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    I am thinking of going to my GP to discuss my binge eating problem but am nervous of the response I will get. Last time I went to see my GP, about something completly different, and the only advice she could give me was to eat healthily and exercise. Like I havent thought of that before.

    Can anyone tell me of their experiences when asking for help from their GP?




    For about a year I went back and forth to my GP, I wasnt even sure myself if i had a problem, which is why it was so hard to go through all that.

    She practically looked at me like a complete idiot and said ‘please stand on the scales’, so i did, and she said ‘as i suspected you are a normal weight and bmi so therfore you do not have an eating problem’.!

    I actually went away thinking that i was making it up and that i could stop myself but just didnt have any self-control or ‘will power’

    The next time i went to see her i knew i had a problem, and when she had a similar response i burst into tears to tell her how bad it was. she then saiud i must be depressed and tried to give me anti-depressants.

    I have since changed doctors and my first visit i was so scared to confess my problem i worked myself up so much with tears i couldnt even talk and luckily mum came with me (mainly to ensure i didnt just turn around on my way there) and she told him why i was there.

    he immediately referred me to a specialist clinic.

    I now have to wait for CBT about 6 months waiting list, i have about 4 months left to wait.

    But they are amasing and like you guys on here, know exactly what your going through and dont judge you.

    It’s like mental illness, some people dont see it because it’s not like a physical cut on your body, but it doesnt mean that it is not there!

    Good luck and persist until you get help!



    hi there. the advice i would give you is don’t see your regular gp. make an appointment with a counsellor or psychologist and they would be able to help you more. BED requires a lot more counselling rather than just medications.



    I would reccoment that too, and i feel personnaly bed is a mental illness as it is linked to thought patterns, habits, self esteem and possible in many cases controlling and negative behavioural patterns.

    we have programmed ourselves to be this way and now we have to prgramme ourself to think differently and control our habits in a more positive way.

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