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water fasting?

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    after nearly a week of non-stop binges I really feel I need to cleanse myself I feel so toxic! this isn’t for weight loss, surprisingly I haven’t gained that much after my latest binging episodes and what I have gained I’m pretty sure is water weight anyway but I just really feel a water fast would be good for me right now, spiritually and physically but could also be setting me up for more bad binge episodes, I’m not sure :S what do you guys think? xxx


    There’s hope

    Hi Beth123,

    I often feel like doing the same but every time I have tried to water fast (or not eat until I feel “empty”, it always results in a negative outcome. 4 days ago, I came back on this forum after I had been binging for days on end. I got up one morning and even though I had been binging the night before, I ate breakfast (muesli, yoghurt and fruit) and ate lunch and dinner as normal but instead of snacking in between, I listened to my body and let it tell me when I was hungry. After 3 days, I now feel satisfied when I eat, not stuffed and I feel as though I have detoxed at the same time.

    I think this is a much better way of going about a detox rather than water fasting as I really do think it will just end up in a binge as it has done so many times with myself, unless of course you are a lot more strong minded than myself. I sometimes feel staying away from food just makes it worse when you do eventually eat again, because we can’t go without eating.

    I hope this helps in some way :)




    I binged sunday, monday & tuesday this week, and because wednesday was a Public Holiday and I did not have to go to work I had a water fast day, I also exercised for 3 hours that day as I had binged the night before I was full of sugar and crap I had eaten (normally I exercise for 60-90 minutes a day) so by exercising it held off the hunger, so I did not start to feel hungry til around 4:30pm, that day I also had 1/4 cup of freshly squeezed juice (apple, orange & watermelon). The next morning I weighed in and lost 2.9kg (alot of weight to lose in 24 hrs but mainly due to exercising and fluid retention from binging I am assumming). At the moment I am doing a 7 day detox, (only eating fruit, veg, fish, rice noodles, natural yoghurt and brown rice – so no processed foods). In my opinion I would rather do the 7 day detox than the water fasting. I have done this detox before and have only got to day 6, today is day 3 so I will continue and I will make it to day 7, as I feel better for eating healthy rather than binging on processed foods

    T hope this helps




    Hi there! Personally, I would not water fast, but just give my body the nutrients and good foods that it wants. I find things like oranges and other fruits and veg good after binges, because they’re not particularly filling and you don’t end up stuffing yourself, but you will be giving your body something that it wants and needs. The best way to get over a binge is by not bingeing, and restricting yourself by only drinking water makes it more likely that you will binge if you get too hungry. Just try to get straight back into a natural eating pattern.

    Hope this helps you make your decision.



    I am on the same page- I have been binging and eating tons of junk food on and off for a couple of weeks. I’ve gained about 5 pounds and have 5 pounds to lose and am considering trying the master cleanse. Not so much for the weight loss, but just to break the cycle and prove to myself that I can have some control over myself and learn to stop constantly thinking about food and eating. I’ve heard it helps to put yourself into a more controlled mental state. Anyone tried a juice or master cleanse? Does 3 or even 7 days sound like a bad idea?

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