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    I forget what day this is…w/e…

    I tried to eat when hungry and I failed on every part except dinner :/ But I guess it’s significant that dinner was eaten b/c my body needed the fuel. There was a binge today, sighhhhh. The water method didn’t help. I had an hour of street hockey but I don’t think it canceled half of my binge.

    B: organic ravioli from a can

    S: almonds

    L: 2 mini twix, bundt cake (my friend’s parents have careers in baking & culinary stuff, so she brings baked goods at least once a week), pinto beans with tomato, onion & cilantro

    S: oranges

    D: a moderate/large sized bowl of teriyaki with rice. had a smaller bowl of salad.

    After dinner was a binge, which is something expected of me. When I practice something that goes against emotional eating, I tend to binge at first. Back then I’d try to eat when hungry then binge. I’d restrict & thus binge again I’d say to myself “I’ll eat intuitively!!!” & the cycle continued. This time I want to keep mindfully eating without the restriction.

    However, I feel like I’m restricting when I only ate until my stomach was a bit past full. I feel the desserts & the other snacks I eat after any meal is missing…So I guess after a meal I’ll eat something small for a treat :) Today the mini twix hit the spot for cravings, but that was from a friend. I haven’t many treats at home. The pan dulce’s gone & my parents say we’re not buying any more until next week…It feels like restriction from an outside source I guess?? I desperately wanted a scoop of ice cream, or a pan dulce or a big bowl of blueberries but we didn’t have any of that. So I binged on milk, honey, nut butter & oatmeal. Oh, & I burned a microwave-brownie so the whole house reeked. My mother didn’t say anything about it & just told me, “Tomorrow we’ll buy you as much fruits & veggies as you want. If you want treats for the week we’ll get those too (: Dame lo que tu quieres y puedo guardar hasta tienes una ‘craving'” blahblahblah. pretty much everything in spanish but I doubt that matters. Anyways, she’s so much more forgiving since I told her about it. Now I have to tell my good friend that I haven’t seen in sooo long that I regained the weight, which will be difficult…

    I haven’t slept well all week. I’m guessing today will be 3 hours. In total I’ve gotten 12 hours of sleep this week, so maybe that’s what’s triggering my binges. Oh how I despise the week before finals. In finals week I get way more sleep but I work nonstop the week before, ughhh.

    My breathing is getting more difficult :( But only by a small bit. I can still exercise at the same (if not more) intensity as when I was super lean, but when I’m sedentary I can sometimes hear those deep breaths that sound like I can’t breathe properly. I know that I’m still gaining weight despite recovery. However I know that when I master mindful eating, weight loss through walking tons, hiking, half-marathon training-in-summer, taekwondo, etc. will be possible.

    I’m going to make that day happen as soon as possible :)



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    Hey Chenaui. I just wanted to say that I am really proud of you for sticking to the intuitive eating, even though have you been struggling through some bingeing. You need to keep reminding yourself that really learning to listen to your body and listen to it, is the key to long-term weight maintenance AND a happy life! So hang tight through those times when you find yourself still emotionally eating. I would definitely let yourself have a small treat after meals so you aren’t feeling deprived. And since you are stopping right when you notice that you are full, remind yourself that AS SOON as you get hungry again you can continue on with that meal or have another snack. I’m so glad you have your mom’s support…she sounds like she is being really great with the whole thing. Oh girl 12 hours a sleep for a whole week will DEFINITELY be a trigger….catch some Zzzzz. That will help your cravings a ton. Hang in there and keep pressing forward friend! ~Lauren



    Hi Chenaui, I can totally relate to your story. Since I was 12 or so my body changed so much that the other kids at school and high school used to tell me bad things related to my overweight. Every family reunion was a time to “enjoy” the comments of my aunts and oncles about my weight and the way I ate. I understood that others´ opinions sould not get to hurt me, but it is a very difficult thing for a child/teenie. I completely understand how you felt and I wish you a lot of luck in this journey to recovery from BED. I hope you have a great Saturday evening. Keep posting. Hugs. Ecu



    I’m extremely glad the weekend has arrived :) Yesterday i didn’t journal but I slept about 15 hours (4 pm to 7 am today) so obviously no overeating at all.

    Today’s menu was

    B: finishing up sunflower seed butter jar (there was only 2 heaping spoons of it left),

    huge bowl of cherries & jicama until totally full but not stuffed. small brownie as a treat

    S: meringues (I had about 25 this time & was done…5 less than before!!)

    L: 2 of my mother’s carne asada taquitos with pico de gallo. grapes for treat

    S: strawberries

    D: quick high-protein nutrition bar. had jicama, a starfruit, more grapes to fill up.

    A little bit after dinner was a brownie & THAT WAS IT <3

    So I bought single serving brownies today at the store. I personally think it’s difficult to eat more than one at a time but I could be saying otherwise in a binge session…I caught up on sleep & feel a lot better. And I found out today I’m not eating out of stress anymore!!! I feel unusually accomplished; it’s like I took down one brick off that wall that prevents me from having a binge-free life. I also learned today that artificial sugars are NOT the way to go. It leaves me wanting more & more & more. Sugar is the same, but it’s not as vigorous as artificial sweeteners.

    I ate when I was hungry at lunch. In breakfast & dinner, I ate when I was close to grumbling hunger. But after dinner I don’t really pay attention to fullness factors. Again it will be a long process so it will improve in time…I really think that 15 hour nap helped me a bit by telling my brain that “you don’t need food at night. you can live just fine without it” so it’s a jump start to not constantly munching at night.

    I’m rather happy for my improvements. It was only a week, too!! Thanks for everyone who commented; I really couldn’t have done it without you (I would have quit after day 2 thinking that no one cares) ~~ Again thanks for everything guys ~



    Hey girl!!! Wow that is one impressive nap!!! :) I bet you woke up feeling like you could conquer the world…obviously your body really needed it!! That is really great that you aren’t eating out of stress anymore and are really starting to listen to your body’s hunger more and more! You are really doing awesome girl…definite progress! Hope you have a nice Sunday! ~Lauren



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    Didn’t write for a week since I was so focused on getting those finals done. This finals week was probably the worst eating week for me…

    Starting from Sunday, I binged every day to get away from studies. I did get the material memorized, but when I encountered anything slightly challenging, I went to grab a rather large snack. This went on & on until I slept, but the next day would be the same. I’m now 8 pounds heavier in five days and this makes me feel like the worst person in the world, especially since it’s summertime now. On the last day of school someone had the nerve to tell me that I gained too much weight this year with the face that I was ignorant of what I’m doing to myself. I got angry, but luckily I don’t eat when mad.

    Today I tried to run my hiking hill as I usually did many months back. It’s five miles total & I would be able to jog/sprint it all. Today I struggled & had to stop running at two miles, which is bad. I would have told myself, “no worries, you’ll improve in time” but I have pressure on my back. Cross country training begins within a few weeks (if my parents let me join; they’re still thinking about it) & if I don’t get some mileage in NOW I’m scared I may not make the team. Now that it’s summer I feel I have a lot more time to focus on my health-related habits.

    I noticed that after my run I’m not really craving sugar. I wanted something that would fuel my system…I also don’t feel like eating in front of the computer. If I’m allowed to do CC for the season by my parents & the coach, this may help me learn how to kick the emotional eating habit.

    As of now I have to run. I feel this will be the way for me to be someone normal again. I also think I’ll come back to taekwondo. I stopped a while ago at red belt b/c of my weight but I hope they let me back in…I’m honestly scared of what everyone’s going to think of me….:(



    Aw honey I am so sorry this last week with finals and bingeing have been so hard. I know when you are under a tremendous amount of pressure like at finals time its hard to resist using that coping mechanism. Its ok…its now time to get back on track. The 8 pounds is not real, most of it is water weight from the sugar. It’ll come down quickly. I’m sorry about that comment from a school friend…that was super rude! Well I hope that you are able to run cross country since running does help you (it helps me too)! So use this time to get back on track and make sure not to restrict right now even though the temptation will be strong. Hugs, Lauren



    Hey Chenaui,

    Im sorry that you had such a stressful week.

    Well, bad comments of others are not productive for you. So let´s focus on the positive stuff and what can be modified so you can beat this.

    So it seems quite obvious that you had too much preassure cause of those finals. You may think about what else (if anything else) could have made an impact on you to make you binge these days.

    Have you thought about having breaks when you are hungry or need smth to drink and go to the kitchen or somewhere where you are not in the same place/room as you study?

    Hope the taekwondo went good!



    Ok so today went like this:

    I started with walking my hiking trail…but only 2 miles. I ate a lot more broccoli & mushrooms & fruits & such so that was good o: And I’m not eating in front of a device anymore. If I’m eating in front of the computer (for example), I either turn the opposite way or go to the table to eat. I’ve been eating when I was hungry, but didn’t stop when I was full…I stopped when I wasn’t satisfied, or stuffed (but not like in a binge). I’ll work on that eventually…There was one other slip-up, though it wasn’t too devastating:

    I finished up with dinner (a chicken, cheese, mushroom, broccoli & tomato quesadilla that I randomly made) & decided to go get some strawberries for a treat. I was told by a family member that I’m eating too much. So when that person went outside to talk to a friend, I went and ate lots of random foods (mostly graham crackers & cereal) for about fifteen minutes straight. Later on I was told by the same person not to eat her fig newtons she left on her bed. Somehow I knew I was going to end up eating them, & I did (3 newtons).

    Other than that, some improvement is being made :) I’ll take another run tomorrow..



    Hey girl!! Those are really big improvements! Eating well and going on walk I’m sure left you feeling good! I think it is big to eat without distractions so that you can really enjoy what you are eating…leaves you feeling much more satisfied in the end! Sorry the comment by that person caused you to rebel a bit, hopefully you can work on tell that person to go F off :) in your head, and let it go, instead of letting it trigger an eat. But so glad you are seeing all the major positives of your day!! Keep it up sweetie! ~L



    It´s great to undo the bad habbits. I am sure that when you are not eating in front of any tv/computer you will feel more relaxed too, not like in a hurry I must do this and that and quickly. Time invested in you is time good invested. BTW, I would def tell to that person in her/his face what lauren said. I dont like to be treated like crap cause I dont treat others like crap. But Lauren talks from a more advanced binge free point in life lol. So anyway, remember what others say does not have to be necessarily true, it is just their own point of view. You also have one and it can take you to a more self-confident you. Go ahead. By the way, yummi quesadilla!



    hey chenaui,

    i was just catching up with your journal. you have such amazing food! :) i definitely find that when you focus on having good habits rather than breaking the bad binge habit, it is much easier. for example, i’ve been trying to eat much more slowly and only at the table while chatting with friends/family, and it has helped quite a bit. picking at food is starting to feel weird these few days.

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