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    Okay, I want to hold myself accountable and stick to my words by making goals for myself and following through with them by talking about them here.

    I have been bingeing on ice cream and cereal bars for days and today I am really feeling the affects of what I’ve done. Before I always used to look at my thighs and love handles and pull at them and wish they were thinner, which I still do, but the lastest body part to succomb to my wrath is my arms.

    My arms feel so obese right now I feel like they are always flopping around under my shirts and I am beyond disgusted.

    I want to lose 15 pounds so badly. I have an app on my phone that tracks calories and I am addicted to it and I track every morsel of food that enters my mouth, until a binge hits of course, and then all control goes out the window.

    This summer I was following my calorie expendage perfectly for about two months, but the thought of eating normally without coutning calories was very overwhelming. I realize that even though I was in control of the eating it was definitely not normal or healthy. Eating can be so complicated and stressful.

    My goal is to stop bingeing at night. Eat dinner and then stop eating and no snacking. That is my goal this week and hopefully I can continue setting goals and following them until I am better.



    Bingeing at night is one of my worst habits. I work a few nights a week and i always want to eat when I get home around 10pm.

    I am going to join you this week on curbing this late night snacking. Brush teeth by 7pm and then NO MORE FOOD.

    good luck mangooh80



    Sounds like a plan. I’m trying to set a new goal every week or several days and slowly but surely I will be binge-free!

    Thanks for the support and good luck to you!



    Im going join you guys too. Ive been binging everyday this week. & the thing that always starts my cycle of binging are my night binges D: I would stay up late eating the whole time and wake up next morning feeling bloated which makes me want to at even more,then i would end up continuing my binge from past night. )’:

    I hope you guys will be able to spend a healthy week without binging! :)



    Today was one of those days where I basically ate 10 (or more) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, spread out through the day along with other random junk like Halloween candy and NO REAL MEALS. What the hell is that?

    This is what a 4 year old would eat without the supervision of an adult. And even the 4 year old would then realize this is NOT satisfying. I’m going to prepare some real meals tomorrow to be balanced and ward off the probability of bingeing.

    Confession: I was THIS close to buying laxatives today, standing in the drugstore, but I walked away because I knew that would be just digging myself deeper into the situation. I’m happy about my decision.




    The mornings after a binge are the worst. I hate feeling bloated and terrible.

    Anyways, Glad to have you on board! Check back in a week!



    Hey girl…I would say maybe try to ease out of the calorie tracking for now….that tends to keep us in super obsessive & dieting mode. But work your way out of that one. Great job making the decision to not buy those laxatives…that does just push you deeper down in this whole thing. I hope today is going better for you. Hugs, Lauren



    Today was not a very balanced eating day. I banned the calorie counting and tried to listen and respond to my body’s signals and I think I was semi-successful.

    For breakfast I had: Grapefruit, cereal and milk

    My roommate bought this platter of cookies, scones, and other treats for us, which was more like a platter of anxiety and boundaries, but I told myself that I could eat whatever I wanted and I had one cookie, which was very large, but I spread it out throughout the day and no guilt ensued. A success.

    For lunch it got kind of wierd. I ate some more bowls of the cereal I had for breakfast because it was tasty and I liked its texture. I find myself ending crispy things for the mouth-feel a lot, which is weird. Sometimes, not because of hunger and not in binge mode I will eat things slowly that are crunchy or crispy in a particular way. It’s very odd.

    So I did that will a big bowl of cereal and then later, which was still early afternoon I had some macaroni and cheese, bread, and a pastry dessert.

    There was plenty of eating while not very hungry today, but not in large, binge quantities which is all that matters. Not very “healthy” but I am taking the advice that I have gotten and read and stopping the dieting.

    I will not surrender to food anymore it will surrender to me!

    And Thanks so much for the kind words Lauren! I hope you are doing well also!



    Awesome…don’t be discouraged because your body/mind is SO used to being in restrictive diet mode that it is VERY hard not to over eat when you stop dieting because its convinced you are going to start restricting again PLUS you have been ignoring your body signals for so long its hard to really know what they are telling you. But I’d say a great first day out of diet mode! Keep chugging along and you’ll see the progress you want…..but don’t get discouraged by the over eating because that takes a little time to change….your mind has to wrap itself around the idea that you really are done dieting and it can have whatever it wants when its hungry. xoxo ~L



    Yeah I am trying to keep all of those things in mind and keep trekking!

    Lauren, I am new to the site and haven’t been able to read everyone’s journals. I did read several posts on yours but there are a lot, have you been binge-free for over a year now? You are very knowledgable and great with advice, it seems like you’ve been there and back.



    I’m nervous about this, but here it goes. I have been reading some material on Intuitive Eating and it talks about how when a person has been neglecting their body for a long period of time, their natural monitor is skewed. I obviously want to at one point be able to feed my body based on its needs and wants.

    Apparently, it is better to start with some kind of structured food plan with three meals and snacks in between, to then ease into eating by intuition.

    I’m going to try and structure a plan for myself to follow loosely because I don’t want to fall under the umbrella of dieting. I know that’s going against the progress I am trying to make.

    I’m thinking to try and eat three meals and at least one snack and maybe do some light excercise at least every day. I don’t want to push things too far because today felt really good, like a firm step towards betterment.



    Today is a lazy day around the house which usually means a lot overeating out of boredom.

    Good day so far though, listening to Geneen Roth Podcast and its very enlightening.

    No calorie counting at all again, which feels good.

    For breakfast: Cereal, soy milk, grapefruit, and a piece of toast with peanut butter.

    snack: Cookie and string cheese

    lunch: homestyle egg dish, cauliflower, and brown rice

    dinner: Probably falafel, which I have wanted to eat for a while!

    I am feeling really optimistic about this food issue. Today felt so free, it flashed back to a time when I have no food problems. Night hasn’t fallen yet so I don’t want to speak too soon about anything but I wanted to have faith in myself and keep nuturing myself. Each step is one towards recovery.



    Hey girl! Yeah my journal is really long! I’ve been binge free now for around 14 months…I’ve had tough periods but I’d say I’ve been recovering for that long! You are exactly right with the intuitive have to ease into it because it takes awhile to really truly be able to listen to your body…so a loose plan is always a good way to start until you feel confident in your ability to eat based on hunger! Mmm I love me some falafel! Sounds like you had a great day! Awesome! Hugs, Lauren



    Lauren that is so incredible! You are so great with your motivation and advice, Thanks again!!



    Feeling really bloated and fat today, especially in the face. Probably because of all the bread and pastries I have been allowing myself. Have to keep telling myself that it’s okay even though I am embarrassed to go outdoors!

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