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    This post is goign to be purely for me to record my emotions,feelings of happiness or depression. I realize that with my hectic schedule these past few weeks, I need to have a plan each day and stick to it since on days when I have no plan, I end up binging.I’m gonna continue the eight day challenge (well, try to continue)and hopefully I’ll make it!Also I noticed that everyday day I NEED some little deessert or else I go crazy.Also I’ll try to go to the gym 3-4 times per week since walking seems to make me hungry.Ok, I’m going to sleep right now, new day starts tomorrow!



    hey pampita! u started a whole new 8 day challenge? i would like to recomnd something which might make it somehow easier or atleast it ahs for me. Because this is such a big disorder i think taking such a big step of 8 days at a time ur going to find it somehow hard to stick to that without having the need of binging. Instead of starting from day one eveyrtime u mess up jsut pick up were u left it like if u are binge free 4 days and then mess up day 5 let t pass and go back to day 5 next day. This way u may reduce binges to maybe twice a week instead of 3 or 4 and in the long run they will hopefully decrese. Am not sure if ur doing this laready bt its jsut a uggestion. Lookin forward tor eading mroe of ur posts



    wpf is giving some very good advice here.

    I find that for me starting day one again makes me forget about the other days which I have managed, and the focus is always on the ‘bad’ days rather than on the days I have achieved what I want.

    The way I did it was to count days that I didn’t binge out of days I did. when I first started it was not nesserserily I good percentage it could be 1/10 good days, but as I have improved this has got better so now I have given up counting but when I did it was something like 87/90 good days so I had gone from binging 9 days out of 10 to only having had 3 bad days in 3 months. It was really motivating to see the numbers go in the right direction.



    Today I’ve so busy that I didnt even have time to sit down and post how I’m feeling.I guess even though I’m tired,it was a good that today was hectic since I didnt even have time to overanalyze my binge,my bloated waistline,etc.I feel happy today even though I sabotaged my healhty eating last night before bedtime.

    I woke up very late ,10a.m today (i didnt fall asleep sicne 2 a.n last night cuz of the binge)

    TOday’s food journal:

    Breakfast:cereal+soymilk (at 11:30 a.m)

    Snack banana,gum (1:30p.m)

    Lunch: Subway veggie sandwich (4:30 p.m)

    Snack:apple (6:00p.m)

    Snack #2: no sugar fudge cookie( it was really good,satisfied my cravings),crystal light drink (8:00 p.m)

    Dinner:maybe some fruit and more crystal light drink, I’m not feeling hungry

    I’m off to the gym in 20 minutes.



    I made it to the gym so I’m really pround of that.I did about 30 min of cardio and some ab,butt,arm work.I tried to not focus on my current figure too much and visualize a better version of me that’s yet to come.

    After I came back home I had more of crustal light drink and some grapes



    BInge BInge Binge…that’s what I’ve been doing for the past few hours.It all started with me waking up early (I didnt get enough sleep) having breakfast,an apple then having 4 cookies.By lunchtime, I not only ate my lunch but managed to eat bag of crisps,4 granola bars,two packs of yogurt,handful of cereal, PB sandwich,then several spoonfulls of PB and finished my binge with a banana.I HATE myself!!!When will this stop?God,please help me!

    I’m throwing those damn granola bars out along with the crisps.I’m so full and sick form all the sugar!

    I’m feeling pretty sacred since I recently read a story about a young (22 year old) woman who DIED from extreme stomach dilation caused by a binge.She DIED! THe doctors removed 11 Liters of stuff from her stomach trying to save her.Is this my fate also?

    I also read that most bingers are mildly OBESE…i’m 10 pounds overweight (maybe a little bit more) but am I goign down that path too? I’m crying as I’m writing this…

    sorry if this post seems very scattered….I just needed to get my anger,sadness and frustruation out.



    Hey Pampita,

    You binged because you’re feeling down!! I know it’s hard but you need to pick yourself up and think positive. You CAN beat this and I have faith that you will but rememeber it is a very very long journey and there will be days where you binge but think of all the days that you haven’t!! You’ve had so many good days so you have definately come far and I believe you will continue to do so but you will have binge days and just accept them and then continue to do well. I know it’s hard not to dwell on the binge but after you have move on from it.

    Remember even people that are not bingers have days where they just eat and eat so it’s not just you that does it or even binge eaters so what i’m trying to say is once in a while, even once a week is not bad.



    Thank you Lorena for your support.Today when I got home a binged some more on crakers,chips+salsa and cookies.I took a laxative to clean out my system.I took the recomended dose and threw the rest out so I would not be tempted to reach out for them again.New day tomorrow!


    stay at home mom

    Hi P: I agree with Lorena that an occasional binge will not interfere with weight loss. Just looking over your past posts, what I noticed was the shortage of calories…which leads to bingeing in many many people. If you hate to track calories, will you at least eat enough at meals so that you don’t feel deprived/hungry afterwards?


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