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Suicide Hot-lines

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    I just want to apologize to everyone that I am posting so much! I am new and was reading over a bunch of different people’s posts and have been inspired. The only thing I want to address if the frequent mention of suicidal ideation.

    I am here to tell you that I work at a crisis hot-line and one of the numbers that leads a caller to our call center is by dialing 1-800-SUICIDE. Most of these people, like all of you, know that they will not go through with it but do think about it and sometimes even have plans. Often, callers just want to talk — it doesn’t have to be all about suicide. It could be that the caller had a bad day or maybe is feeling anxious or depressed. There are confidential,free counselors 24-7 no matter where you live that will talk with you, listen, help you problem solve, and give you an outsiders perspective. It is completely anonymous; they’re not going to trace the call, force you to tell them your name or anything like that.

    It’s much like this message board in that you get the support you need by people you do not personally know. However, the person answering the call had undergone extensive training. Also, much like this message board they are there to encourage you!

    Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems and I would hate for anyone on this forum to go through with it when there is so much assistance out there and life worth living. Most think about suicide from time to time but if you think about it frequently please reach out to others who have devoted their lives to preventing it. One way to do this as I said earlier is by calling the free, confidential suicide hot-line 1-800-suicide.

    I hope this wasn’t too preachy and doesn’t seem like I’ve blown the postings out of proportion. I just got worried when I read some postings and wanted to let people who are seriously thinking of suicide know there is help out there!

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