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Purging has taken control

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    I am 20. female. recovering from anorexia. I struggled with it for a year. pu myself into inpatentient, day, and outpatient treatment. i have one awesome therapist who i am working with now. while in recovery i have began binge eating for the past 6 months, but i heard that was somewhat normal.

    in the past month however, i have struggled with purging, and now it is to the point where it is always on my mind. why not binge and purge because it is always an option for me? why do i have no self control anymore. how do i stop these such harmful acts, i do not wan to live like this. in this cycle. my like is so much better then this.

    next week my parents want me to get tested to make sure all my blood levels are still okay, and i am now nervous since the purging has become involved.

    please readers i am asking that you help me and suggest advice to help me stop this horrid habit.



    hi elizzy,

    listen to leigh peele’s podcast on why bulimia is a bad idea. i think it’s the 5th question asked in the podcast. you will have to right click the link and save it somewhere to your computer.

    or, you can read this article, also by leigh peele, which lists the top 5 reasons why bulimia is bad for you.

    you almost need to scare yourself into not doing it any more. you’re right when you say it is harmful, in fact as leigh talks about, purging is one of the most harmful things you can do to yourself! rather focus on not binging in the first place.

    you definitely need to tell your therapist about the purging, if you haven’t already xxx



    Hey Liz,

    That post which Tobe recommended is a good one, but let me add to the last item (by Leigh Peele) where she says it could F…ing kill you. When you are vomiting, what ur basically losing is fluids, fluids that contain precious potassium, and the sodium/potassium balance that ur heart depends on for proper rhythm and function. People have gone into cardiac arrest as a result. This is the F…ing die part. OK.

    I know it makes you feel ‘clean’ inside and that’s a strong placebo (source of feel good brain opiates). Try to replace that thought w/ all the negatives. Look for some other way to comfort yourself after you’ve binged.. You need to de-couple the purging from the binging. A lot of people think that they will stop purging if they can stop binging. You need to do it in the reverse order.

    xoxoxox scifreak



    Lizzy.. you may be too young to remember this story that was in the news for so long; see this website:

    here’s an excerpt:

    “………..On February 25, 1990, Terri suffered a cardiac arrest due to a potassium imbalance. Just 27 at the time, she has never regained consciousness. Terri Schiavo’s potassium imbalance was brought on by a life-long struggle with her weight. She was chubby and shy as a child. It wasn’t until she lost 65 pounds that men began to pay closer attention to her, including her future husband Michael Schiavo. Keeping the weight off proved difficult, however, and Terri resorted to drastic measures. She developed bulimia and made herself throw up after meals. She tried to survive on liquids……..”

    Go to the website and read the rest. Note this woman has long since died (the article is dated). Her feeding tube was disconnected as she was brain dead.

    Lizzy…Please be kind to yourself.

    xoxoxo sciencefreak




    I want to thank you all so much with all your feedback. Yes, I have read both articles and found them very interesting. It is the responses on here and you readers that keep me fighting. I am pleased to let you know that today had been DAY 2 of binge purge free.

    Both days though it was troublesome for me to keep the meals down because the past couple days I have been used to giving them up. I do not think that I binged either of these days, but I know for sure I did not purge.

    I want to thank everyone for their responses and please keep following and giving me help and suggestions because without you none of this would be possible!! xoxo liz.


    – I am going to get my lab tests done next Monday after purging only for the last couple days, do you think everything will look okay. How can I make sure?

    – When I get anxiety I want to binge and breathe freely. How do I relieve this anxiety without binging and purging?

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