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okay, my turn to introduce myself i guess.

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    hi everyone, i am lydia and i’m 26 and i noticed that i have a binge eating problem maybe two years ago, but i don’t know when it started. maybe more than a decade ago, but i never recognized it as a problem, because growing up i was underweight and encouraged to eat until i felt sick. i think that is part of why i binge eat but now i’m not underweight anymore [not overweight either] and i think i am eating more than i ever have.

    i have been lurking around here for the past week or so and i have caught on to some things, but if i mess this up in any way, like if i talk about something i’m not supposed to talk about, i’m sorry.

    it seems like some people in other posts are saying that we should not deny ourselves any specific types of food, just make sure we don’t binge on them. i don’t really know how to do that. also the types of food i’m eating are problematic and i feel very disappointed in myself for not being a better caretaker of my body. for example, i have been vegan for over six years, but lately i haven’t had the willpower to keep it up. last night i was at a dinner with friends and there was ice cream for dessert. i ate ice cream for the first time in six years. and i don’t even know how many helpings i had. five? and then i went back to eat more savory food. and then i walked home and it was hard.

    being vegan is mostly an ethical thing for me. but also i have a sugar intolerance. I HAVE A SUGAR INTOLERANCE. i get candida overgrowth with one bite of something with added sugar, and sometimes just from eating fruit. why would i do this to myself? today i was craving sugar so i allowed myself to go get a box of vegan cookies–8oz of cookies. and i ate the whole thing in one sitting. [after bingeing on other foods all day!] i’m supposed to go out dancing tonight and i’m waiting for this gross feeling of having eaten to much to go away, but often it takes days to go away. i just keep adding to it. but maybe it’ll be bearable in an hour or so.

    jeez. i don’t know.

    do all of you have people in your life for support?

    i don’t know what support from people on the internet would look like for me, how it would pan out, how it would work, but i’m interested in trying. i have been very very open about my relationship with food with pretty much everyone in my life and i feel like no one really takes it seriously.

    i live on the other side of the country from my parents, but once when i was visiting them i told my mom. she just kept buying me more and more food and when i am at her house i feel like i have to eat it all because i have a very different diet than my parents do and i knew it would go to waste if i didn’t eat it. i can’t stand to think about all the food in the US going to waste and i always eat what’s on my plate and i eat stuff that people would otherwise throw away. but i’m hurting myself.

    i have told people i live with, friends of mine, and i really wish someone would just stand by my side and tell me that i shouldn’t eat any more than i already have, but that is really asking a lot, and i don’t know if i would listen to them anyway.

    i eat in secret a lot.

    sometimes when someone is visiting i am having a nice chat with them but in the back of my mind i am thinking that i can hardly wait another second for them to leave so i can start eating again.

    sometimes i eat for several hours straight, flaking out on responsibilities.

    especially at this point in my life, because i’m also struggling with depression more than ever.

    i have been mistreated by a lot of people in my life and i’m so frustrated and angry that people treat those who trust them in such awful ways. but i don’t offer anything better to myself. how can i love myself and treat myself well? i know i deserve better.

    i don’t know what my emotional eating triggers are. i feel like i explore my emotions a lot, i write about them, i talk to people about them. i don’t know why i also emotionally eat. maybe there is something i’m hiding from myself still but it’s impossible for me to see it. i always have this weird feeling that if i keep eating, eventually i will feel satisfied, but i never feel satisfied.

    i’m not sure what anyone can say, but i would love to hear it. please let me know how you can relate to things, or any advice you have. i know we are all struggling and i don’t expect you all to have answers that will fix me but i would like to know what you feel inspired by, or what new things you have tried, etc.

    thanks everyone.


    I was vegan for a couple of years for ethical reasons too but turned to dairy for emotional support

    (i always have this weird feeling that if i keep eating, eventually i will feel satisfied, but i never feel satisfied)

    The same happens with me. Only after I have binged do I realise that binging just makes me feel sick and doesn’t bring happiness or satisfaction, but the next day im totally convinced that it’s going to make me the happiest and most satisfied person in the world. this happens over and over again and no matter how many times it happens im still convinced it will make me happy and satisfied… I’ll just be convinced that I must have done something wrong last time and that’s why It didn’t make me feel good so I should just try again and again until I get it right.. but it will never be right.



    It’s the same thought-process and empty justification as a druggie, I’ve come to realize – we know, on an intellectual level, that the binge will only make us feel like crap, physically and emotionally, and yet we find little ways to tell ourselves that it’ll be okay . . “Oh, I’ll just diet for a few days and lose the weight,” et cetera.

    I never realized how much I could deceive myself until I started binge-eating. Whenever those thoughts come into my head, telling me it’ll be fine to just binge one more time or whatever, I just try to rise above them. It’s hard, because it’s an addiction, and we always want to find ways to justify our addictions . . but it’s doable. I hope. Good luck!



    I know how difficult it is living at home with your parents. I feel I need to eat as they do, and if they keep bad things in the house, I’m absolutely going to eat them! Eating when people aren’t looking and having it overtake your thoughts and just letting yourself go when you get the chance all seems unreal doesn’t it?

    I think if we just stay honest and open up to people who we trust, we can actually HAVE someone stand by us and tell us when we should stop eating. But of course that is difficult and takes a lot of courage.. i guess we’ll have to take baby steps..



    thanks for responding.

    allie, it does seem unreal!

    i think in the US people are so obsessive about food. i wish it wasn’t a big deal. i wish we just could eat when we needed to to survive. but you know, it tastes so good. well, sometimes. sometimes things don’t even taste that good but i keep eating them. i have been bingeing for at least a week straight this time.

    dtstone, do you have anything specific you do to rise above your thoughts of destruction?

    i agree that it is just like being addicted to drugs. it’s a food addiction. i don’t drink or smoke or do any drugs so this is my vice, i guess. but it’s not something i want to keep.

    orawrrrr, i wish we could hang people who remind us of this or something! eek. that it’s never going to satisfy us. i think a lot of the time int he middle of bingeing i need to drink water but i keep putting it off and i think i need to eat instead of drink. that’s how i feel right now actually. i’m going to drink kombucha.



    It takes a lot of time and patience, but we can all beat this for sure. I’m on my second day of not bingeing ..I know 2 days doesn’t seem that much but slow and steady is fine with me. I find if I keep my calories up, and MAKEE myself eat 3 square meals (healthy foods and potions) a day, the urge to binge is a bit lower. Still there when I see trigger foods, but definitely a bit lower. In between I have healthy snacks, but I tend not to have them if my meals are big enough. Another thing is green tea, whenever I feel the need to be shoveling something into my mouth I just brew a cup.. i guess the hand to mouth action is soothing? Also, like most of us I binge on carbs.. so I upped my carb intake and it has helped, so that’s promising!

    Just a few things diet-wise that have helped me – try some out!



    thanks for the suggestions allie. at this time i feel so negative that i am seeing in your suggestions either things that i have tried that didn’t work before and i don’t think will work ever, or things that i am just too frustrated to even think about trying. my mind can’t wrap itself around anything except making myself sick right now.

    i also work as a model.

    i used to watch what i ate the day before a morning shoot and i would feel terrific about the way i looked. i cannot do that anymore. i have been bingeing all night before morning shoots. today i was supposed to do one at 7:30am but i stayed up until about 4am bingeing and alternately trying to sleep. i cancelled the shoot and claimed i was sick. i am sick. my stomach is very upset now. but back then i just had a sore throat. i think i overeat so much it weakens my immune system. i feel a little.. ugh, i don’t know.

    i have been bingeing for over a week straight i think, this is a low period for me. i signed up for a free trial gym membership and i was supposed to go redeem it over a week ago. i keep telling myself that i’m going to go redeem it tomorrow. that’s what i’m saying right now, but i don’t have any free time tomorrow. maybe thursday? i want to put a big sign by my bed that says “you need to do this for yourself,” so when i wake up in the morning i can remember that at least at one point i thought it would be a good idea. but i do things like that all the time and then i just laugh at them when i really need them.


    i don’t think i have any idea what a healthy portion of food is. i think it may be different for every person. once i was visiting friends and i tried to eat just the same amount they were eating and i was eating past full. do you have any suggestions for finding out what a healthy portion is for myself? and how can i stop there?

    for a while i was using stoppers and i don’t know if they stopped working or if i just lost motivation to take all of the effort i’d need to to put a freakin’ stick of gum in my mouth.



    I know exactly how you feel. I was 5′ 9 and 110 lbs – model skinny just like you. Now i’m only up to 116, but it’s a good start. All of the extra weight (not water weight anymore at this point) went straight to my belly, I used to have awesome abs :( I know, however, that with time and when I gain a little more, my body with re-distribute the weight. It will go elsewhere and I can work at building up my ab muscles again; for now, I just need to lay off.

    Finding the right food portions is super hard I have to admit, mainly because I either restrict or binge – complete 180s from one another. Most people today overeat anyway (esp. here in America), so I’ve learned not to watch others either.

    Take my lunch for example:

    Two slices of bread which are AT LEAST 90 cals each – I used to buy bread with 50cals each, had to break that habit.

    One serving of mayonnaise (1 tbls) – would have never done this, but I need the fat.

    4 slices of turkey – when I was a vegetarian and restricting, I would have never done that either, ha.

    Slice of American Cheese – no way would I have done that either, but I need the fat.

    Lettuce/Tomato or any toppings I’d like.

    On the side I have a serving of chips, maybe salsa or a homemade salad of some sort.

    If you’re still vegan you can use anything you like, but I hopefully you recognize the pattern. My plate is always full. It looks like a ton of food, especially because I would never use that much bread ..i’m still scared of carbs! I have to remind myself that it’s a normal portion. Using “normal” ingredients are not bad, they’re normal. If you swap all your low-cal options for “normal” ones, I find the calories up themselves easily to a good number, and I get all the nutrients I need. I try to make each meal about 400 calories, easily twice as much as it used to be, and with 300-400 calories worth of any healthy snacks I’d like. If I have a craving i’ll use my snack calories for chocolate or something I’m eyeing. Thats about 1600 cals for me, I need to up it to 2000 soon, but i’m not ready.

    I was telling some other people on here that last night I ate an extra 500 cals worth of peanut butter and nuts! They add up quickly I suppose. I was mad at myself, but only that brought my entire daily total to 2000. Do you think I should consider it a binge? I was on day 3 binge free ..I don’t know if today is day 4!



    my personal definition of bingeing is eating when you are not hungry. were you not hungry when you at the peanut

    butter and nuts? i think 2000-2500 calories is the recommended diet for people.

    i have never counted calories before and i have no idea how much i weigh. i’m 5’6″ and maybe 130 or something? i have no problem eating enough, i actually always eat too much. always. i have never not eaten enough i don’t think, except when i have fasted and stuff like that. so my problem is knowing when to stop. :?.



    No, I wouldn’t consider 500 calories of peanut butter and nuts a binge. They are so calorie dense that you wouldn’t have eaten a lot of them for 500 calories, and you didn’t even go over the RDA of calories.

    Binge eating is a pattern of disordered eating which consists of episodes of uncontrollable eating. It is sometimes as a symptom of binge eating disorder. During such binges, a person rapidly consumes an excessive amount of food.

    You did not do this. So today is day 4! :) Your body needed those calories and nutrition! Protein.. unsaturated fats.. manganese… magnesium.. copper.. folate.. and vitamin b3.



    hi… i want to add my thoughts to ‘definition of a binge’. i think there’s folks that coome on here not because they actually binge but because they’re just not happy with the way they’re eating and the way they relate to food. A ‘binge’ is not simply eating when one is not hungry (or wasn’t planning to eat). As a matter of fact binging is usually the result of extreme hunger stemming from dieting and restriction of calories. Combine that with other stress, e.g. overwork, unhappiness, emotional issues etc. and u’ve got a high probability that u’ll binge. The clinical definition of a binge is out control eating of massive quantities of food (thousands of calories) in one sitting. But even that def can be pretty subjective (one person’s binge is another person’s afternoon snack), i.e. eating a few cookies is not binging but someone might perceive it that way if they felt out of control in the act.



    Thanks guys :)

    I totally agree. In the past I’ve eaten well over at least 4000 cals in one sitting, usually in one hour, jeesh. Of everything bad of course – cookies, cakes, PB, cereal, chips.. the usual suspects. That’s definitely a binge in my book, the problem i’m dealing with. I’ll just count my measly 500 last night was just an extra meal i suppose – i was genuinely hungry. So cheers to day 4 almost complete!

    Bingeing is just so bizarre to me. Feels like you aren’t even yourself huh? If I could watch a video tape of me eating all that food in such a quick period of time, behind peoples back, I think I would just wonder who I’m looking at. So weird..


    A ‘binge’ is not simply eating when one is not hungry (or wasn’t planning to eat). As a matter of fact binging is usually the result of extreme hunger stemming from dieting and restriction of calories.

    i have restricted and fasted for a few days or a week or so. but i feel like it would just make me worse if i was counting calories, because if i had to estimate i probably eat at least twice the recommended calorie intake in one sitting. i eat until i am nauseous and then i eat more after that. i sometimes eat for several hours straight, and i don’t mean with breaks to do anything else. so i don’t know if bingeing is “usually” a result of extreme hunger, but i do see that as a way it works a lot of the time. it definitely is not the only reason a person binges though.

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