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Need to talk to someone who gets it..

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    My name is Zainab, my friends call me Zee or Zeze and I’m a compulsive eater amidst a family with none.

    Starting last month I have been trying to exercise and eat healthier in order to lose weight(30 kilos). However, as the days went on I’ve gotten the exercise part right, but the eating hasn’t bettered much.

    I know the eating disorder I’ve lived with my whole life won’t just go away in a few weeks, but now I’m really doubting if it ever will.

    Food makes me feel GOOD because it SOOTHES, NUMBS and DRUGS me. I’m trying to discover how to relax myself at all times with ways other than food, but it’s extremely difficult to make myself do them instead of the easy way out (eating) when the urge comes.

    I came here because I needed to talk to someone who understands. Someone who won’t say : “Just stop eating” or “It’s easy, when you’re stressed don’t eat”. My mother is very encouraging when it comes to my weight loss efforts, but I do not think she understands why is it so hard, and how hard is it for me to control my food intake. I guess it doesn’t make sense to her because it’s easy for the rest of my family members. Losing weight = controlled calorie intake. As simple as that.

    Only it’s not at all as simple as that.



    Hi Zeze and welcome to the forum! I’m happy you’ve found this place as here you will find many stories similar to yours plus lots of support. Rest assured that if you put in the time and effort it is very possible to beat this eating disorder as many people on this forum have already done. Read some of their journals and be inspired! Yes, it takes time an dedication, but it is possible.

    Girl, I understand. You put it so well… that food “SOOTHES, NUMBS and DRUGS” us. But it also prevents us from experiencing life to the fullest and that’s what recovery is about! It can be an exciting process. You have to get to the core of what you’re trying to “SOOTHE, NUMB and DRUG” and find another way to deal – that’s the only way.

    You gotta take it one day at a time. Every effort and every little success matters!

    Good luck!

    xx Deedeee



    Hey Zeze,

    I GET IT! I don’t have much on words of advice, I’m as new to this as you, but I do understand. So many times I’ve been told “Stop complaining and just eat less. You obviously don’t want to lose weight that much…” It is so frustrating! I have tried hard to explain in the past, but it’s difficult to make people understand addiction in any form, let alone to food. As Deedee said, I think we have to find something else that soothes us without harming us. Right now, I’m trying to focus on the little things that make me happy and feel good. I’ve started small – my nails have never looked better and I’ve learnt a new guitar chord every day the past week. It’s certainly not a cure, but it helps!

    Good luck!

    Hope :) xx



    Hey Zeze…welcome! No you are right, it is really hard for non-eating-disordered people to understand that literally trying to diet is not only really hard for someone with an ED, but it also usually it what triggers us to binge in the first place! The more we starve ourselves and deny ourselves the yummy food we actually want, the more we are going to be triggered to binge. Also, it is really hard to stop using food to feel better, but I promise you can train yourself to use other things like friends, baths, exercise, etc to self-sooth. Welcome again! ~Lauren



    Hi Zeze,

    You are right, it isnt that easy and actually thinking about not eating and ‘just dont eat crap’ as i hear often makes it worse! You think about it more, meaning you want to eat more which leads to binging. The more you say no to a food the more you want it.

    It’s a really vicious cycle and its a shame because all we want to do is be good and do the right thing and be healthy and lose weight but we can’t!

    What I’ve heard is have what you want when you are hungry. This is apparently the best way to lose weight and I did start doing this andn gradually weight did come off…and then i blew it by restricting and then binging ridiculously and gaining again.

    The eating when hungry part is hard as i dont know about you but it comes to a time of the day where i just want to eat and i constantly think about eating even if im not hungry until i do! Hopefully with time this part will get easier but i think at first its hard to adjust but maybe try to give it a go. You do really need to prepare yourself and be aware that weightloss is slow but it does come off.

    Maybe try it. I’m going to start doing this again so if you like, message me and we can help each other in those times when you feel the need to eat but are not hungry.

    Anyway its just a suggestion but we all know what you are going through and you wont hear us say ‘just dont eat’.

    Good luck!!



    Thank you guys so much for replying. I read each one of your replies over and over and it almost felt like I’m chatting face to face with each of you!

    Deedee, when you said it’s an “exciting process”, that actually got me thinking. For the past few days all I could think about is how tedious those coming months are going to be with me fighting my ED and trying to become healthier, but you got me wondering : Why? Why does it have to be tedious and overwhelming and tiring? This is becoming a better me we’re talking about, and as challenging as that can get, it should be thrilling and exciting for me! Thank you so much Deedee, I wouldn’t have thought of it that way otherwise. xxx

    Hope, you’re absolutely right about finding something else that makes us feel good and just where I was about to wonder what sort of thing you tell me about the nails and guitar activity! THANKS a lot! I’m not into music, but I can definitely work on taking care of my body other than stuffing it with food. A welcoming change definitely :)

    Lauren and lorena, thank you guys for the encouragement. I hope I can be supportive to you as you were to me just now :’)

    Old habits die hard, but they do die! I really hope we can do this together <3



    Hey ZeZe, im kathleen and I know exactly what you’re going through!

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this, unfortunately I haven’t found any extremely effective ways to avoid binge eating aside from just staying busy, and constantly reminding myself not to give up what I want the most for what I want in the moment. I came to this site looking for support from other binge eaters, hoping it might help give me a bit more encouragement and willpower to avoid over-eating. I too think I binge in order to self soothe, and I’ve been trying my best to find other things that can do that for me, but its just so hard! I honestly think from now on every time I feel the urge to binge I’m going to login to this site for some support and hopefully I will be better able to resist the temptation. I also am sick of hearing things like quit complaining and just stop eating, because its really not that simple AT ALL. :cry:

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