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My next attempt: will fixing my diet help?

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    Hi guys. My name is Elizabeth. I’ve been an off and on binge eater for nearly a decade, and I’ve been reading your posts for many months now. I often come here for a sense of community and support, and it makes me feel a lot better. It really, really does. Thank you so much. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

    I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading about nutrition. I’ve often wondered if there’s a theme to my binge eating, and if it gets worse when I eat certain foods in my day to day life. Certainly there are patterns in my binges themselves, but does my diet contribute to my need to eat almost as much as stress and boredom and pain?

    I’m starting to think: maybe. I just read this blog post by this woman named Pepper, who claims to have alleviated her binging problems with a diet high in fat and low in sugars. She says the sugars trigger appetite problems in our brains that fats don’t. I emailed her about it and she was happy to From what I can tell, there are a lot of people who eat like she does, and they seem to be pretty healthy.

    So I’m up for a new challenge! I am going to empty out my pantry and see if restocking for my every day meals helps me to decrease my need to binge. I find that I obsess over food constantly. Maybe less dessert and less fruit is going to help. I’m desperate enough to try.

    So I am going to, hopefully, track my progress and let you know how it goes! Willpower is super important, but maybe new foods can give me a leg up. I am so, so, so tired of trying and failing to keep my hands off of food.

    here’s the article I mentioned, about food and bingeing:



    Hi and welcome!

    So glad you’ve found comfort from reading this forum, its such a great place, its great you’ve decided to start writing too.

    I have to say this seems like a very very good idea. I have what I call a ‘binge stopper’ this is basically something EXTREMELY high fat as soon as I feel the urge and my blood sugar starts to go. It is usually a teaspoon of butter with cinnamon mixed in it. If I cant find that, a large chunk of cheese often does the trick. It seems to stabilise my blood sugars and ‘shocks’ me out the binge state. Although they are high calorie and not very ‘healthy’ they are no where near as bad as a binge would be and do seem to do the trick. Ive also found cutting down on fruit has really helped me, I used to eat an apple before having anything else in the morning until I realised I was setting myself up for blood sugar swings.

    Looking forward to reading your progress.

    Much love

    Cam/Nom x



    Hmm I’m not sure about that. I try to stay away from anything that restricts what I eat…and honestly I eat dessert every day and don’t feel like it triggers me at all, quite the opposite…trying to limit sugar makes my body want to murder for it ;) But I would say try what sounds best to you and if it turns out to not be good for you, you can change things. Glad you finally posted after months of reading!! So you know we are an awesome, supportive community! xoxo L



    Thank you so much, both of you.

    Nomnomnom, I’ve got a similar feeling. It feels really good to hear that you’ve had some sorts of success.

    And Lauren, I think more of my approach is going to be: eat as much as I want (say: in meal form, not in binge form) of the types of foods that curb bingeing to make me feel as sated and free as possible. Craving a snickers? Maybe I’ll grab a block of cheese instead. You’ve got a really good point, though. I think that I will have to play with my cravings and see how much sugar or trigger-type foods I can eat before I start bingeing.



    Nom, I am so going to try that. It sounds great! I went atkins for a while and I really loved how it make me feel, with blood sugar even all the time. It seemed like I went a long time between feeling hungry, unlike with “regular” eating.

    But it required too much discipline, gosh darn it :)



    I recommend checking out that link I posted above. It talks about the science of fruit digestion, and why it might be harmful, among other things (although you probably know a lot of it since you’ve done Atkins?). Knowing the concrete reasons for why I’m doing this helps keep me motivated (in week 1!). Nice to have a buddy of sorts, chaplinluvvah. Discipline sounds great! I hear it gets easier with time. :wink: No but really, I do. :-)



    Hmm well my experience with trying to squash a craving with something else (cheese for the Snickers) is that you end up continuing to crave it and end up bingeing on it out of guilt because you over ate other things trying to satisfy that craving when from the beginning you could have satisfied the craving with like 1/2 a snickers bar! But thats just in my experience! Hope you are doing well! ~L

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