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New journal -Invisible

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    Thank you :) your comments have brightened my morning Hugs to you all-Invisible



    So I increased my fats intake yesterday which was hard for me to do so I could see what difference it would make and curiosity came this morning and I got on the scales expecting to see a stupidly high number but it was lower ! This has boosted my confidence a little and made me happier sticking to a new diet plan although weight change will never be the main focus it certainly does help in other ways I’m now off for a nice long run even though it’s chilly out (normally this would resort to using the wii fit for jogging instead haha). I’ve just made my mum a beautiful breakfast as she isn’t well and so I’m trying my best to cheer her up ,

    Good luck to everyone today ! Let me know how things go ? :)



    Hey invisible, glad things are turning around for you. Things are good for me too, trying to be binge free

    Eating more fats always helps me, my caves are almonds and avocados and cheese



    I’m glad to here that Isa :) I eat mainly fruit and veg so my days fat percentage on a non binge day is normally pretty low, increasing it seems to have been quite helpful though and I think my binges may sometimes be brought on by my body needing the extra fats. I’ve spent the last few days at my nans and have decided to go to 80% raw foods for a while as a change to my diet I find i get bored sticking to one way of eating after a while




    I have just read your posts so far, and am totally encouraged by them. I have my first appointment with a therapist/counsellor/psychologist on thursday. I am nervous about it and it was good to read someone on here has survived the first appointment.

    It was very brave of you to share your whole story and thoughts and feelings with us. It sounds like you are making some really good positive changes, which I imagine to have been difficult to do.

    Good luck and well done!



    Good luck with your appointment :) I’m sure it will go well I’m making changes but still struggling .

    Just remember to treat each day as a new start, if you have a bad day the day before and then wake up feeling down its more likely to lead into a bad cycle again so put on a brave face and do something positive that next day no matter how down you may feel it will turn the day around.

    look at recovery as a day by day thing rather than as a great big mass to overcome.

    I wish you the best and would love to know how it goes



    Hi there, Invisible. I had to stop and take notice of your journal simply becuase of the name you use (invisible). It is how I feel so much of the time when it comes to my binging / purging stuff. I don’t talk to anyone about it. Only this forum. I tried talking to my BF at one point. He is incredible and sensitive and loving but he just didn’t get this, as it was an issue that has never touched him and one he didnt know a thing about. And I found I had trouble explaining it. My reasoning behind it. I can’t even explain it to myself.

    I just wanted to say Hi and that I’m sorry you have been through so much. I hope things continue to look up for you. I was just wonder how old are you? You’ve been through so much rough stuff. Thank you for writing to us! Please keep talking to us here (:



    I know the feeling hence me using the name I’m terribly shy and rarely ever listened to by people when I do speak they tend to speak over me , if it wasn’t for my family I would be completely lonesome but I’m grateful I have them regardless.

    I also understand what it’s like trying to explain to a boyfriend as I was with mine when I was going through restricting but you’re lucky to have a boyfriend that Cares about you I don’t think other people can understand unless they have been in the same position as hard as they may try unfortunately.

    I’m 16 , 17 later on this year and I can’t say I haven’t struggled to cope a great deal with many of the things that have happened but I live by a saying that I made up a few years back and that’s ‘cherish the memories,forget the faults’

    You will come to understand it bit by bit as you work on you’re recovery I’m certain of it , it may take a while but little steps is the key to success :)



    Feeling a little low today so im going to do something creative to take my mind off of things I can’t really say much for the food side of things yet today as I don’t feel too well so food is seemingly the last thing on my mind I’ve decided on staying over my nans again from tommorrow night onwards as I feel a sense of control whilst there that I do not get at home and the anxiety and thoughts of foods are far less so it helps me stay focused on eating sensibly



    So tonight I have some marvellous news to share with everyone. I did it ! I broke my cycle ! :)

    I’ve been thinking a great deal today and it just suddenly occurred to me a thought that I haven’t had before nor one I would have considered.

    I simply asked myself why am I doing this to my body ?

    What or who is telling me that I am now going to have to sleep tonight with severe hunger pains because I binged a little last night ?

    And then it hit me , my body doesn’t deserve to be punished for the events of my past and food is needed for me to live therefore I do deserve it and my body deserves to be fed.

    I have just enjoyed a fresh mono meal and I feel proud of myself I’m not weighing myself for the next few days and I will focus solely on listening to my bodies needs. I feel so proud of myself as I find it hard to break rituals and this is one that has gone on continuously for well over a year so tonight I feel I have made great progress !



    Hey Invisible – found you ;-)

    Gosh – reading your journal was like turning the clock back to when I was 15 and my food issues first reared their ugly head. I can identify with so much of your battle and, although my triggers and responses were not all the same as yours, I know exactly where you are coming from.

    I loved your saying “cherish the memories, forget the faults”. We can’t change the past but we can influence the future. You are so right – we don’t deserve to punish ourselves through the medium of food. You said that you didn’t feel listened to. You also have not been listening to your body but your last post sounds as if you are going to change that :D

    It is so hard to break rituals. I also have OCD that is more severe at some times than others. I know how stressful it can be to break rituals. But sometimes the effort is worth it. I feel proud of you too!

    You seem very self-aware of your ED and that is crucial in your recovery. Make a promise to yourself to treat yourself more kindly. Try listening to your body. Eat when hungry, stop when full. Sounds so easy huh! You might benefit from including more healthy fat in your diet as this will keep you fuller for longer. Although important, fruit and veg do not provide enough nourishment.

    You have done the hard thing and broken the cycle. If you can do it once you can do again. Remember you control what you put in your mouth. Life is all about choices and you are making the right ones.

    Charlie xx



    This post just made me smile so much :) Its nice to have the support of people like yourself on this forum and feel understood which isn’t something that happens within my home life. I think that joining this forum has helped me to look further into what causes my ED to worsen or improve and how I can start to treat my body with the respect and care it needs to be in good health because I know from a few health scares that it isn’t in the greatest shape.

    I’m going to continue with councilling and will probably ask my councillor for suggestions on foods that I could include in my diet to help me maintain weight.I have thought of going to a dietician in the past but felt too embarassed and as I’m stupidly shy I normally have to write things down as I get a total block of speech when I get nervous as silly as that sounds.

    I have OCD but I wouldn’t say it is that severe other than in my excersize and eating regimes I have to do at least half hour of running a day regardless of whether I feel ill or not but excersize relaxes me so maybe that isn’t such a bad thing although a little annoying when I have to plan my day around it !

    I’m in a really positive mood now and unable to sleep

    Thank you for reading my journal Charlie :)

    Invisible x



    I’m proud of you for breaking the binge/starve cycle. It’s a big step, and I know it’s very hard to break through. It’s a good idea to not weigh yourself for a bit.. the scale can make you go crazy. Numbers don’t dictate your self worth :)




    Hi Invisible

    You are so right – you do need to treat your body with respect as you will need it to be in full working order for the many long, happy years you have ahead. I often marvel at how resilient our bodies actually are. But we need to treat it right. There are so many health conditions we can not control but this is one that we definitely can. I had a cancer scare a couple of years ago and that really brought it home – why the hell have I wasted years of my life obsessing about food and cleanliness/ fear of contamination (my OCD). I can control these and they don’t need to exist.

    It sounds like you have also had a breakthrough moment. You seem determined to treat yourself well and that will give you motivation. I have done a course on nutrition and would be happy to offer you some advice if that would help?

    Good idea to continue with the counselling – it is good to talk. A problem shared is a problem halved – one of the great things about this forum :D

    I wouldn’t say running for 30 minutes a day was too excessive but perhaps consider rest days to allow yourself to recover and perhaps don’t exercise when ill because your immune system doesn’t need that added stress if it is already busy fighting off an illness. I did a lot of running and found it a great stress reliever too. I enjoyed the physical feel-good part but also it allowed me uninterrupted time in my own head.

    I feel that things are going to work out for you. Believe in yourself – you are stronger than you think!

    Charlie xx



    Had a slip up already I’ve never messed up this early in the day before :/ I need to get away from this house as soon as I can , being here is preventing me from stopping this .This is probably the worst binge ive EVER had

    Charlie I need a hell of a lot of nutritional advice I have a fear of so many foods still and a huge problem with allowing fats into my diet I haven’t eaten normally since I was eleven no family dinners lunches or normal breakfasts I guess it makes me feel pretty isolated from my family in ways but they understand that it isn’t by choice that I won’t join them oh Charlie why can I not just follow advice and stop messing everything up :(

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