How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

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    Hello I’m new to this site and not sure where to start. I have been Binge eating since I was 16. Now at almost 25 I am no closer to being in control of this ED. My weight has been like a yo-yo the last 5 years. I managed to get to a healthy weight but only mantained it for a few months. I got there by severly cutting my calories and at least 2 hours of exercise a day. this was not realistic nor healthy and I wont be trying that again. Now here is where I feel stupid. I know how to lose weight. Eat healthy and exercise and don’t make any food off limits that only makes you binge worse. Everything in moderation right? I also know why I binge. It is a coping method I learned in a troubled childhood. I use food to numb and sooth my emotions. I am on a anti-depressant and have seen a counsler but to no avail. I feel helpless and frustrated. I’m sick of being out of control. I just want to be healthy. I have turned to my friends and family for help but mostly get looks like I’m crazy. Why don’t you just stop eating? Yeah like my life is that simple grrr. I have never talked to anyone who also suffers from BED. It would be nice to be understood and not feel like a freak for once.



    Hi and welcome.

    You are definitely not a freak.

    I understand totally where you are coming from, I started binging at a very young age as a way to fulfill an emotional need to begin with, then I started putting on weight so ended up in the cycle of restriction for a while where I would lose weight and then binging etc. During all this time I just thought I was weird and stupid and alone really, then a few years ago I spoke to my Dr about lots of things and ended up being told I had an eating disorder alongside anxiety issues, I was put on anti depressants for the anxiety disorder and had some counselling etc, but I was still binging.

    I Found this group about 18 months ago and it has made a huge difference. I have been able to really look at my behaviour in a place where I am supported, and I don’t mean pandered as there are times when I have been asked some hard questions and given some tough love, but it has been done without judgement so has been really positive.

    I have now after alot of ups and downs got to the point where I have managed near enough 4 months wihtout a binge and have managed to lose weight as well during this time without proper dieting, so there is lots of hope for you.

    Good luck




    Thank you so much for your words. Just as I was putting my post up my roommate was like “why are you on a website for BED?” “You don’t binge” I have talked to her before about it cause we are close. She was just “You don’t sit down and eat 6 burgers right infront of me” I tried to explain to her again to no avail. I have yet to find a person who doesn’t have an ED who understands what I’m going through. It is so wonderful to be here and have help from people who have been there. Congrads on 4 months! That is amazing. I have been spiraling down since October and havn’t got my head above water again. At this point I’m not sure who to even begin. I need help/advice. I know one of my main problems is I’m very restictive with my eating when I’m “On” no candy, chips, pizza ect.. Then when I have a bad day I slip up. It never stops there once I Binge I wake up the next morning and my brain is like 1 more day wont matter. Basicaly giving myself permission. One day leads into another and another and the thought of going back “On the Wagon” gives me panic. I just don’t know where to start. Obviosly what I did before to stop and lose didn’t work or I would still be at a healthy weight. Any Advice is welcome please.



    im the same. im either really good or really bad with food. on a ‘binge’ day, i will have everything i have craved jut because i dont know how long it will be until i allow myself to eat it again, whereas if i have just had the odd biscuit here, a brownie there, i could get alone fine! i have been writing down my binge habbits and have found that for me, i never binge on days i do exersise even if i crave food. also, i generally binge when im feeling lonely or bored. so i guess keeping busy will help. do you know what your triggers are? or specific days that your more likely to binge than others? working this out will help you to control this a lot better.

    hope this helps!



    Hey BlueEyes..welcome! I’m 26 and struggled with disordered eating most of my life from a crazy childhood too…and then full blown BED for 4 years…with lots of those ups and downs with weight…so I can relate to where you are at right now. I have been binge free for close to 8 months now and the key for me was intuitive eating, getting rid of the idea of forbidden foods, and learning to just feel through my emotions. I’m guessing with all the therapy etc that you’ve had you know all about intuitive eating? What you need to do now is ask yourself are you willing to let go of that need to eat perfectly and always focusing on weight loss, and get to a place where you have a healthy relationship with food. I had to reach that place where I was finally ready to say screw dieting/perfect eating/the perfect body, I just want my life back. You will get to that place…but maybe start really thinking about those things because recovery from BED is mostly about re-training your thoughts about food and your body. Keep posting! Hugs, Lauren



    Thanx 5am I totaly forgot that when I go for a walk I tend to Binge less. Major stress reliver. Thanx for the reminder. Lauren I don’t know anything about intutive eating. They tried cognitive behavioral therapy and that didn’t work. Any info would be greatly helpful. Wow you hit the nail on the head! I have been making myself crazy about being “skinny” since I was like 7. Got the message in childhood not lovable or pretty if over weight. I know that is not true but I’m still stugling with this message. One of the occasions I was binge free for 3 months I let myself have anyfood I wanted. But just a little or I split it with a friend. I just feel really out of control right now and stuck in the whu bother mind set. Feel my emotions? Scary thought they hurt… a lot lol You are completly right. I make myself be perfect when on the wagon and if I have one slip then it’s screw it the day is blewn anyway. I have obbsesed about my calories, my exercise, my weight for so long. I have a hard time seperating stoping binging and weight loss as two different things. I focus so much on wanting to lose weight that it’s like a train in a tunnel. You have given me some true hope thank you!!



    Hey Blue Eyes, may this message find you fearless and in harmony. I’m new to here too. I know what you mean about once a binge gets started, it seems so reasonable to keep it going. “In the future I’ll stop. In the future I’ll eat right. But now, oh what’s one more ______.” Our minds seem to be pitted against our bodies. Maybe intuitive eating is a way to let the body decide and keep the mind out of the decision making process. I’d like that.

    I think share the all-or-nothing view that you express. Everything seems great when things are going well. But then one slip and I don’t even try to stop from falling. But I know it is possible to catch ourselves on the way down. I never do, but I always think to myself, “you know, I could walk away from this right now.” Next time, rather than finish it all, I will just get rid of the food I don’t need and walk away. Soon as I realize I’m headed into a downward spiral, I’ll stop. Usually I convince myself wasting food is wrong, so I just eat it all. But obviously this is even worse: the food is just as wasted, and it does me harm. Thank you for posting. Now I’ve got something new to try. New is good. I wish you your best.



    Hey Diwili. My all or nothing attidue is what has gotten me in sooo much trouble. I get more obbsesed with losing weight than stoping the binges. So I go “on the Wagon” there are so many foods I wont allow myself because I’m so determined to get “skinny”. I ALWAYS crash because of this deprivation. I will have a bad day at work or a fight with a friends and suddenly food is there. My brain is sick lol Food loves me, it doesn’t leave me , it never turns me away , it’s always waiting with open chocolate arms to comfort me. The relationship I have with food is so far from healthy I’m having a really hard time finding what healthy is again. But after what Lauren said I do remember a period of time were nothing was off limits I could have anything just nothing in excess. If I reeally wanted Ice cream I would eat a spoonfull and savor it ect.. ect… I didn’t even remember this till now. I want to try it again. My current problem is I have some deep anxiety about stopping the Binges. I’m usally like one more day wont hurt. I become so anxious about giving up food because even now my brain is trained that once I go back “on the wagon” foods will be off limits so I havn’t bothered trying. An earlier post from 5AM reminded me that exersice is a good deterant from binging so I gotta try getting into a daily routine of going for walks and then see if I can get the Binging to follow. I know I’m obssesed about the wrong thing losing weight instead of Losing the Binges. I realy want info about this intutive eating so let me know what you discover. Thanx for letting me rant lol

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