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    … Hello everyone, my name is Gaby.

    I currently live in a beautiful beach town in the Mexican south pacific.

    I’ve turned to food for comfort ever since I can remember. It has been like a medicine to me that always makes all stress and worries go away for a couple of hours, until I look at myself in the mirror or try to fit into a nice skirt two sizes too small. Then I hate myself and I hate my life, anxiety settles in and I go back to eating again.

    Recently, I found the love of my life. We live together in harmony with an adorable cat and an amazing dog, surrounded by love and happiness…..until I become this crazy person that gets very angry for not being able to eat what I want when I want it.

    This is the only reason we ever argue…so, food could actually ruin my love life if I don’t do something about my addiction to it.

    I am also diabetic, so go figure!

    Currently, I am reading Andrew’s book and I see myself in almost every page…then there’s hope.

    I’m looking forward to read your stories and interact with you so that I can learn and get support on this journey, and maybe, just maybe food can actually become just nourishment instead of having the leading role in my life.

    Thank you,


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