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what is your BMI?

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    Hi guys,

    I think it would be helpful to find out what’s everyone’s bmi on this forum (or weight & height if you don’t know how to calculate it). It would be great if you can share this information with me! I just want to get a sense of what “kind” of binge eaters are out here so I can better understand the stories I read here. To be specific, I used to binge around 1000 calories in one sitting (1-2hrs). Since I saw a post of someone confessing her 2000 binge episodes, I been attempting to do that!!!! I am not trying to push the blame (maybe I am…..), but I absolutely don’t want to think “it’s okay to binge” because other people are doing so. Someone taller and stronger probably needs to consume more calories a day.

    My BMI is 22.1 and 2000 extra calories a day is A LOT for me. Something I MUST keep in mind!!

    Look forward to hearing from you guys!!



    Last month I had a BMI of 19, now I am at 23.5. At 20 BMI I was able to consume 6000 calories a binge, now I can do 8,000 calories a sitting. BMI is bull anyway as it doesn’t take into accound muscle mass.



    I’m a 6 ft 2 ” guy, with BMI of 25.7 (14 st 6 lb). However, I was 8 lbs lighter 3-4 days ago. Just given into my urge to binge. By the way, 1000, or even 2000, is NOT a binge. Well, not in my book. I can eat 20,000 calories in a day . . . and have. It’s a total nightmare.

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