How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    heyyy.. so glad that your absence is because you are enjoying life (healthfully) and not worrying about how many mm (yikes.. and in fractions of mm!!) have been added or subtracted from your waist ..looking forward to your return.xoxoxsciencefreak



    aww thanks sf! :) i still have a lot of catching up to do with journals, but hopefully will get to some more tomorrow. how are you getting on, are you alright? xoxo



    phew!!! that was a lot of journals to catch up on. i didn’t get to everyone and i apologise for that :(

    if anyone is interested, i am still doing this low cal/cycling thing. no binges. the refeed days help a lot, but some of the low cal days have been a real struggle, and i have eaten more on those days. i really don’t want to start up the whole restrict/binge cycle again, so if i am hungry, i eat!! i won’t have as good fat loss results this way, but it is more important not to binge than shave off an extra 0.1% body fat or whatever :) not binging is still my highest priority.

    it’s going to be another while before i can get online again as i am away next weekend, but hopefully i can keep up a bit more during the week. much love to all xoxox



    just thought i would pop in and give a quick update on what’s going on with this. the calorie counting was not such a good idea in the end; i found myself starting to obsess about the calories again, and getting all stressed out about what i could & couldn’t eat in the day, panicking when i hit my calorie target before dinner time, etc etc. you know how it goes!! luckily i know now not to let that spiral into a binge, so happily i am still binge free :D but i have stopped the low calorie days and the calorie counting as it was causing too many issues and i feel i would have binged eventually. so now i am back to eating my good fats and high protein “diet”, avoiding high g.i. carbs, keeping my blood sugar stable etc, and am much happier again.

    again, i am sorry not to be on the forum more often. i have been promoted at work and am now head of my department (this isn’t really a big deal as we are quite a small company), and will be line managing 2 people from july. unfortunately this means i am now doing all my own work, plus a lot of management-y stuff, plus the work of my boss (who has resigned), plus doing a lot of handovers… i have also spent the past few weekends up mountains :) so no forum time or indeed time for much of anything! i hope everyone is well, i miss chatting to you guys xoxo



    another quick update, i have been away at a festival for a week so no forum time again! i ate garbage (no binging, just living off festival food) and did no exercise for 6 days, and at the end of it i had lost 3kgs and 0.8% body fat!!! i am sharing that with you guys in case any of the obsessive exercisers are reading :) i used to be one of them of course :D but it just shows you that we do occasionally need a break from the gym so our bodies can recover :) if i think about the calories i ate at the festival, it was way more than i would usually eat, probably about 2500-3000 a day? i now firmly believe that the whole “calories in vs calories out” is a TINY part of a big picture – the complex system that is our body/health/fitness. the sooner we can let go of all this calorie nonsense, the better.




    congrats on the promotion at work :) you sound busy now which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    That is so interesting about the 3kg loss with no exercise and junk food, it helps me feel better if i ever do have a rest day and feel guilty (like today which turned out bad :(

    so thanks for that ! also how are you tracking your body fat just out of interest? i don’t plan to do it though.

    take care tobe xxxxxx lina

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