How To Stop Binge Eating

Tips to stop overeating, stop emotional eating, stop eating fast food, stop eating junk food

messed up :(

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    So i went 10 days without bingeing and that was great and i loved the feeling. For a while i was losing weight and then for like 5 days I wasnt losing any weight and then today I gained a pound. I guess gaining the weight made me kinda upset and then it happened ):. I didnt eat that much but I think it still counted like I ate 2 pieces of bread, a giant slice of pizza and a regular dinner with that. I just hope that tommorow I can avoid having another episode and start my count over and last 2 weeks instead of just 10. Wish me could like when comes to starting over. (:



    Don’t start over!!! Keep going!!!

    If you give up and start again the cyle just continues. It is like admitting failure and giving up before starting all over again!!! This is a journey, slip ups will happen-we can’t expect to be perfect overnight!!

    You gotta keep on going on the journey and see what happens, watch ourselves improve. If you like, see it as 10-1 to you, but don’t do a count from fresh, it seems so demotivating!!

    Anyway, just my thoughts but I think you are doing fab and it would be such a shame to view it as you have failed and need to start again. How many times can you just keep starting again? It seems too hard on youself.

    I say keep going!!! Just me but you really are doing so brilliantly!! xxx



    I completely agree with Lauzy – 10 days is an amazing time, so you should definitely not feel like you’ve failed at all! Everybody has off days – even people who don’t have eating problems have days when they overeat. Just forget about it, and move on!

    Personally I don’t count the days I’m binge-free anyway… for me this psychologically makes me want to binge when I know I’m getting quite far and doing well, as I know that it should be getting harder the further I mananage to go. So for me, it’s just taking everyday as it comes.

    Good luck today – it is not a day that you’re starting again. We can learn from every time we give into temptation, and it is part of the journey into making us stronger in our relationship with good. Have a good day!



    yes i agree with both kit & lauzy, that adding up the days can sometimes make the pressure build up too much and you suddenly want to let off steam! to be honest, it doesn’t sound like your binge was that bad anyway. let’s call it an overeat instead of a binge :) i suppose the main take home point for you here is to stop weighing yourself as it may cause a binge?



    When you run a marathon and happen to don’t have to go to the beginning you just get up and keep going. Count your days as 10 + bump + however long you go this next time. I’m rooting for you on the sidelines



    I was doing something similar with counting days. I would put a gold star on my calendar for going to the gym and then an apple sticker if i ate well that day. On the days i didnt get a sticker i felt like crap. This has made me rethink the whole tracking notion altogether. I had a horrible day today. I ate 6 granola bars, 4 chocolate bars, 2 potato skins and mashed potatoes. That is disgusting to me, especially since im onl 5’2. Does anyone else ever consume this much????



    are you kidding me? it’s like you aren’t even trying :P try this:

    this is from one of my old food diaries… over 8000 cals that day – high five!

    Cadbury Highlights Dark Chocolate, 1tsp

    Cadbury Highlights Dark Chocolate, 1tsp

    McVities Digestive Biscuit

    Dorset Cereal Berries & Cherries, 85g

    Apple, medium

    Salmon Patty

    Low fat muffin (rhubarb & goji berry)

    Low fat muffin (rhubarb & goji berry)

    Rolled oats 1/2 cup (4 heaped spoons)

    Pronutro Wholewheat Original, 2 tbsps

    Protein powder 2 tsps

    Waitrose Black Forest Fruit, Frozen, 113g

    6 tbsps 0% fat yoghurt

    Salmon Patty

    McVities Digestive Biscuit

    Waitrose Smoked Ham & Cheese with Mustard & Mayonnaise

    Waitrose Deli Style Pastrami with Emmental, Sauerkraut, Gherkin and Mustard Mayonnaise on Light Rye Bread

    Chocolate Berliner

    Thornton’s Double Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse

    Chocolate Berliner

    Burnt Sugar chewy caramels dipped in dark chocolate, 1 bag

    Waitrose Peppermint Creams, 170g

    Kettle Chips Sour Cream and Onion, 150g

    Thornton’s Double Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse

    Thornton’s Double Chocolate & Vanilla Mousse

    Waitrose Cream slice

    Waitrose Cream slice

    Kettle Chips Sour Cream and Onion, 150g

    Waitrose Dairy Fudge, 225g

    so not to worry, i have done FAR worse.. and that wasn’t even my worst binge, haha!

    oh and i think the sticker idea *could* be good, if it encourages you. but not if it makes you feel like crap if you don’t make it!



    haha tobebingefree thats quite a variety there you must have been having some real mixed cravings, or just suffering from an overstocked pantry.

    jenniferEC: dont worry thats nothing 2 days ago i did 7500 cals in one day, almost entirely on chocolate, peanut butter, and various fried foods. as tobebingefree said it could be much worse lol.

    klaudia: yours wasnt even a binge, just some overeating dont let it get you down. 10 days is awesome your doing incredible.



    boy o boy. to track or not to track? that is the question. I need to feel control, and accomplishment. but on the flip side that comes with disappointment and “failure”. Today was my “monday”. Ill just try to get through “tuesday” for now. one day at a time right? Today I had planned my meals to be

    meal 1: 2boiled eggs

    meal 2: 2boiled eggs(low on groceries/variety)

    meal 3: strawberries (1lb)

    meal 4: Salad w/chicken (lettuce, tomato, cucumber,light vinaigrette)

    meal 5: salad with chicken(light vinaigrette)

    Work out—

    Meal 6: Protein shake.

    I didnt stick to it completely tho… I ate an extra boiled egg, and had two protein bars. I swapped out the protein shake for this cause, so im still pretty close to my caloric goals for the day.

    Tomorrow meal plan:

    meal 1: 2 boiled eggs

    meal 2: 1/2 lb strawberries(gotta cut back on the sugar)

    meal 3: Salad with tilapia and vinaigrette

    meal 4: salad with tilapia and vinaigrette

    meal 5:1 head of cabbage, 8oz tilapia/pollock

    work out—

    meal 6:protein shake

    Perhaps ill start a food journal on here…

    And as embarrassed as I would be if you saw me in action, these binges still pale in comparison to some of mine. If im lyin, if flyin. Im a volume freak, so I could put away 30 lbs of food in a day. I love all the advice you all have give, its really helping me. 10 days! I envy you Klaudia…ur doing amazing.



    i just have to chime in here; i love this ‘one-upmanship’. i’m always puzzled when someone talks about a having ‘binged’ and then went out with their boyfriend or went to the gym. To me it couldn’t be a ‘binge’ if you can put on your clothes and continue with the day. Full out non-spontaneous binges (the way I like them) are planned ritual events in which I would prepare favorite meal items in significant quantity (grains & starchy things) while gradually getting loaded on red wine (on an empty stomach of course… this relaxes me so I don’t eat in a frenzied manner). When it’s all prepared and laid out, I would sit down and eat…and eat… I would stay with it until i’m really full but not to the point esphyxiation i.e. those poor sheep with their feet sticking up in the air (reference to post on E-Lizzy’s blog). I would then want to lie down w/ a good book. An hour or so later I would continue… and so it goes. I must be really weird. I’m also puzzled that people quantitate every item, i.e. the #’s of grams of each thing. Why bother?? a binge is a binge. i’m not out to count calories.

    Ha Ha.. looks like someone was posting their super healthy regime while I was composing a description of my binges…..



    Hi thanks for all the advice guys but that same day after i posted this i ate even more food like almost a whole bag of white chocolate chips and more milk chocolate chips and 3 protein bars along with that… but thinking of that accident as a small speed bump in the road has helped me a little bit. Also Monday and today have been okay and I’ve trying to avoid weighing myself to.



    haha wilson, nah that was all the food i had on me for the day, plus a few different trips to the shops to load up – different shops so the cashiers didn’t judge me, of course.. :P

    sciencefreak – that lot was from my religious tracking days. i “had” to record everything i ate, or i would mess up my graphs. i had these extremely comprehensive food lists and measured everything out, which is why i know the grams of everyting. although a couple of those like the 225g of dairy fudge – that was a whole bag’s worth, the 225g was printed on the side. then i’d use the total cals for the entire day’s binging to work out how much exercise i needed to do to get my calories to even out again.. nightmare! this is why i am soooooooo against calorie counting because i know it was such a big deal and major problem with my dieting & binging.

    i don’t think i would have had time to prepare a huge meal once the binge urge had taken hold. when i decided, i DECIDED, and had to have food in large quantities immediately!

    there is no way i could have carried on with my day either. many a gym session was cancelled due to binge-related gas lol

    sorry for the thread hijack, klaudia! yes – you are never back at square one – each slip up is a learning experience that will help you later. “progress not perfection”, as they say! xxx

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