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New here!

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    I’m new here. I’ve decided I need support from people and I can’t talk to my family or anyone face to face about how I feel.

    I lost weight last year and felt amazing, I was a large size 16 and got to a 10 but as soon as christmas 2011 came I started eating and indulging like you do. But now christmas is over and I was eating a lot of junk over the holidays, I now can’t stop and I find myself binging mostly at night. I keep trying to stop and get back to healthy eating, I went one day yesterday and found myself binging just a minute ago on a whole packet of biscuits. I can see I’ve gained a bit of weight again and want to lose it again but I keep binging and don’t know what to do. I can’t control myself and its so frustrating.

    I just need to get everything out because I can’t talk to people I know about how I’m struggling because I find it embarassing and shameful.



    i think a lot of people feel like that when they first struggle with binge eating, who can they tell. thats why its great to have a website like this where you can come on and have all the nice people here support you. i completely understand what you mean about the christmas binging thats the same time period it started for me to. dont worry about the weight youve gained i can tell you from experience that its largely a by product of bloating and water retention. as soon as youve made it a few days it starts to drop off really fast. the trick is getting through those first days which are always the worst. one thing thats helped me is visualizing how good it feels physically to not have binged for a while and that nice feeling of having a flat stomach, not one thats all puffed up from bloating lol. anyway good luck, you can definitely do it, just take it one day at a time



    Hi Becky, I’m new here too. I’ve never really talked to anyone about this problem before either, but when I read other people’s posts here I found I wasn’t as embarrassed because everyone is going through something similar. And I completely understand about Christmas ruining your eating habits. I always feel like it takes me all year to recover from it and get healthy again and then BOOM…it’s Christmas/New Years again and there’s chocolate everywhere.



    Hi Becky! I know how you feel too! Before Christmas I went into starvation mode so I could lose a few pounds before the main eating days and it worked! Then when Christmas came I literally ate everything in sight!!! I put those pounds back on plus a few more with them!!

    Anyway, I’ve so learnt the hard way that dieting and deprivation only lead to binge eating so if you can start to eat regularly and not leave it til you get really hungry, I bet you will find yourself binge eating less.

    Anyway, good luck!! xx

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