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    Hi, I’m Grace. Uh, not really much to say…I’m almost 14 and yeah. I binge eat :/ every single day. It’s been like this for like,3 years.

    I don’t really think my parents notice it though. I really want to be healthier and skinnier. At least I have a “normal” BMI..hah. It’s almost overweight. Which does not make me happy.

    At one point I was really sick with something, and I was throwing up and couldn’t keep anything down for about a week. I lost 3 pounds, and I was jumping for joy. But since then it’s been about a month, and I’ve gained it all back, and then some.

    I came here for some inspiration to stop eating like that :/

    My problem is, if I were to stop eating (ex. fasting) my dad would notice and force me to eat.

    If I don’t eat dinner he gets angry and takes stuff away from be because I HAVE to eat. And if I don’t like what he’s making for dinner he gets angry.


    I guess I just really want to stop eating like this and get like, 1 BMI point above underweight. And hopefully maintain that.



    aw burgundyheart, you are so young…

    First, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, if you eat three meals a day with a couple of snacks you will be thin and not underweight, and not overweight.

    If you skip dinner then it will make you want to binge, so please don’t do that..

    Are you going to therapy, have you told anybody about this?



    I have a therapist, but she’s not for that. She doesn’t know about it, in fact, nobody knows about it. (well except for this community) but I really want to work it out on my own.



    burgundyheart, i hope you don’t mind me saying this… if you are binging every day like you say you are, i find it hard to believe you are at a normal BMI. and in fact you are saying lots of worrying things like you want to fast, how you were happy when you were throwing up, like your dad is already concerned that you are not eating.. like, what constitutes a binge for you? how much food are we looking at? from what you are saying i am really concerned that you are not eating enough, period! i agree with oliola, please talk to your therapist about this, she is there to help you xxx



    It’s almost above normal (like, overweight or whatever they call it on the scale) but I was only happy because I was losing weight. (I hatehatehatehatehate throwing up, even if I’m sick I just hate it it’s annoying and gross etc.)

    And trust me, I’m eating plenty enough. But my dad isn’t worried, he just gets angry when people don’t eat, especially if he cooked it.

    And I guess you could say that I just wander off to the kitchen when I’m bored (every 4 hours or so) but eventually there’s nothing left that I want to eat and I just get real upset.



    ok, thanks for clearing that up – was getting quite worried over here! i do think you should chat to your therapist about this anyway. also, eating every 4 hours is pretty normal (?). what’s a “good” day for you vs a “bad” day, food-wise? do you restrict when you are not binging because you want to lose weight?



    id be curious to know how many calories you eat every day, you might not be eating enough even if you think you are. you have to remember that your growing you need a lot of food. im 17 and i eat quite a lot and have always been very skinny. and i remember when i was 14 i ate probably more than i do now on a daily basis, except on days i binge now obviously. also a lot of people eat every few hours, its actually healthier to eat many small meals throughout the day instead of a few big ones. even if you are eating enough you might not be getting all the vitamins/minerals you need and that could be whats causing your cravings. anyway good luck, dont let binging get you down, you can definitely overcome it.

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