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peanut butter is the enemy

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    Hey, just an idea for my fellow natural peanut butter fans. I am super addicted to natural crunchy peanut butter, its basically the only thing I binge on. I usually try to have a few spoonfuls of it with my breakfast so I don’t binge on it during the day, but I still eat more than a normal serving. Anyway, this morning my kitchen was out of natural peanut butter so I had to use Kraft smooth instead. I didn’t like the flavour at all compared to natural, so I stopped at one spoonful! So my idea is to let myself eat peanut butter, but only the kind I don’t like. Hopefully that will stop me from eating so much! I know its potentially risky because I might end up bingeing on it anyway and it will be even less healthy than bingeing on the natural, but it worked this morning so why not give it a shot?


    Félicité B.

    organic peanut butter with banana… a spoon full with flax cereal, fruits, and honey! in smoothies!


    yea I get why people have problem with peanut butter! its that fricking good! and almond butter.

    I only had problems with it when i was in school. brought me alot comfort when i was studying algebra.. hehe



    yay ive added a delightful new food to the condiment list of creamy things i put on food… NOT! im sure everyone here knows this food its a white devil called mayonnaise.lately ive been eating food with large amounts of mayonnaise on it its delicious. i seem to severely crave heavy fat products lol not sure why. almond butter is decent have you ever tried cashew butter?

    keepon- thats actually a really good idea, ive tried that before and it seems to help.



    I love pb better than chocolate.i have to keep it out of the house.i can eat the whole jar.i like crunchy best.I’m more of a compulsive eater than binger.



    just ate almost an entire jar. i fucken hate my life man i was feeling optomistic tonight until i woke up and got out of control



    Peanut Butter is definitely the enemy!!! I can never stop going back for more once I’ve started. And it’s usually what starts a binge for me. I don’t ever crave it when it’s not in my house but when it is, its gone right away.



    Yes, PB was most certainly one of my binging favorites. I’d smear it over anything just to diversify the taste a little…and when I was through with that, I’d just eat it with a spoon right outta the jar. God.



    Peanut butter is the most addicting thing ever. It sucks!

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