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    Yesterday was a bad binge day. It started out so well with 30 min. on the treadmill followed by 30 min. doing free weights. When I was done I had some yogurt, and jumped in the shower……so far so good. After I get out of the shower I am really hungry so I heat up some pasta from last night and eat it all (2-3 servings) with a handful of parmesan on top. Its my day off and I know that I should leave the house or I will eat all day (I can feel it), but my mind starts coming up with excuses: laundry, study for your GRE’s, it’s cold out, grocery shopping. There you go, I will grocery shop and only get healthy food. This will kill two birds with one stone.

    At the store I fill my cart with some veggies and fruit, snacks for my kid and…….a bag of chips and dip that I won’t eat in one sitting.

    Why do I do this to myself? If I deny myself these foods I will end up ordering for three at a taco bell drive thru and eating it all right before I pass out or but a few snackie foods and risk eating them all in front of the t.v. while I fold laundry. Either way I am sick of being scared of my food.

    So my day continues and I only ate half a bag of cheetos, a couple of corndogs, and topped it off with some jack-in-the-crack for dinner. I actually was very honest and tracked my calories and ended up going a over a thousand calories over my daily budget.

    Went to bed feeling bloated, disgusted, and dreading the heartburn filled night of sleep.

    How did I get here? Biggest weight gain factors: genetics (never been skinny, obese mother), college (stress, gained a ton), motherhood (gained babyweight and never lost it)

    After I had my son (he is almost five) I tried all kind of diets focosing on one..raw food.

    I managed to lose twenty pounds and then gained 10 back so over the last five years I have permanently lost 10 pounds! Woohoo!

    If I continue this path I will have lost my excess 60 bounds in a mere 30 years :(

    I have been an on and off again vegan who was trying to go 100 percent raw and all I ended up doing was becoming more of a binging basketcase. This forum has been an amazing eyeopener. I never really considered my self having an eating disorder; i don’t over exercise and I don’t make myself vomit. I just thought i was extremely lazy and was lacking some serious will power.

    But reading these stories has been incredible. There are people out there with the same viscous cycle and I am very encouraged to keep writing and reading. Thank you all for your honesty!

    Besides eating an entire foot long sub sandwich, today is going okay. Yogurt for breakfast, A HUGE SUBWAY LUNCH, and as long as I can reign it in for dinner I might stay within my calories. I will let you know how I do.

    Yours Truly, mycobela



    Well I had plans to take my kid to the movies and grab dinner at the food court in the mall…scary. I grabbed some chinese food and ate till I was full leaving a fair amount on my plate. That was not the hard part, i was in public with company, the hard part comes now when I am home, alone, and thinking about food. My stomach is full from dinner so what can i do to stop myself from shutting down and mindlessly grabbing food from the kitchen? The only things I can think of are tea, and brushing my teeth. I will try it and let you know if it worked. Good night yall!



    Hi Mycobela,

    I know where you are standing, and I know how long and hard the path in front of you seems. It looks like you do have the same cycle we are all fighting, but you also have the tools to fight through it and beat it! You have to find your own tools to do this, but I can reccommend some helpful (albeit scary) tools to start with:

    1. Stop calorie counting. Seriously. I know it seems like you will only gain weight, but lets say in a given day you have been giving yourself 1600-1800 calories. Lets say you stop calorie counting and naturally eat about 200 calories over that. That is a mere 200 calories instead of putting so much pressure and stress on yourself and then eating 1000+ over the limit.

    2. Great job on allowing yourself chinese food! By taking away the restrictions food start losing their appeal.

    3. Post, post, post. Read other journals and find supportive members. Its been so helpful!

    Let me know how your night went.




    Hey girl….hmm I would say that trying to convince yourself to buy only healthy foods at the store is kind of a trigger to make you want to eat everything but the foods that you bought! Your weight may not be where you want it to be but the best thing for you now is to really focus on normal, healthy relationship with food and with time, your body will get closer to where you want it to be. But no this isn’t a will power thing! Its an actual eating disorder. Glad you are here with us! ~Lauren

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