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    okay, i’m going to start an accountability journal. i really like the idea of holding myself accountable and have so far not been able to do it. i write some things publicly that describe my slip-ups, occasionally, but maybe if i think people are going to read about how i did with bingeing every day i will be more responsible. i don’t know. it’s worth a try.

    i have been bingeing worse than ever before. i’m not hungry but we’re about to have a huge dinner at my house and i’m going to eat it and be social. [social eating, is that like social drinking?…] i always tell myself that i have to start at the beginning of the day with things. so this is the pre-accountability journaling entry in which i say that i am going to start tomorrow with recording [hopefully daily] how things go.

    i have tried keeping records of all of the foods i eat in a day before, and it goes well for the first day or two, until one day i eat too much to even remember everything and i stop that project on the spot. i don’t want to remember everything i ate, i don’t want to prove to myself that i binged, i don’t want to see how long a list of what i ate will physically be. so i’m not going to do that. i’m not sure what i’m going to do yet….


    What do you most hope to achieve from keeping a journal



    i think that by keeping a journal there is a chance that i will hold myself accountable a little more, and i like being able to do it publicly and get feedback. obviously i’m hoping these two things will help me to binge less. my goal is to binge less. i don’t know if i want to set a certain number of days or anything–what if i set a 7-day no bingeing goal? if i make it all that time will i feel like i should let myself binge and binge hard on the 8th day? of course i won’t feel like it’s a good idea! but will i do it anyway? i want to just not binge for as long as i can. i don’t want to put numbers on it.

    it’s halfway through my day today. i have not binged. i also have not eaten, really. i had an appointment somewhere that i needed to be awake for, but my alarm didn’t go off. i actually woke up with enough time to run out the door but allowed myself to flake out on that and just go back to sleep. but before i went back to sleep, i went to the bathroom and on my way back up to my room, a housemate offered me a pancake. they were vegan and sugar-free and so am i [at least i try to be], so i took it and ate it. i slept for about 12 hours last night.

    today i went to a class. i’m 26 and taking classes for the first time since high school. this was my first time going to this class and i really liked it. during class my stomach growled–a sound i almost never hear. but by the time class was over i didn’t feel hungry. i went to the store and bought sparkling water and a can of soup.

    i’ve had a sore throat for the past three days and i think it is directly linked to binge eating.

    last night i binge ate ravenously, and i planned on drinking laxative tea afterwards but i couldn’t find it. now i’m happy about not being able to find any of course.

    i just worked out [and also stretched!] for the first time in maybe a month or so, and it felt really nice. i don’t feel hungry but i will eat this can of soup soon. i hope i can continue to not binge today and keep exercising in the days to come.

    does anyone have any input on eating when you’re not hungry but know you should probably eat?

    i always hear that eating breakfast is very important. but i binge at night a lot and, six or eight hours later, i may not want to eat more food, i’m still digesting all the crap i shoveled in the night before. i want to be proud of myself for recognizing i am not hungry but i don’t want to pave the way for binges a few hours later.



    okay i’m swallowing as i write this!!

    earlier i only ate half of that can of soup.

    now, a few hours later, i just ate like four sandwiches. i think they were small sandwiches. this was definitely bingeing but since i didn’t really eat much all day i don’t feel that bad about it!

    tomorrow i have a lot of stuff to do so i think it’ll be a good day.


    mmmm vegan pancakes!.. I used to make them.. very yummy :)

    An eating plan could work with eating when you’re not hungry but you know you should probably eat. If you have designated times for your meals you’ll be more likely to be consistent with your diet. If I didn’t have my eating plan (400 calories 6 times per day at 3hour intervals) I’d be much more likely to overeat or binge



    i think an eating plan is a good idea. i wonder about how this can work with my inconsistent schedule–i’m never home at the same times in any two days. maybe i could create an eating plan every morning for that day or something. i think that’s a good idea.

    i woke up early today! it’s before 8:00! so i have time to do that right now for today, awesome.


    yay :D

    Do you think writing down what you eat in this journal would help you stay in more control?



    Lydz, I’m currently experimenting with a food journal . . essentially writing down my meal plan for the day. I’m hoping it will take all the guesswork out of ‘when’ I’m supposed to eat. I know I should just listen to my body, but I do intermittent fasting, so it’d be almost impossible to get the necessary amount of calories if I ate only when I was hungry.

    I did good for four days, binged for the last two, and now I’m back at square one. Trying the Leangains approach to IF now, too . . which means I eat at a 20% deficit on rest days, and at a 20% surplus on weight-lifting days. Which means . . 3000 calories on three days out of the week! I excited . . the 7-grain waffles are calling me.



    i have kept lists of what i’ve eaten in the past [just for myself] and it hasn’t made anything any better. usually i get to the point of bingeing and i don’t want to write down everything i’ve eaten during that episode i can’t even remember it all, you know. so then i get frustrated and i think it’s damaging to keep track of everything. i’ll figure it out. right now i guess i will just write about my days and how i relate to food.

    i don’t have a meal plan right now, i’m trying to figure that out as well. i have to learn what would be best for me and i’m starting from scratch.

    so far today i have not eaten nearly enough. i’m not consciously restricting but i just have no appetite after a month of so of overeating. i’m scared about how this will pan out at the end of the day [i’m never hard on myself for not eating enough, sadly i feel good about it usually. but it could cause me to binge at night of course and i would be hard on myself about that.] i’ll just have to see and write about it before i go to sleep.

    today i went to my first OA meeting also. very emotional.


    tell us more about the OA meeting!



    sorry for not saying more earlier. ideally i will be posting in this at the end of the day and it will be a long entry.

    i woke up and worked out for a little while today. so day two of working out! in the morning i tried to eat. i couldn’t. at 9am i ate half of a grapefruit. i looked up the caloric content and half a grapefruit is only about 50 calories.

    my first OA meeting!

    the one i went to today was next door to a freakin’ grocery store! uggghhh! of course i went in there, because after the meeting i had class and i wanted to get a snack for class or else i’d be going another five hours without eating. the meeting was at noon and i’d only had that grapefruit half. so i wandered around the store for much longer than necessary and i ate some chocolate covered almond samples that were grain sweetened [around 220 calories–this is an estimation based off of the caloric content of chocolate covered almonds, which probably contain milk and sugar.] i ended up buying some medium sized boxes of raisins, two clif bars and a bottle of sparkling water.

    i met someone waiting outside of the meeting before it started, and they were wondering if it was going to happen because no one was there yet. so we had time to talk. this person was so nice and asked for my phone number, which i was hesitant about giving but did it anyway, and later i found out that everyone at the meeting exchanged phone numbers. there were maybe 10 of us. i had to leave early too to go to class. but i introduced myself and talked about myself for a few minutes, crying the whole time. i have never said “my name is lydz and i’m a compulsive overeater” before, it was hard. that was strange to me because it’s not like i’d never admitted it to myself or anything. everyone in the meeting was so beautiful and strong, i was so inspired hearing their stories and i could relate a lot.

    this is my first time going to any kind of 12-step program. i feel hopeful about it but there is this one issue: i put too much on my plate [oh gosh i didn’t see this pun until reading it back.] i am doing a lot of things that could easily be one’s “whole life.” i never knew this before, but 12-step program meetings are things that people go to daily sometimes, or at least several times a week. i was told that it’s recommended i go to six meetings in the next two weeks. i don’t know if i can commit to this. i simply do not have the time with all of my other commitments. but i will try to go when i can. i wonder if it’ll still work for me.

    speaking of accountability [as in why i started this journal]: the person i met today before the meeting called me tonight to see how my day had gone. i didn’t answer because i was busy and couldn’t even look at my phone when it rang. i’m happy i didn’t answer because i want to call them tomorrow and tell them whether or not i binged tonight. i don’t know yet if i will. it’s about 10pm.

    stuff i ate/didn’t eat:

    in class i ate half of a clifbar. so 120 calories. it was a terrific class [the first one] and i had a really great time.

    then i came home. coming home to a house overflowing with food and people cooking 24/7 is always a challenge. but i just came straight up to my room because i knew i had things to do! one of those things was laundry, and as i was walking home from the laundramat i admitted that i was pretty hungry. this was at about 5pm. earlier i was thinking that i would just eat some raisins or nuts, but i thought a better idea would be to eat and actual meal. so i made a sandwich. i would like to not eat gluten but i feel like that can wait for now. [the people in OA who mentioned the trigger foods they’re abstinent from both said sugar and flour and i can understand why!] the sandwich was just bread with fake meat, greens and sprouts. i tried to look it up the best i could and the calorie content is somewhere around 505. oh, and mustard! so let’s say 510.

    i looked it up after i ate it and i was surprised it’s so low…

    i worked on writing, finish the laundry, and went to do a volunteer shift at this library. near the library is a taqueria i like. i did not feel hungry but i knew that i should eat. i didn’t want to eat but i knew that i should eat. because i was afraid of bingeing later! so at 7:30 i went and got a vegan burrito. i looked up vegan burrito for calorie content and whatever website i used said about 240 calories in half of one. but does that mean a frozen microwavable burrito? does that mean only rice and beans? who knows. that seems low for me, but so did the sandwich after i added up each ingredient.

    as i sat eating my burrito, i chewed slowly. when i’m not bingeing i allow myself to chew slowly and breathe in between bites. as i was eating the burrito, which i told myself i would eat half of, i decided that i could eat the whole thing. i decided that even though i felt like i was full, i would eat the whole thing. i imagined writing about it and i tried to decide if it was bingeing or overeating and i thought about asking people who read this. is it? i don’t know. but when i started not being able to chew thoroughly before swallowing and finally found out that it’s because the bites i was taking were too big [seriously, i have been doing this for my whole life and i never understood why i had the reflex to swallow food before it was chewed up small enough,] i wrapped up the rest of my burrito. i probably ate 3/4 of it. but there were still chips in the bag and i thought that would be okay. but when i realized that i was put a new chip into my mouth when i had not swallowed the chip before that one, i ended it right there. i think i stopped myself from bingeing!!! did i?

    later in the night, people brought to the library: pizza. and pastries.

    both triggers! both things that i will eat until they’re gone. i’m real greedy about it, too, like if someone comes in who hasn’t had any yet, i have no consideration for them. very rude.

    i resisted them both! even when they were right in my face being offered to me!


    i don’t want to commit to writing down what i eat every day for reasons mentioned in earlier posts. but looking up the caloric content of things i eat may put things into perspective a little. for example, i may have felt bad about eating that whole burrito [because i wasn’t hungry!] but that still puts me at under 2000 calories. ish. because the system i’m using is a little flawed. i can’t weigh my burrito at the taqueria. or each ingredient in it individually.


    1/2 grapefruit: 50

    almond clusters: 210

    1/2 clifbar: 120

    sandwich: 510

    burrito: 400

    a few chips: 80?

    so around 1370. is this what the days i don’t overeat on are like? eek! is this why i binge? tomorrow i will try to up my calorie intake. i think usually i feel great about days like today and then the next day is a bingefest.

    i can’t say for certain that i will not eat anything else tonight. maybe i’ll eat the rest of my burrito and if i do i hope i will stop there.


    I went ‘awww’ out loud when you said you were crying :'( !! *hugs* I’m glad you went to the meeting and hope it helps :)

    Do the foods you eat not have nutritional information on the back of them? It’s just easier to know how much you’re eating when you’re told how many calories are in them. All of my foods have nutritional information on them which makes it easy for me to eat the right amount of calories.

    Hurray for resisting the pizzas and pastries :) It will become easier resisting foods offered to you the more you get into a habit of saying no :)

    If 1370 calories is how much you usually eat on a day when you don’t binge it could very well cause you to be more susceptible to binging. increasing it to 2000 should be beneficial! I would also recommend forcing yourself to eat breakfast even if you dont want to eat because 50calories is no where near enough.. I’m sure you know that breakfast is ‘break fast’ where you stop the fasting your body has been through overnight.. It’s very important for your health to eat a good breakfast :)

    Mindful eating is really important so keep up with training yourself to chew properly and not put more food in your mouth before you swallow :)





    some of the things i ate yesterday had nutritional information on the package and some didn’t. the almonds were from a bulk bin and the bread is from a local bakery. so i looked those ones up online. even when things do have the guide on the package, it’s hard for me to figure out. like the fake meat i ate is in a log-type of thing, and the nutritional content thing said “serving size: 1/20 of log” and i just had to try to figure out how much i ate.



    oh i forgot to mention that last night i dreamt about eating the same pastry i asked to sniff a few hours before going to sleep. eek!

    today i went to another OA meeting, i feel good about them. i woke up later than i wanted and at 10am i ate probably like 170 calories for breakfast, better than yesterday. then i went and did some errands and i felt hungry before noon, so i went to this smoothie place and i asked them if they had any nutrition information and they didn’t! so i just ordered 1oz of wheatgrass which came with an orange slice. so this was maybe 10 calories. eek. i didn’t want to overdo it with hundreds of calories because i had leftovers to eat when i got home and i just wanted to sustain myself till then.

    even though at the meeting we were allowed to eat lunch! i guess i wasn’t thinking.

    this one was more diverse as far as people’s relationships with food. and i didn’t have to leave early and i got to talk 1 on 1 with some people afterwards.

    came home, ate the rest of my burrito and the chips, so maybe around 340 calories?

    then i called the person from yesterday and checked in with them. i told them about counting calories and finding out i’m not eating enough on my “good days” and this probably makes me binge, and they said that counting calories was bad for them because they got obsessive and they went to a nutritionist instead. i am worried about getting obsessive about calorie counting and that’s why i’ve never done it! so maybe after today i won’t, or maybe i’ll see what it’s like the next time i binge [which actually will never happen again, right?!] and then lay off the calorie counting.

    anyway, it is almost 3:30 and today i’ve eaten 520 calories. i could eat way more and still be okay.

    actually right now i don’t feel hungry but i have the urge to eat. it’s hard for me to determine whether or not i should. because i definitely ate my burrito leftovers reeeaaaally fast. i had the hiccups afterwards and immediately wanted to eat something sweet. but i could eat the rest of my clif bar. i don’t know what to do really.



    Definitely try upping your cals lydz. Only 520 by 3:30 isn’t enough. I know you don’t want to do that as it probably makes you anxious like it does for me, but give it a shot. Maybe take baby steps? You can try making it a goal to eat 1600 tomorrow, spread out evenly throughout the day. That way it isn’t 2000 right off the bat, which might make you uncomfortable..

    You can see how it goes. If it made you not have cravings then, hey, it may have been the problem. If you’re still having urges then the next day maybe try bumping it up to 1800. An extra 200 or 400 cals for 2 days won’t do any harm to your body or make you gain weight can be a good little experiment to try.

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