How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food


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    I have never used a forum before but I have been reading everyone’s posts and they are quite motivating.

    I am at a great weight, and love healthy eating and exercising.

    I have always had binge moments but I am afraid it is getting worse and affecting me psychologically.

    Usually when leading up to summer, i up my exercise and healthy eating so i feel good for summer. I then got into the habit of eating junk food on weekends and realised if i ate strict healthy all week and ate a lot of junk on a sunday i could still lose weight each week. This has now become a compulsive addiction, and now is affecting me during the week sometimes. For instance this week, on monday I had a great strict day with healthy eating and exercise, then tuesday i woke up and binged on breaky (few bowls of cereal, toast etc) and then in my head I think stuff it, and ride off the whole day, and it happened again today…and all i think is ” ill get back into it monday” and binge constantly when Im not even hungry, just to make up for the time I have to eat more.

    It then causes me to not want to go out because I feel people will think I have put on weight, and also sometimes would rather exercise at home instead of going to the gym where people can see me.

    I am 175 cms and i am not overweight but it is really affecting me!!



    Hi there,

    I am the same in terms of fitness and and my appearance. I am pretty fit and muscular but i have that annoying layer of fat that prevents me from having the definition i want, such as a 4 or 6 pack. I will disallow myself to eat any form of junk or sweets. So when i binge i eat the things i am not allowing myself to eat. And when i do binge, i figure i have wasted my day of being healthy and just eat a whole box of crackers or cookies. I try to ask myself why i am eating, whether i am physically or emotionally hungry. I can tell but my logic escapes me and i binge anyway. I do it until i am almost or actually physically sick. What are your experiences?



    Hi I know the position your in and I’m really happy your reaching out. I also know having strict diets one day and having a huge bingeing episode the next is terrible and the guilt lasts too. From my past experience I know that this cycle is horrible for your body and can actually cause you to gain weight(i gained about 30 lbs in 3 and half years). Instead of deprieving yourself from everything try to just limit out the bad stuff and eat a lot of the good stuff. Like cut out junk food, processed food and high sugary foods and add a ton of veggies (which can be hard for some people cause they hate veggies in general) and eat high fiber foods like whole grain and make sure your getting all your vitamins. Also if your feeling the urge to binge again think of something your looking forward to like lying on the beach or a big event coming up and thinking of that thing will sometimes help you overpower that craving. I hope some of the stuff I said helps you and I hope you make great progress :)



    I, like y’all, am at a healthy weight too and am looking for more ‘definition’– for me, this means working a little harder in the gym and tweaking my food. I have found that living in a house with or without food rules, restricting or not, doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in regard to binges. I will just transfer my binge behaviors to whatever’s available– yes, even protein powder and spinach (not together, but you get it haha). definitely agree with klaudiad that a visual of your goal is great!



    I agree. I understand cutting out junk food (which is pretty much what i do) but i crave bread etc and then go and eat so much of it and carb foods.

    I am different each week, if i have something coming up, I am 100% committed and will not touch anything bad but then when i have a weekend with nothing on i just eat so much more and ruins my hard work.

    I do eat very healthy most of the time, but have major binge moments and really gets me down and ruins all my hard work

    I really don’t know how I can stop it! If I eat normal type foods all the time I can’t get down to the weight I want to be (a little underweight thin) I suppose thats the consequences

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