeful.



    Don’t force yourself to eat, but don’t force yourself to not eat. I had a weekend where I overate and I haven’t eaten today (Monday) because I haven’t felt the need – not because I’m purposefully restricting. I find that if I make myself eat when I’m not hungry (which people seem to suggest as opposed to not eating post-binge), then I’m likely to trigger more overeating. Works differently for different people. But the point is, eat when you next feel hungry and don’t try to eat or restrict if it’s not what you really need. :) Good luck.

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