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    i’m at the end of my rope.

    i can’t live with this disorder or with this body anymore. i need to change now.

    anyone tried wieght watchers? has it been effective?


    A girl

    i did my own version of weight watchers a year and a half ago..i lost 30 lbs, basically just diet, exercise, counting calories, and the elimination of junk food from my diet




    I think Weight Watchers is a fabulous diet- eat whatever you want, as long as you stay within your points range. HOWEVER- I think it is great for someone WITHOUT Binge eating disorder. My mom has had success with this diet in the past, but she does not suffer from BED.

    IMHO, I think while trying to recover ANY diet will send you into the vicous restrict/binge cycle. It’s hard trying to accept yourself at a bigger size, but eating intuitively will eventually bring your weight down to the place it is NATURALLY meant to be. It takes patience and faith, but you can do it. :)

    Good luck!




    Uggg. Thank you. I know that’s the answer, in my heart. i just want to speed the process along cause i’m really unhappy right now! thank you guys : )



    Weight Watchers is a good program and it allows you to enjoy all foods. My mom also had success with it. With that being said for someone with BED in my opinion I don’t think it would be a good idea to try and do it while trying to recover. Even though it allows you to eat what you want you still have to stay within your point range and at times it might feel like restricting and cause a spiral into a binge. Trust me I have been practicing intuitive eating (and still having overeat days, stress/emotional eating times) and even though I got frustrated with wanting to lose weight fast, it has started to happen and my clothes are starting to fit much better. Be patient it will happen and you’ll be happy you did it with intuitive eating! -Hillary



    I imagine weight watchers could be really good, or really bad.

    It could be good having structure, and things worked out for you, and the meetings. But it could also have the opposite effect of being too much structure and just causing you to binge more.

    2 years ago I tried a delivered meals program that personally didn’t work for me. After a week I wanted a piece of choc, but that wasn’t on the plan, and I ended up binging on choc and a whole lot more.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Listen to your heart.



    Yep girl, don’t do it. Dieting=bingeing. It’ll never bring long-term weight loss for us BEDers…I know its frustrating to wait for your body weight to stabilize down, but it’ll stay that way once you’ve learned to eat normally. hang in there.



    I started weight watchers in nov 09, by April 2010 I had lost 2.5 stone. Anyway I then went away for a week on holiday and allowed myself to eat whatever I liked (basically all the food I had been depriving myself of) I put on 7 pounds that week! I then couldn’t face the group because of the guilt and have now put most of that 2.5 stone back on!

    I know the only way forward for me at least is to beat this BED by eating intuatively as the second I go back on a diet the bingeing gets worse and worse.

    We need to learn to trust our bodies, its really hard and really scary but we can do this! xx

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