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Unemployed and overeating

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    Does the recession feature in anyone’s eating experiences?

    I’m 21 and graduated last summer from university. Unemployed. Been looking for employment since May 09. Hearing the postman no longer sends me rushing to meet him; I can say almost with certainty that there will only be a curt letter saying something like ‘Unfortunately you were unsuccessful in your application…best wishes for your future career.’ I’m just wondering when this is going to end…..

    As to the eating…I’ve noticed recently that overall I’m regularly eating a lot more than I used to. I’m also eating lots of the wrong stuff – cakes, chocolate, biscuits, sweets. Not much fruit and veg. Dreading standing on the scales but I think it has to be done soon.

    Brief summary of my eating history: Fairly chubby baby, toddler. Then for several years I was real skinny. For a while when I was a teenager, I quit all sweet foods and unhealthy stuff (I turned my nose up at chips, white bread and anything similar) and exercised rigorously every day. I was thin, but not unhealthy. I was really fit. Why has it all gone the other way?!!!!!! Becoming less fussy about food started a couple of years ago. I gradually started eating more and more unhealthy foods, because I was living away from home and because I was eating what my friends ate. Then last year I discovered that I can binge eat – big time! It’s really humiliating and no one knows about it! But I’m afraid that they will soon. For me the triggers are stress, too much work, feeling depressed, lonely, bored, unemployable,…just plain useless basically. Then on Monday I scared myself silly – couldn’t believe what I’d done. It made me feel so ill. Usually I can remember what I’ve eaten in a day. Not so anymore. And each day is making a difference to me. I know it. I’m afraid of the future.

    Someone please help me! This is the first time I’ve posted on this forum and it would be sooo good if somebody were to reply and say they understand or give me some advice! I need to stop this right now!



    Hey girl welcome to the forum! it sounds like you have a similar history as most of us on it…BED started after having a period where we tried to get super clean with our diets, take on rigorous exercise, become super healthy…and doing that kind of set us up to start bingeing because its not realistic to eat that way all the time and then when you slip, you feel guilty and go crazy on food. So incorporating back all foods into your diet in a moderate way without feeling guilty and not shooting for the perfect diet is the way to go. Also, identifying your emotional triggers and way to deal with them besides bingeing is huge. Keep will find lots of support here! ~Lauren



    Hey Islandgirl,

    Like Lauren said we all share a similar past history with food. You are not alone. I will not lie, when I first came to this site I thought it would be like a magic wand and my problems would be over. This has unfortunately not been the case. However I have found so much support, encouragement, acceptance and understanding that it has made my journey a little easier. Remember it is darkest before the dawn. Do not give up on yourself. Reading others journals and posting in your own can be helpful. Best of luck!

    <3 Ash



    Hey Islandgirl! You’re thread name totally caught my eye! I know exactly what you mean. I too, have been unemployed and graduated in May 2009 looking for a job since. It’s like I am reading about myself! I can relate to those emotions of getting those letters in the mail, or no repsonse from jobs you apply for…it absolutely sucks! For me, not having that schedule everyday like I did when in school is so hard, especially opening up the window for my BED to get worse! My best advice is to find a way to get out of the house..I can say that for me, my worse times with eating is when I’m alone at home…cause I get soooo bored, and feel bad about not being able to get a job. Also, when all my friends have things goin on in their life and careers, it makes me feel so bad. Ughhh, good to hear someone knows how frustrating the recession has been!! Keep posting, and try your best to not let yourself have diet rules or rule out foods…it is the beginning step to a normal relationship with food. Ah and I wish you the best of luck in finding a job you want, I feel for you!! We can do this! :D xo KP

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