How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

No self control

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    AAARGH this is so frustrating! I have promised myself, today is the day I will stop binging! I was doing so well today, I’d kept my kilojoules down to approx. 4500…then i go and have 3 big bowls of ice cream! (which I’m bloody allergic to!) so not only did i break my promise and uncontrollabley binge, which means I’d have put on yet MORE weight!!!

    I don’t understand how I’ve gone from being an anorexic to uncontrollable binger! How do I stop eating so much?



    I’m in the same position I used to be anorexic now I binge I think its because we are so used to always thinking about food and when restriction is no longer as satisfying as it used to be you use food in another way to cope. I know restricting won’t give me as much pleasure as it used to knowing that by the end of it you have achy bones, go to sleep hungry and always thinking about food, actually looking disgusting and no opposite sex likes the look of you, also thinking about food all the time because of starvation, not being able to concentrate… the list goes on. I guess the task now is just trying to find the right balance.



    i recognised that i can not concentrate when i am thinking about food, i havent ever noticed that i have an eating disorder, as i have never starved myself until being on a total food replacement diet where food is a 3 sashets per day, and i have never made myself sick, i dont each packets of biscuits or tubs of ice cream and please believe me, i would like to, but i know i cant…

    i have to stay away from doritos, Dr Kargs crisp breads, fresh baked bread and butter or the list goes on… i feel ashamed of myself and my body, and when i lost the weight i feel great, but out of control now i am off the sashets… oh no, will this ever go away?



    Doritos are so devilish even my Mum doesn’t like eating them because she can’t stop and she has normal eating habits. I know what you mean about purging I have only been able to do it a couple of times but I normally can never do it despite how much I eat. I don’t want to either its disguising and isn’t actually effective apparently it will only ever take away 1/3 of the calories you consumers 2/3 of calories are absorbed straight away as soon as the food is eaten. I hate not being able to concentrate and sometimes you can’t realise it straight away like Im working on a project and without even noticing the change I am looking on fastfood websites.

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