How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

Never ends!

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    I don’t understand this constant battle and why it’s so never ending. I feel like no matter what I do, and no matter how hard I try, I always end up sitting in my room self loathing with regret from eating a massive amount of food when I wasn’t hungry. I continue to try and tell myself to remember times like these whenever I go to eat…and for some reason it continues to happen. I feel like I’m fighting with myself about everything! From the amount I eat, all the way to how many hours I need to put in at the gym that day to try and get rid of the disgusting food I just consumed. The worst part is is that I’ve been really starting to throw it up lately. I feel like when I eat I’m getting bigger with every bite I take.

    This battle is becoming a bit too much for me now; taking over my life.

    I want NORMAL me back..


    I know exactly how you feel!! This time a couple of years ago I was happy and normal. Now life sucks and I kinda want it to end if I can’t stop making myself miserable.

    I thought I’d finally turned it around this week – was doing fine from Saturday to Friday. Then today comes and I’ve thrown it all away again!

    Have you considered going to the doctors? I think I will go this week… I think that’s my only change



    ashley, from this post and the posts you have written before, it looks like you are heavily wrapped up in the cycle of binging and then trying to exercise off the excess calories. i know about this all too well unfortunately.. what you need to do is stop. just stop. stop trying to get rid of all those calories you just ate in the gym, or by purging. it just doesn’t work and you are only stressing out your body even more. you are exhausting yourself with all the exercise – what your body needs most of all right now is a break! take a week off from the gym, try to relax and not think about your weight for a few days. see your friends more, go shopping. give yourself a holiday from everything xxx



    Maybe its not so bad that you have one day like that! Just get back on the right track and continue to do well. If I were to go to the doctors what would I even say? What would they be able to do.

    I think your right. But the thought of not going to the gym for an entire week kind of scares me lol. I’m going to Mexico this Saturday so I guess we will have to see if a week away from all this stress does me any good!

    Thanks for the kind words guys!




    Hi Ashley26,

    I recommend you see a dr, I too went to see a dr (best thing I did, she referred me to a counsellor and I also have mild depression), I was really scared to see the dr, but it has help and I now see a counsellor every week and she has given a little understanding of BED, my counsellor said if I stop dieting it will put a end to the binging, I understand it, but I think it sounds easier in words than in actions, but I will work on it as it is my next step to recovery. I use to exercise a lot, I now only over exercise the day after I have binged, at the moment starting from tomorrow I will only exercise 1 hr a day for 5 days a week, and to drop the intensity of my exercise as I am under my HWR – My Counsellor wants me to put on weight, but I think it will be a long process.

    Goodluck with your recovery




    Nina- I think I do need to see a doctor/counslar. Its just such an embarrassing thing to discuss…considering I’m still at the stage where I feel uncomfortable even thinking about it to myself. Also, I am only 17 which means i’ll have to go to my mom and have her set it up. (Can’t do appointments alone until 18). But I completely agree with you and think that this is the next best step.

    Your doing so well and i hope you keep up with the progress.

    Thanks so much



    that’s good timing with your trip to mexico :) hope you enjoy your time off xxx

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