How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    I’ve seen therapists many times and never found it to help/ If I’m on a good day when I see the therapist, it distresses me to focus on the negative – I want to enjoy my good day/ I ususlly end up leaving the session to go and binge because it drags me down.

    If I’m on a binge day, i can’t focus on the therapy sessoin. All i can think of is i can’t wait till its over so I can go and binge. Or I binge and cancel my session.

    My binging has taken over my life.



    My therapist I attended was just a few years older than me – I wanted a specialist not amateur. Anyway she made me start seeing my negative thoughts were not exactly realistic but afterward she put me to situation I felt I am failure which just got the things worse. Wastage of money



    My last appointment is on nov 11th 2008 and im shitting it coz this means im on my own and kind of have to be my own therapist for the rest of my life……im frightened..ive progressed alot with thoughts and feelings but my weight is a daily fight…I remember when i first started going threapy and i could not wait either to go and binge eat afterwards but then it slowed down…



    Hi, Binger. Good stuff You have done then, hard work it had to be. But I have a question. How many sessions have you attended, if I can ask?



    Coma ive been going since say..middle of may 2008 every week then once a month from say july 2 sept then 3 month gap from sept to last session on nov 11th. I just dont feel like its been enough..i guess im scared…. :oops:


    Andrew B

    Hi Binger,

    I’ve been on and off for years and always dreaded going. I would often binge out of anxiety before going and binge afterwards. It was always going over and over the same stuff. Andrew says that maybe I didn’t assimilate or put ideas into practice, but I think I did assimilate the concepts, yet the release of binging was too strong a desire and I have never found anything good enough to replace that.

    Even going shopping for clothes which wouls be my favourite uplifting activity, is not waht I feel like if I’m tired. Nor being with people.

    The only thing that ever made my binges a lot less frequent was when i fell in love or the first part of infatuation. but you can’t create that, unfortunately. I even registered on RSVP, a dating site, but I met so many men that I had nothing in common with and no spark!



    I used to be like this when I had therapy. the worst thing was it was located right next to a McDonalds, so I would leave and go straight in there and eat till I was sick near enough.

    But it was strange how without realising I gradually stopped doing this and I can remember the session clearly where I came out and just left and didn’t go and binge, I knew at that point that it was going to work and I could get to the end of it.


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