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New here- Helpful suggestions please!

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    Alright, hi guys I’m really new here. In fact, this is the first time I’ve ever written or admitted my binge eating to anyone. I’m feel like if I write about it, and share my feelings on my issue here, I won’t feel like I’m holding it all in anymore.

    Ok, so I’m actually really young (in my teens) so I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, but for quite a while now, I’ve been exhibiting behavior that I’m really scared about, and I really need to find a way to just stop.

    The thing is, I try my hardest and everything to eat well. I try to eat when I’m hungry, and stopping when I’m full (which usually is the biggest issue I have). For the entire week, until friday or saturday, I can do it, and eat healthy, and then I feel so proud of myself. But then comes the weekend, where I ALWAYS always always have a family buffet, or dinner, or event, where I eat a good amount for dinner. After eating it, I think: Ok, so far, so good. But then comes dessert, and it all goes downhill from there. It starts with a bite, then the rest of the dish. Then another, and another, and another, and so on. I just can’t stop! I tell myself: I’m young, I have to enjoy these things while I can. But I’m really not enjoying it at all, because then I feel bloated sick, but I still can’t stop. I think that when I’m telling myself this, I’m just trying ways to justify myself, to convince myself to eat more. I think this, because I noticed that I only think this, as I’m binge eating. For some reason, it just convinces me every time. And the worst part is that after I’ve downed about five desserts, I feel like I’ve already lost, so what’s another dessert, or two. And I actually keep eating, and eating. It’s horrible. I’m usually already full even before the dessert has started! I have never had this problem before, until this year, but I feel like I’m in this horrible cycle that I just can’t get out of. The cycle of good eating for a week, binging on weekends, and then feeling bad about it, and trying to start over the night after I binged, by telling myself that I WILL eat healthy during the week again. Today is one of those days where I’m trying to start fresh, because just earlier I went through one of the dessert crazes I mentioned above.

    Any comments, or suggestions, or just anything would be really appreciated. I just want to feel like there’s someone I can talk to about this, so I can finally stop it. Thanks.




    I feel for you, but you have done well as you are trying to deal with this now. I started having issues before I was in double figures age wise and now I am 35 and wish I had done something years ago.

    The thing I would recommend you start with is trying to get past the all or nothing thinking, and accept that you can over eat without having to carry on and finish a binge. so next time you do have more pudding or whatever don’t think oh well I might as well have more, just accept that you have had extra and leave it at that




    Thanks you!

    I agree that the “all or nothing” thing is where I really have trouble.

    I’ll try my best. Thanks so much!



    Hey mousiehousie….nice to see another newbie

    well i read your post and thought “umm i can soo relate to this”.

    I also agree with jacquirsw1 , i think the biggest obstacle is your mental/ emotional attitude towards overeating. just think of slow progressive changes. I have dealt with overeating for a year now, when i embarked on the changes to my eating a few weeks ago i didnt think “ohh ill just eat healthy from now on”. No in fact i said “okay so i eat like 5 treats in a day why not cut it down to 4 for the next two weeks”. or if i overeat sometimes, why not overeat a little less tommorrow and see how that goes for the next two weeks.

    so ill suggest that for each weekend where your normally overeat set yourself the target that for the next two weeks you’ll overeat on the desserts a little less than you did last week. when you’ve completed that, then say for the next coming two weeks ill further reduce my how much i did last week, until you reach the point where you can have a normal sized bowl of dessert or even a lil more than others.

    so you need to deal with your emotional/mental attitude towards eating that particular desert and dont deprive yourself. this is where emotional eating comes to play. why not eat deserts during the week, understand that deprivation is where overeating becomes a factor. and undertsand that the negative thoughts you have of “why not have a few more” even when your full is a emotional eating issue that you need to seriously address in order to stop this cyle. whats making you feel this way, is it because you feel down or is it because you overemphasis on food, or are you restriciting yourself during the week.

    slow progressive change…may not be ideal for everyone who wants rapid changes in a week but it definately is a lifestyle change.

    hope the advice is positive and dont worry your young and this is a common issue for every1. keep :D


    Andrew B

    Hi Mousie Housie, I’ve had this disorder for over 10 years now – at times it’s been really bad and at other times it’s been fairly under control, but it’s always there waiting in the wings. Like Jacqui I wish that I had dealt with it when I was in my teens, but I kept pushing it away until my mid-twenties.

    It sounds like you need to work on readdressing the balance between what you consider to be good and bad foods. Remember that in order to overcome binge eating we have to try to get to the point where all foods are equal and nothing is forbidden. This is why the old addage “a little of what you like won’t hurt you” because the key is if you feel like something sweet and sugary go for it, but there’s no need to have tons and tons because you can always have a little bit tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. What I’m saying is that when we binge, it’s very easy to think right I’ll eat all of this now, finish everything, so that I can start again tomorrow when I’ll only eat healthy foods. But the point is the majority of the food that you like to binge on will always be readily available, so you don’t need to eat everything at once because you can always have a bit more tomorrow. When you feel like bingeing after a dessert, perhaps you could try to think – I’m going to stop now, because I can always have a bit more in an hour or 2 hours or tomorrow. I think this helps eliminate some of the all or nothing mentality.

    You’ll do great, just try to work on not seeing desserts as forbidden foods and little by little you might find that it’ll take away some of their desirability. It’s baby steps.. don’t rush, just take one day at a time :-)



    Wow, all of you guys, thank you so much. I love and really do appreciate all the advice you guys have given me.

    Gee_Kool thank you SO much for your advice to steadily set smaller goals to eating less. I think it’s really great, and a much better approach. I really do appreciate it. I think that during the week, I actually was kind of was depriving myself, because my eating during the week was always my attempt to “make up” for binging on the past weekend.

    I’m starting to have hope! Today, I had a McDonalds Vanilla Cone, and then later at night my parents were eating banana foster and offered me some. I said no thanks, because I was full. But I was really proud, because I actually didn’t feel like I wanted any. I told myself that it was nothing I hadn’t had before, or wouldn’t be able to try in the future. (Thanks for your advice on this, Hope81) And I succeeded! I didn’t take one bite of it, nor did I feel in the slightest bit deprived! I know I shouldn’t get too carried away with this, because it’s just only one day, and I already binged just last night, and there’s still that dreaded weekend ahead, where my binges usually take place. But today brought me one step closer to my goal, and I will continue to try my very best, and remember to take small steps. Thanks so much everyone! For all the advice and support. You have no idea how much it means to me. This site really does help.



    mousiehousie, I’m fairly new to this as well and I can totally relate to you. I’m in my teens as well and have been struggling with my relationship with food for about a year now. What I can say is that I too usually have good weeks because I hate “feeling fat” at school. My problems come when I eat a little more for dessert (or another unhealthy food) than I wanted to and I just sort of give up and eat until I’m uncomfortably full. A lot of times the foods I eat aren’t even good. But what I wanted to say was that I was reading a book called “Naturally Thin” by bethanny frankels from the real housewives of new york city. She used to have binge eating disorder as well and I found some parts of her book really helpful. I will say though that somedays she really did eat nothing during a day so I wouldn’t take it all too seriously, but definately helpful. I’m totally with you when I wish I could enjoy my young years with food and not have to worry so much!!!!!!



    hey mousie housie

    im so glad that you feel the feedbacks have been helpful. i, for one know full well how hard it is to find really good advice and tips.

    im also glad to hear you accomplished your first challenge; in the form of a banana foster. you really should congratulate yourself and be really happy. thats a really great accomplishment. to suceed in an area where you used to binge is profound so allow yourself to gloat and smile for that moment looool. like you emphasised and hope also, take one step at a time.

    realize that if you eat a treat during the week its not a big issue its absolutely normal and at times recommended loool to keep sanity or realistically if your feeling low on sugar.

    theres no need to make up for weekend binges. i used to make up for bnges by extreme dieting the next day and trust me sooner or later i would fall off. now i realized, thanks to this website, that i cant just see a binge as a binge and carry on eating the next day normally without any guilt or punish myself for it. realize that your only human and that bad habits will turn to good habits if you make these progressive changes. if you want a cake have a cake, when your satisfied leave it alone and understand that if you want you can have it tommorrow or later, as hope illustrated. this way theres no guilt or pressure to conform to some kind of “diet”.

    keep going mousiehousie, your human and mistakes are going to happen but just remember that the keep fighting is better than to go back to the vicious cycle of weekend binges.

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