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    so im recovering from anorexia/bulimia as some of you know and it turns out binge eating is actually a normal part of recovery, but if you ask me I don’t feel stuffing your face with food until your so full you feel sick, bloated and distended is really very ‘normal’ I understand that because I’ve restricted for so long I’m craving everything but I’m literally binging every day- non stop and have been for nearly 2 weeks :/ but I feel the need to vent about something which this forum allows me to do!

    usually to recover from an eating disorder this means to restore normal healthy eating patterns and deal with the emotional reasons and psychological reasons that the disorder developed, but how are we supposed to deal with weight gain ( after anorexia particularly ) and restoring out bodies to a healthy weight when we live in a society that places so much pressure on women to look like a tooth pick!!!! I am fuming that te world we live in makes me feel like I can’t allow myself to recover fully and deal with having a healthy normal body for fear or rejection from our society for being to ‘fat’!

    thank you for allowing me to vent

    wishing you all well, Beth X


    Hi Beth. I used to be anorexic too and now have started binging. When do you feel you ‘stopped’ being anorexic/bulimic? I stopped being anorexic about a year and a half ago, and realise now (too late) that I should have seeked professional help to escape that cycle, which is why I entered this cycle. If it’s not too late, maybe you could give that a go?

    Society does indeed suck, I agree with you on that! Everytime I dress up for a party and look in the mirror, I think ‘Boys won’t like me because I’m fat (even though I’m not really fat, just nowhere near as thin as I’d like to be), yet when I was thin, everyone nagged and nagged at me to eat’. Life is unfair :(



    to be honest I dont feel I have truly stopped, I still sometimes restrict after a series of binges, see myself as massive, I haven’t got my periods back yet, I still constantly weigh myself and I still occasionally purge :/ I know recovery is hard but I begin to wonder if it’s even possible X


    In a way that’s good then – go to the doctor now!! Do you think you can do that? If you haven’t got your periods back, you’re obviously still skinny (despite what you think) and so going to the doctors will allow you to become healthy again and escape any eating disorders. I wish I could go back and do it all again, because it would have been so much better if I had gone to the doctors a couple of years ago. I really recommend this



    yeah your probably right! thank you, I think I will do this x


    Glad I could help :)



    Beth, I’m a recovering bulimic so I can totally relate. Today is my first day of being purge free, but of course that didn’t stop me from binging…I ate EVERYTHING IN SIGHT today and MORE… I think I must have gained at least 6 pounds… but I’m proud of myself for not purging!!! BABY STEPS!!! I hope that you find success seeing a doctor, I am going to do the same. xxxxx remember you are beautiful!!!

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