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Rocky Road of Recovery

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    So…I’ve discovered that recovery from an eating disorder is not easy and certainly not enjoyable, and I’ve learnt it the hard way. But I am determined to overcome this and stop obsessing about food; until I can do that I’m going to use this forum to update on my progress. Hopefully being honest to everyone else will help me to be honest to myself and stop overeating.

    I am recovering from Anorexia….after my weight plummeted I suddenly realised my health was at risk and decided to turn it around. Ive gained back the weight…and am approaching what is classed as healthy. But I have forgotten how to eat!…which unfortunatley is leading to binge eating sessions.

    I have been doing so well for the last couple of weeks but have recently broken up from school for study leave ahead of A-level exams….resulting in a 3-day long binge session (I havent even left the house!!!) This is not like me at all and am known for being very active and studying hard. However I have completely lost the will power to do anything!

    I have decided I need to get back on track before my exams next week (otherwise I wont be going to uni and will be sat here this time nest year having binged again!!!) I am going to start of with a nice bike ride and swim tomorrow morning, then go to the library to study away from all the temptations at home.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and I will be able to eat a much better diet. I am not bothered about eating more healthily, as I already extremely healthy, but I attempting to eat more mindfully. Giving my body what it want when it wants but not too much….but finding a happy medium is proving hard!

    Hopefully opening up to the world will help in some way…its worth a shot anyway! For now a bowl of porridge and bed I think! :D



    Porridge is great before bed it’s my first choice too ;) hehe. I’m in a very similar situation I was also anorexic and sometimes I feel stuck between the two, I think my binging started from the sudden urge to get better, so I just wanted it done as quick as possible before I changed my mind and binged and it seems to happen now when I don’t want it to. I moved away for uni living on my won was a bad move. I’m very much like you, love to study, I’m on my summer break for uni so I’m doing extra studying which isn’t compulsory but I find keeping busy is defiantly the best move.



    I know how you feel it suddenly dawned on me one day that I was actually ill and needed to recover….I wanted to get better fast as I wanted to go away on an outward bound course for a week and wasnt able to until I was better. Now when your continuously told you can eat what you want whenever you want it can be hard to stop.

    Anyway I had a good day yesterday, I got out the house, went swimming and to the library to do my studying (and seen as you cant eat in a library theres no temptations). It feels weird to be talking about food this way as its completely not me….when I binge im not myself and I hate it.

    Im going away to uni in a few months, so I will keep a check on things and hopefully they wont get out of control. Its good to know Im not the only one going through this! :-)



    I have the same problem with concentrating! I have praticed for some really important test which has been really hard because of the want to binge. Even during the math exam ,eating chocolate made it harder for me to focus… When I bing it gets even worse and I end up doing nothing. I´m also good at school, but my latest grades would have been better if it wasn´t for the binging. I am not owerweight,I eat mostly healthy and I am usually happy. So I guess that my eating disorder mainly has a bad impact on my schoolwork. Lately I have also been a lot lazier than usual and I blame the binging for that as well :D

    Good luck on studying!



    thefailure – I’m in the same situation. It means, that I was anorexic for some time, but after that the pressure from other people who said I must regain my weight, was too big. I gained my inital weight, then again lost it, then I was forced to gain it anyway and after some months I couldn’t stop overeating. I’m finally allowed myself to EAT, but now it’s gone too far, I want to stop it, but nothing works.. I wish I could be another person.. Free of thinking about food and every problem connected with it.. :///



    I have been trying to practice mindful eating recently! I have the same problem as you Fuxy in that I can’t stop thinking about food, usually in a very negative manner. So I have been aiming to think about it in a positive mindful way.

    Today I realized what the key is….you have to truelly allow yourself to have anything you want. I mean ANYTHING at all. Do not ban yourself from any foods what so ever! And in that knowledge that you can have what you want whan you want there is less of a compulsion to overeat in the periods when you “allow” yourself the foods you crave.

    This dawned on me this morning! i had an exam this afternoon and planned to have a banana sandwhich just before the exam for brain food for the next two and half hours. I therefore resolved not to have wheat for my breakfast, as I have slight intolerant to it. Yet what I really wanted this morning was shredded wheat! I stopped my self having this resulting in me eating an apple, grapes, 6 rice cakes, a yoghurt and then going to three slices of bread anyway. I was bloated throughout the exam as a result. I should have just let myself have what I wanted and be done with it as it wouldn’t have messed my eatin up at all!

    So although today has not been a binge day it has not been good…I am now at risk of binging because i have missed lunch and tea for being so bloated! But I am determined to not to overeat and have whatever I like tomorrow.

    Knowing you can have anything also takes all the guilt away, but also any thrill of eating “forbidden” foods; i think this is a reasonable sacrafice!



    Today has not been a good day…after a brilliant weekend as well! Have not even had thoughts of binging for the past few day. I have eaten really well, whatever I want and even going out for dinner a meal on saturday with no problems what so ever (I didnt even check the menu beforehand or anything). Then this morning I weighted myself and found I had lost a little bit of weight (which is not a good thing as my weight is slightly on the low side)….however I think this is a natural reaction to my body after the recent period of binging, yet it made me want to eat more to put on the weight…..then guess what? I BINGED :(

    I started off fine, 3 shredded wheat, apple and prunes…..but then I started on the bread and just couldnt stop, leading to 4 cob, 7 slices of break, a banana, a mr kipling lemon slice, freddo and a kitkat!!! Why Why Why do I do it!!!!

    Oh well I will just have to hope tomorrow is better….and my afternoon exam doesnt make things any better!

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