How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    Woke up today feeling down due to my Easter candy binge yesterday. I was studying for an exam and was sitting beside a care package of Easter candy. I have never eaten so much chocolate. I keep asking myself “what wrong with me?” Why can’t I seem to stop? I have struggled with binge eating for most of my life. I need a reality check! I eat healthy throughout the week but when there are sweets in my house I cannot seem to stop myself. I just finished off ALL of my Easter candy today and that is when I realized that I am using food as a drug and need to stop. I have been eating alot these past 2 weeks largely to due with university. I don’t know if I am happy here. Sometimes I feel like I am just being a baby because studying isn’t supposed to be enjoyable, but I am not enjoying myself here in general. I feel lonely, sad and depressed… Am excited to be joining this discussion group. I definitely can no longer tackle this destructive habit alone!



    Hey :) I can definitely relate to what you are going through, as I also go to university and seem to eat during stressful times especially the run up to the exam period. I also need to work on controlling my emotions and as you’ve said don’t use food as a drug. This is a great online community and you really feel supported. Good luck and hope to hear how your getting on soon.



    the question you really have to ask yourself is “is this food going to make me any less depressed? less lonely?” – i guarantee you the answer is no! is food your friend? nope. is it good company, does it tell great stories? no, and no. and how do you feel after you binged – happier? hell no! so what is really going on? maybe you are eating TOO healthy during the week, and your brain is using your loneliness or sadness as an excuse to let you eat. maybe you need to relax the way you eat during the week, and see if that helps you not to binge at the weekend.. might be something to try anyway xxx

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