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    Hello Everybody,

    Hope that you guys made it through the weekend without binging. I sadly, have not, I have spent Thursday and Friday binging because of crazy cravings due to period and then Friday felt extremely depressed and this Saturday I had a comparatively small binge because I have been feeling just down. I do not know if it is due to having my menstrual period and hormone fluctuations or not getting a call back from several places which I applied for work a few weeks ago or maybe a combination of both, I was feeling down and insecure today.

    I do not want to binge anymore, I really do not because it does not bring any comfort anymore not even that short-lived feeling of immediate satisfaction because as I shove food in my mouth I’m already thinking that I should not be doing it and how pathetic and pointless binge eating is. I need to stop letting this binge eating disorder rule my life and dictate how I live it. I spent my teenage years dealing with anorexia, then switched to binge eating+laxatives, and now I’m just binging. Of course it is not as bad as before, but I am tired of spending my weekend’s binging. No more binge eating for me, I want to live and enjoy life.

    Even though I am very tempted to have a full blown binge tonight again, I am not going to give into it. Food is just food, it provides nourishment but does not solve any problems.

    good night everybody,



    I try to think of it as everytime I say “no” to a binge it will get easier everytime to say no to it. So when I feel like having a full blown binge I think of it as a chance to progress in my recovery by saying no. So I try to be glad that it’s there because it’s a chance to test myself :). I hope this way of thinking could help you too =]



    Hi! I binge more often on my period too, don’t worry. You still have sunday to not binge,so make it your goal to have one binge free day. The weekend isn’t ruined! That way of thinking does help me too. I’m trying a 21 days binge free challenge (they say that’s how long it takes to break or form a new habit)! This forum is helpful if you’re thinking of binging



    Hey girls, thank you for your support!Hope you guys are doing ok.

    Isa- I did not binge today, Sunday, I am ready to have a wonderful next week. So you are right, the weekend was not ruined.

    the failure- ( i hope I knew your name so I wouldn’t have to call you by this name) :)

    you are right, it does get easier I think to say no to binges as we progress.

    Day 1 Sunday

    Today I did not binge even though Im still on my period and with wacko hormones. I had a nanny job interview today for which I was quite nervous but it went really well, I find out tomorrow if I get the job.

    nothing else exciting happened to write about. I’m off to shower and bed..

    goodnight everybody and let’s have a great next week together!



    Yay pampita on no binging yesterday, even though you have your period! Yes let’s havea grea, binge free week:)



    Day 3 Tuesday

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week! I did not check in yesterday because I was just very busy. I got that nanny job but I had to turn it down. I have 2 phone interviews with Nordstrom on Thursday so I’m a bit bervous about that. Otherwise my days are quite good. Im no longer moody or emotional. i guess my hormones are back on track.

    I’ll check in later~

    stay strong everyone



    Day 4

    I did not check in last night as I promised, but I made it to today! ( last week my binge started on day 4…so keep your fingers crossed for me today) Btw, Happy 4th of July to the American members of this forum!

    Eating wise , today I have been eating very filling foods like eggs and walnuts ..I guess my body is craving protein and healthy fats. I have a barbecue to attend tonight with family at their friend’s house…Im not really worried about overeating because I always feel self-conscious eating in public with unfamiliar people. My main struggle is in not binging after I come home. No exercise for me tonight, my muscles feel tired after last night’s 1 hr cardio session.

    hope you guys are staying strong!



    Good idea filling up on healthy protein, how’d it go?



    Hope the rest of day 4 went well for you Pampita!

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