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    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah, and I’m new here. I decided to join this forum, because I feel that what is really missing in overcoming my BED is social support. I have been suffering from eating and weight issues for a long time. Like many people on this forum, I developed a mild form of anorexia years ago. I sought treatment and was able to maintain a healthy weight for 6 years. However, last year I began binge eating and have been unable to stop. I have also put on 20 pounds and am very embarrassed about my weight gain. I have been in a constant cycle of dieting and bingeing for the last year, and I am really trying to get out of it. It is making my life miserable. I just began reading the Don’t Diet, Live it workbook. Has anyone read this book? I am going to try to journal everyday, so that I can be held more accountable for my actions. I also feel that I just can’t get through this disorder on my own. Instead of focusing on how many days I have gone without bingeing, I am going to try to focus on getting through each day without bingeing. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting out of the diet mentality?




    Hi Sarah! welcome to the forum. my suggestion is to try and love your body RIGHT NOW. understand that you are where you are now, bc of maybe emotional pain, and not accepting your body, dieting, and binging as a result of the pain and the dieting. Try and find something about yourself that is beautiful, and strong. Maybe go buy yourself some new clothes that you like and feel comfortable in? There’s lots more great advice on other people’s journals. That is my suggestion. and to not restrict your food, allow yourself your favorites in moderation, and overall, listen to your body, and give it what it needs. a little bit of emotional eating is okay sometimes, no one can or should eat perfectly all of the time, and it’s usually the guilt of breaking the diet that leads one back to binge. ~Sway



    Hi Sarah, Welcome! :D

    I’m still struggling a lot with getting out of the diet mentality, but the biggest thing I’ve found to help me is Intuitive Eating. Eat when you want, whatever you want, and DON’T feel any guilt about what you’re eating. It’s hard to do, and everything takes baby steps – but you’ll get there.

    Keep writing!!

    xx olivia

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