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    This is my first post, and I’m not even sure if I’m at the right place, but I just need to write about what I’m going through and hopefully someone will understand and offer some sort of advice.

    Last year at this time I was at my skinniest – 5’5″ and 100 pounds – which I know is very underweight for my height. I had started restricting calories the previous September, but I was never skipping meals, and I never felt like I was starving myself. Plus, on weekends, when I was with friends and family, I would eat normally. Anyway, it was easy to control what I was eating because I was by myself. No one watched what I did, and I never felt like I was being deprived because I never saw what other people ate.

    Then I went home for the summer and lived with people who ate normally. I still restricted a lot of what I ate, but I became more liberal when it came to eating desserts and sweets. Everyone in my life was telling me that I had to gain weight and that I looked unhealthy, so I thought that there was no harm in eating a bit of junk.

    Slowly, though, I started losing control of the junk I was eating. I was always able to justify it, telling myself that I could stand to gain a few anyway. I’d start eating it more often, and in larger amounts.

    I’m back to my previous weight – around 120 now, and I feel horrible. I go a few days on a restricted diet (cereal and yogurt for breakfast, egg whites for lunch, and greek salad for dinner), and just when I start to feel good about my body, I lose all control and binge on candy, donuts, cookies, and ice cream. When I finish eating, I feel so guilty and I vow never to let it happen again, but I can’t explain how difficult it is to think clearly when I crave sugar. It’s like my mind can’t stop thinking about it until it’s in my stomach. And I don’t think about anything else.

    I’ve also developed a though process where I associate food with happiness. For instance, if I’m going to watch a movie, I feel like I won’t be happy without candy. It’s the complete opposite of what I was going through last year, when I associated happiness with having full control over the small amount of food I was eating.

    I need to get back in control of my eating habits. I just want to be healthy and thin and happy with who I am.



    hi, reading your post made me feel like i was the one writing it, really.

    well, almost. last year at this time, i was at this heavier weight. it was around september when i was at my skinniest. basically, in june 2008, i was fed up with looking at the dressing room mirror and thinking that ‘this dress would look so much nicer on me if i had skinnier legs/slimmer arms’ etc. so i just borrowed a couple of health books and realized everything about calories and all that. i slowly began eating very healthy. like you, i never felt deprived. when i ate with my family, i loosened up a bit and ate fried stuff or fast food sometimes. but that’s only during weekends. whenever i could make my own choices, i would eat things like 2 wholemeal slices with peanut butter for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner: brown rice and veg, or wholemeal sandwich with tuna and sometimes some fruit and so on. i never skipped meals. i also cut out sugary drinks altogether – i stuck to water.

    i’m short – 5’1″. at my skinniest, i was 84lbs. i started out at 106lbs. now, i’m bmi’s 20 now and while it’s not overweight, it’s driving me crazy.

    i don’t know why i’m doing this. i really enjoyed being skinny. yes, people told me i was too skinny so i thought i could eat a bit more. but it got overboard. but i remember being so happy when i went shopping each time, loving how i looked in everything. my tummy was not there, my legs finally looked great when i wore skirts etc.

    i did have some days when i ate well and as planned, and some days went i go overboard with the binges too. but that was a while ago. nowadays, i can’t remember having a day when i didn’t binge. :(

    i’ve been trying and trying, though. i’ve exhausted so many methods but i can’t possibly give up. i’m lucky it’s term break now and i keep telling myself to get back in shape now that i don’t have to face my friends each day.

    i exercise every day but continue to binge-eat. currently, i’m trying this method which is to wear a band around my wrist (it used to be my lucky charm band for my races in college), to remind me that whatever i do, i’ve to aim to be happy about it at the end of the day. i mustn’t do things that i’ll regret at the end of the day when that ‘instant high’ is over.

    it has been working sometimes but not all the time. i think overeating is just a habit we’ve to overcome gradually. just keep reminding yourself and keep fighting.

    glad to find someone in almost exactly the same boat as me. let’s fight this together :)



    Thanks so much for replying, and for sharing your situation. I definitely feel like we have a lot in common. Today was pretty decent, although at the end of the day, and even though I was with friends, I didn’t overeat. I guess I ate more than usual, but nothing unhealthy, and I definitely didn’t binge.

    I think that knowing there’s someone out there who is going through the same thing as I am is helping a lot. It’s funny how someone you don’t even know can provide so much comfort.

    I think that part of my problem (and maybe part of yours too) is that I know how thin I can be. Before, when I started losing weight, I had no idea what I would look like thinner…I never really intended on getting down to the weight I ended up becoming. But now that I’ve gained, I can only see how much bigger I’ve gotten since I was thin, and instead of it looking normal, it looks big. Then I get frustrated and figure that I’ll never be able to be that thin again, and it makes me want to eat. It’s like a vicious cycle. I have to forget about how thin I used to be – I remember being at 100 pounds and still thinking I wasn’t thin enough…I couldn’t see that I’d lost any weight. Now, I’d kill to be that weight. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that we have to appreciate what we have now, not what we could be. It’s so much easier said than done.

    I hope your lucky charm helped you get through another day.



    Wow. I amazed, because I can relate to you so much.

    I recently went through alot of weight loss and gain.. and I went from a size fourteen to size eight(and the clothes were lose!!) over the last twelve months.

    I fully recovered, or so I thought, from my binge-eating depressed state that had lead me to gain over ten kilos… following a string of diet and exercise regimes before settling down with weightwatchers and eventually going it alone when I had reached my goal weight of 54kg.

    Im short, and I carry a lot of weight on my butt and thighs, with very small breasts.. so seeing all these girls around me who were so lean and athletic made me feel inadequete.after a couple of months I decided to lose more weight… and my weight slipped a further four kilos and was still going.. but I was so happy.

    My confidence was soaring despite my nervousness about food and I even auditioned for a play.. and got lead role!

    I can relate to your exact feelings.

    Right now I have succumbed to stress and my bingeing habit has lead me to gain about eight kilos in three weeks.

    I feel disgusting about my body… like the weight is a disease or growth that doesnt belong.

    I just want to have my old body back! And to feel energetic and happy.

    My father put a lot scrutiny into my weight loss and still beleives Im to thin.. Im positive that the self-conciousness I got from his remarks and the feelings that I didnt need to worry about gaining back the weight lead to my slip up.

    Just like you I have replaced my normal stress releiving exercise with happiness and comfort foods.

    Im so glad you shared your story, there are plenty of people who will support you throughout your struggle here.

    Just remember that only you can take care of youself, and you deserve the best.. nothing less.Try to forget what other people think and get out there.. You will soon find that if you except yourself for who you are, others will too.. and you will become at peace with your eating habits.

    Keep at it.




    Hey Kate, thanks for sharing your story too :) and thx for the encouragement, we’ll keep trying indeed!

    and mb, you’re so right about that – when i was 92lbs i was dissatisfied and thought 90lbs would be great…i would certainly kill to be 92lbs now. i wish i wasn’t so greedy (for weight loss,not food:D ) then, and stuck to a proper diet. instead, i restricted myself, then binged, and that was when the entire cycle began. if only, if only…then i wouldn’t be so far away from my skinny self now. but i should stop telling myself all these ‘if onlys’ …it’s just beating myself up and feeling depressed all over again.

    anyway, i binged again today. it was such a horrible feeling. the band around my wrist helped ward off the binge thoughts 3 times, but at the fourth time, i caved in. i’ve no idea why too. i wasn’t hungry and i always make sure i’ve my adequate, proper meals. i wasn’t feeling emotional or anything…but now, i definitely am, sigh.

    i figured that when i binge, everything’s just ‘switched off’. all my rational thoughts gone. poof. i just get so caught up and yearn for more, more, more.

    gd luck to you guys with battling this…share if you’ve managed some small successes! i’d love to hear some tips. i’ll tell you what works for me too if i manage to realize anything. take care!

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