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New Beginnings

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    Hey guys,

    So I have been reading posts for the past few days but I think it is finally time to set up my own account.. My binge eating episodes are out of control and it is ruining my life. It is making me so so unhappy. As a 20 year old college student, I see all my friends enjoying their lives to the full but this eating disorder has ruined my confidence so much and long gone is the cheery, happy person I used to be a few years ago. I feel like a fraud.. my friends think I am so happy but deep down I am hurting more than words can explain.

    I never had issues with food as a child and can’t specifically remember when my binge eating begun, but I have been doing it now for the last 5 years on and off. My dad passed away 6 years ago and I suppose it may have stemmed from that.. I think I tried to replace him with food but then it just went out of control.

    I might go a while where I do not binge but when this is the case my relationship with food is still not normal. I do not eat enough and one teeny tiny slip up will make me binge. It is like I cannot find the balance between stuffing my face and then allowing myself not enough food at all.

    For the past 6 months, however, I have been binging several times a week and have put on nearly 30 pounds so what do I do to make myself feel better about it? EAT of course. Last Wednesday I decided I was going to try my best to beat this, and I managed until Monday but when I got on poorly in an end of year exam I was so upset and turned to food again. And then I binged Tuesday and today.

    Right now I feel disgusting and uncomfortable and don’t ever want to feel like this again. I want to be normal. I want to be able to eat a regular meal and not think that I have overdone it so should binge anyway. I don’t want food to be my first and last thought everyday. So I am making a promise to myself to try my very hardest not to binge anymore.

    I am going to bed now (not sure if most of you guys are from the US but it’s late in Europe) and I am confident that tomorrow will be the start of a new me. I know my path won’t be perfect but I am determined to do this. I have 4 months summer holidays from university now so when I return in September and I want to be happy, healthy and fifty pounds lighter haha :)

    Hope all you reading are well. If today hasn’t been great don’t forget that tomorrow is another day. WE CAN DO THIS!

    Nighty night x



    Okay a few things. 1. There is no definition of normal. No matter what it is you do you will want change. With that being said, focus on canceling out perfectionism. It is crucial to your health because face it, we all make mistakes. Be it food, or life, you must deal with it in a new way. Even find a healthy food to turn too. Or you can start walking when you get pissed off or sad. This disorder truly ruins your life but in the end, it only makes you stronger. It’s not good to binge eat one day but it’s ten times worse to binge eat because of yesterdays binge. Try intuitive eating. Only eat when you are truly feeling hungry and if you think you want chips, you may just physically need salt so take a healthier salty food. Or maybe you are thirsty or even hungry so you automatically crave sweets. Do not count calories or anything focus on eating right. Mind you, you WILL slip up some days and have that cookie. Does that mean you should have 5000 calories vs. 150? No. So yes, you will have junkfood and YES you will binge somedays. But as you said, everyday brings new possibilities and you definitely can do this. Good luck with your struggles, stay strong, and cotinue reading and posting. It seriously helps you and others. Good luck stay strong xoxo



    Thank you SO much for taking the time to reply. I read the journal you started yesterday and think we are very similar. Trust me you are not alone. I know what you mean by just wanting to hide away and shut yourself out. My friends all have boyfriends and haven’t a care in the world and I am so sick of pretending to smile sometimes but really want the ground to swallow me up. I always find I feel someway better though when I haven’t been binging, do you find that too? I think what makes me so sad is that I know how much it means to me to get skinny but I still sabotage myself again and again and it just makes me so angry at myself because I know it is my own fault for not being able to control myself.

    It’s 2pm here and I am going strong so far :D I felt disgusting and bloated from yesterday’s binge when I woke up this morning but I forced myself to have a small bit of cereal because I knew if I got too hungry I might binge. I just had soup for lunch and I’m feeling really motivated so far. Hope you all are having a nice day x



    So day 1 has gone really good… I had lasagne for dinner and then a hot chocolate with marshmallows a little later. I do feel really guilty now for having quite a lot of carbs today even though I know in my head that pasta sheets and cereal isn’t all that much. When I restrict I stay very clear of carbs so it is not something I’m used to eating a normal portion of! I am feeling very close to binging right now so I have come on here and I already feel the urge is getting smaller. I think tomorrow I am going to eat less carbs because I don’t think I am ready to have so many yet without making me want to binge. But the main thing is I have done a day with no binging or under-eating so woohoo about that! One down, hopefully many more to go! Hope all you guys are well x



    Oh I have been awful these last 3 days.. I lasted for only 2 days and was even feeling super motivated on my third morning but then i don’t know what happened.. i am so mad at myself right now! I knew I would be going to a party and thought I would be able to manage but when I arrived there was just so much food and I ate too much and from then on it just went down down down.. i wish I had come on here but I just felt too disgusted with myself to have to type it out! But i really don’t want to feel like this anymore so I am ready to get back on track right away..

    I hope all of you are getting on well, we can get through it if we stick together!! good luck guys xx

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