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    Hi everyone :)

    I’m 23 years old and I have problems with food since… I remember.

    I already had a morbid obesity, a bulimia, and right now I’m a binge eater. Since a year ago I’ve been gaining and gaining more and more weight and I want to stop – but as you all know we don’t even know how to do it when we are eating all that food.

    Sometimes is almost like I’m going insane because I’ve been a diet coach since my huge weight loss and I became also a psychology student. So I know the strategies and I do research for about 6 years… but there’s something that I can’t still understand – why can’t I stop if I know that I’m hurting myself and I know that is because something is stressing me out? I feel such a responsibility! It’s like being a doctor and get ill!

    Another problem is when I try to explain my problem to my friends and family – they laugh and say: “well everybody eats too much sometimes”. But in my case it’s not sometimes and it’s not just a little bit of ice cream… and people don’t get it (not counting with psychologists LOL). There’s also a problem in my country: there’s no awareness about this issue – so everything gets more insane to me.

    I believe that someday we’ll all find a solution for each one of us! I really do!



    After having stopped binge eating twice (once for about 4-5 months, then another for 9 months) and then relapsing. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever know how to just eat normal. Or ever have a normal relationship with food. I have been struggling for 5 years with BED. I am now 20.

    Right now I am struggling to stop binge eating and gaining back the weight I lost. But it is proving to be very difficult. So I can completely relate to you.

    Many of us on this site know how to eat healthy, know the ins and outs of nutrition but yet we still can’t have a good relationship with food :p



    I think that this disorder leaves a permanant scar, and what you do with the scar determines if it continues to affect you. (This is going to be metaphorical haha!) So the initial cut hurts very bad and can be disorienting (starting to binge eat). Then it will slowly heal itself if the host cares for it (recovering from binge eating). The more you rip off the scab (Binge) the more pronounced the scar will be in the future (scar: bad relationship with food). However, once the scar is there, people may notice it and point fingers. But it is not smart to ignore the scar and pretend it did not, does not, and will not effect you. because it will. Instead, you should be more aware of it, but cautiously avoid it. Now, mind you, this may be hard to understand because it is very metaphorical. But what i am trying to say is that ignoring the fact that you used to/have this disorder, will only hurt you. Awareness is the first step in recovery and for some people, this disorder will affect them the rest of their lives. It will only make them stronger. Those who are lucky and can get out before they are sucked too far in, are extremely lucky. However, the only true way to fully recover is to eat everything in moderation, eat often, drink water, exercise, (This is the hardest) and do not make food #1 on your life’s to-do list. After all, it should never be. Good luck, and you have my support!



    vanessadias, if you read ‘brain over binge’ by kathryn hansen, it will explain what is happening in your brain and why you binge even when you don’t want to. binging is basically a habit that has formed in one part of your brain (lower cortex) but ‘true you’ is another part (the higher cortex) which is why it feels like you are fighting yourself the whole time. the trick is to teach the higher cortex that it is actually in charge, and can stop the urge to binge at any time xxx

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