How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

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    I have a long history of food addiction, and a descent history of recovery. I joined a 12-step group 10 1/2 years ago and released 140 lbs. I did really well for a long time, then I was diagnosed with cancer about 18 months ago and I have been struggling with my eating since.

    What upsets me is I know what is going on. I recognize that I am eating to deal with my emotions. I have the tools I used for all those years, but for some reason I’m not using them. I’ve been through surgery, chemo, and radiation and am currently cancer free, but I am still binging. I want the peace and serenity that I had all those years when I wasn’t binging.

    Here are a few of the tools I have used in the past and I commit to using today:

    Tool one: Take it one day (sometimes one minute) at a time. Look only at the now.

    Tool two: Admit I (me alone) have no control over food. Doesn’t that sound funny? It is true though. When I stop having a power struggle with the food, the power struggle ends. It’s like playing tug-of-war and deciding to quit the game by putting down my end of the rope. This doesn’t give me a pass to eat anything and every thing I want, rather it gives me a pass to create a food plan and live my plan. Today I am letting go of the power struggle with food.

    Tool three: There is One that has all control. I seek that One daily!

    Tool four: There is strength in numbers. When I see someone else (hopefully lots of others) who are successful, I gain confidence and strength.

    Tool five: Weigh myself only once a month. The scale really sets me off if I see a number I’m not happy with.

    Tool six: Have a food plan. Before I eat anything I have a plan for the day. Sometimes things happen and I’m not able to be true to my plan, but that doesn’t give permission to binge. It just means I have to adjust my plan a little.

    As I typed these out I literally felt the weight of despair lift from my shoulders… especially tool two. It seems so strange to say I am powerless over food as I cognitively know the food doesn’t walk into my hands or my mouth, but food is very, very powerful. It has been my drug of choice since I was a child and I am now 52. I tend to do very well all day when I am at work and then the evening comes and I struggle. Tonight when I get home I am going to come back to this site and report on my progress

    Today I weigh 181 lbs and I’m a 5′ 3″ female. 10 1/2 years ago I weighed 275 lbs. My goal is 140 lbs.

    I hope everyone is having a great day. Life is good!!



    I watched “Addicted to Food” on OWN last night. I can so relate to the people on the program. I have a meal plan every day, but I have been struggling with sticking to my plan in the evenings. From the program on TV I am asking myself what am I feeling when I’m home in the evening that I don’t want to feel? I don’t have the answer yet, but tonight I plan to go home and go to my office and think, feel, and write rather than eat.

    My Food Plan for today:


    1/4 c oatbran

    2 T flax meal

    1 c soy milk

    2 T chia seeds

    1 scoop protein powder

    1 apple


    2 black bean burger patties

    8 oz green beans

    8 oz mixed raw tomato and bell pepper


    4 oz hot dogs (no bread)

    2 c broccoli

    1 oz flax meal



    Hey just wanted to welcome you here! First, congrats on being cancer free! You fought through that so I have no doubt you have the strength to journey through BED recovery. Glad you are here! ~Lauren



    Today while I was at work I thought about why I have been binge eating when I get home in the evening. I have a calm home life, loving husband, live in the country with a beautiful view, we are empty nesters so there are no kids at home to increase stress. But, I have a stressful job. Today I was quite stressed at work with the demands of my job and even though I didn’t want to eat about it while I was at work, as I drove home the thoughts of what I could eat came to me over and over. I so wanted to drug myself with food when I got home. I am thankful that today I am aware of what is happening and I have not binged. It’s only 5:00 PM, so there is still room for a binge, but I go to bed at 7:00 (I get up at about 3:30 AM), so maybe I’ll make it today.



    sometimes its not the external things but the internal things.. Always blaming yourself, even just your thinking of everythings good in my life so why should I even have a problem.. sounds like self depreciating comments, ya know. People can use anything for an excuse to binge, its a response to our inner emotions about our personal self worth, ya know? and how we feel about our self esteem.

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