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Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

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    Right I aim to keep you all informed on what I am eating and how I am going to stop my binge eating. Theres nothing like a bit of optimisim after a binge so it goes.

    Today I ate:

    Rice Krispies, milk & Tea 200 calories

    2 quorn chicken fillets, cous cous, green beans & tea 400 calories

    Spaghetti, pesto, homemade raw beetroot onion chilli mustard apple sauce 550 calories

    Binge 3 hours

    2 apples 100 calories

    200g cadbury milk chocolate 1000 calories

    5 chocolate mini rolls 650 calories

    2 glasses of milk 300

    2 snickers 400

    2 cheese and onion crisps 250

    400g pack of cadbury chocolate fingers 1000

    Total intake 5000 calories so I plan to have around 1500 calories a day for 1 week to try and ensurw I dont gain weight luck. I will post again tommrow xx



    Sounds like a good plan. Good luck, and stay strong. :)



    Hey I would seriously advise you to eat when you are hungry and not try to restrict to 1500cal a day for the week. You will end up binging if you do this. I know it takes a while to learn the lesson, but theink about it every time you have restricted untill now, you have ended up binging (besides in anorexia, which is actually a mental illness) Seriously if you just eat when you are hungry you wont gain any more weight than you will restricting and binging. In fact its likely you wont gain any weight at all.

    I can tell you now that it you try out the restricting you will binge, it always happens. Its a lesson that must be learnt in order to overcome BED aswell. So how about just eating normally for the rest of the week, or atleast trying, the sooner you start trying the sooner you will get in tune with your hunger signals etc again. xx Sarah



    so today was great had 500 calories it was wholewheat pasta with.meditarranean veg lots of it. And I went to the gym burnt 400 calories so it sort of made me feel better but I realise tommrow wont be the same concentrating.on regulatipn 1500 calories tommrow :)



    Sarah has a point. Restriction generally leads to a binge. However, if you honestly think 1500 is enough for you than go ahead and follow it. 1500 would be a good amount for me, but 1100 (the “recommended” amount for girls my size), usually ends up with me stuffing my face at the end of the day and undoing all the work I’ve done that day.

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