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My 24-day challenge

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    Hi everybody!

    As you see, I have start my 24-day challenge.

    I am a young girl and so tired of bingeing, it must be over now.

    With this challenge I hope I’ll get out of my vicieus circle of bingeing. I hope that after those 24 days I can give myself more freedom in eating without being scared or feeling guilty.

    Today was/is the first day and it is/was a good one!

    I know the first day will be one of the easiest and a hard time will follow now, but I am determined, I will succeed this time. No stress, weakness, tiredness or other things will make me fail this time. I am exhausted of the binges, they must dissapear out of my life! (I know, easier said then done hea haha.)

    If you wanna join me, please PM me, I would really like it and we can give each other support!

    I’ll write my journal down here, maybe not every single day, but at least a few times a week!

    Hope you are all fine and achieving your goals xxxx



    good luck karina! xxx



    tobebingefree – thank you!

    I haven’t had a binge so far. Today I had to go to school and when I came home I was hungry, eat some fruit and was still a bit hungry so I just ate a nice cracker with seads and pesto in it. And it was good, I really liked it and I had the power to enjoy it and to not eat 2348327 other things. So I am trying to be more flexible and allow myself more things without feeling guilty about it. For example, at first I made a plan to eat 35gram – I am not kidding – of nuts or something on surtain days. 35 gram, yes, haha if I think about it now I sound like a real controlfreak. So I told myself, hey just grab a hand and thats good enough. It may be hard to not take 2, 3, or a whole bag of them and start that binge but I know I have the power in me to say: stop thats enough. As we all have that power!

    Day 2, so far so good.

    Goodluck to you all xxx




    Day 4.

    Haven’t had a binge so far! Yesterday was hard the evening I had a massive urge to binge, but I kept control:) It did cost me a lot of energy and I was very stressed but I didnt binge.

    Today Im sooo tired because I’m very busy with school. Tomorrow I have to give a big project to my teacher, so I have to work for that today and cant sport because of it. This will be a challenge for me. Normally when I cant sport I get really stressed and sort of ‘freak out’ and that ends up in a binge. It is hard but I try to say to myself that its okay and that its not that big of a sissue if I dont sport today. Be bigest challenge will be tonight I think. But I’ll succeed, the days are going fast, just like life itself and I dont want to begin all over again because then I’ll still be stuck in that circle. No, Im coming out of it this time!

    I enjoy the food that Im eating, try to keep saying to myself: its not about a diet, losing weight or something. Its for getting control about my foodbehavior and not bingeing, enjoying foods and be possible to say: thats enough.




    Karina…just listen to you! How awesome is that??? Day 4 meeting your urges head on,

    good ridence to the calorie counting, and you even missed a workout day without falling apart. And a major project due to boot. I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you. Look yourself in the mirror and say I deserve the good life free of ED’s. Life is always going to be filled with hardships but you are strong enough to handle it in ways other than food.

    Wising you a loving sane day.



    wow, 4 days under the belt already, you’re making this look easy :) when i missed my sport/gym it was always an ‘excuse’ to binge, so i understand what you’re going through. how was the rest of your day? xxx



    Hey sweethearts!

    Sorry if I dont replie so often, Im a bit busy lately!

    Okee what happend:

    I had my bingeing under control for 6 days, I went really good :)

    But yesterday was day 7 and I binged on chocolate.. The positive thing is that I was really aware of my binge and I was thinking: I shoudnt do this, this is a binge. It wasnt a very big one, I came to the point ‘okay now stop.’ So yes, I binged and I feel a bit sad about it because I was doing so well! But on the other hand, I must forgive myself and move on and I think I can also be proud of myself somehow because I didnt binge that much as I used to do, I didnt eat until my belly hurts. Thats a positive thing for today, I dont feel sick or something this day after the binge, thats also different that normal.

    Okay, I have 17 more days to go and try to be positive.

    Im going to succeed that 17 days without bingeing, because those 6 days felt good! And that feeling was better then the chocolate of yesterday.




    was it because of the gym thing, do you think? anyway it sounds like you have bounced back quickly so well done to you :) staying positive is so important. bring on 17 days xxx



    well.. the plan totally failed, today was one of the worst days ever. It started this morning, I binged again. I see a pattern because my binges always take 2 days, on the first day it starts in the evening and then the next day its goes on the whole day and in the evening I decide to ‘make a new start’.

    I think it started because I had to do things for school but I was tired and couldnt concentrate anymore because I had already worked for school. So I started to watch tv, perhaps felt guilty and then it started.

    gosh Im getting so tired of myself..

    tobebingefree, you overcome your binges right? Did you get help with that, I a psychologist or something?

    Actually I would like to say everything to my mum and I want help, but Im so scared and embarrassed. I feel so depressed about being stuck in this circle. I tried it so many times, to get out of it..

    really dont know what to do anymore.:(

    sorry for the sad message but ..pff I really dont know it anymore.



    hiya, i think you have started a new journal now, so i’m just going to answer your question quickly… yes i have overcome my binges. i didn’t get professional help, no, although i did investigate both OA and a therapist. from what i now understand and believe about this disorder, i don’t think either would have helped.

    the main things i did to overcome this were:

    – stop dieting and counting calories

    – stop over-exercising

    – eat to keep my blood sugar stable

    – read a book called ‘brain over binge’ by kathryn hansen, which helped me to understand how the binge habit had been formed and what to do when the binge urge arose

    i wrote about this a bit more in my “success story” post xxx



    hi tobebingefree,

    thank you so much for your help, really appreciate it :)

    Wish you a wonderful day! Xxx

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