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Lost and this isn't helping

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    OK, so here is my story. It is similar to a lot that I have seen on this site, so that made me feel a little better. My junior year in high school I went through anorexia. I wanted to lose weight and went too far. Eventually people became concerned and I started to see a therapist and went on anti-depressants, which I am still on. I had gotten down to 108 pounds (I am 5′ 6″). Things SLOWLY got better and I was able to eat more without freaking out.

    Now, the problem has done a 180. I am bingeing. On my bad days I can eat up to 9,000 FREAKING Calories! I hate it and want to stop more than anything, but I just have so much trouble. Its like the urge to binge is tattoed in the back of my mind and it is always there so in order to avoid it I have to CONSTANTLY fight it. Whenever I am home alone I usually binge. Its gotten to the point where I have had to have my mom put locks on the fridge and cabinets. I AM 20 years old! That is pathetic.

    I had a good streak of not bingeing for several days, but I blew it last night :( and now I just have that gross fat unsuccessful feeling. I woke up at 4 am and could not fall asleep. As I sat in bed I fought the urge to eat, because I did feel a little hungry. Eventually I gave in promising myself that I would only have a granola bar. But that granola bar turned into a granola bar, piece of pizza, spoonful of peanut butter, a cookie and 2 bowls of cereal. Ugh. Now I just feel like a failure. HOW DO I BEAT THE BINGE?



    Give yourself a break. We’re all human and you gave in. Pick yourself up ,dust yourself down and start again. Eventually you’ll get there. If you didn’t binge for several days you can do that again, hopefully for longer. I know it feels horrible after a binge but you can do this. Tomorrow is a new day – make the most of it and make itmatter.



    Did it again today. While I was doing it I was thinking about how it would ruin my day and make me feel terrible, yet I didn’t stop. I feel so weak and pathetic!



    Wow, I feel like we are the same person. Last year I got down to around 106 pounds (im 5″7) and my tennis coach at my college kept me from playing until I gained back the weight. I desperately wanted to play again, so I ate like crazy, not caring about my anorexia anymore, and since then I have been bingeing almost every night and I have gained gross fat-looking weight. I can’t control it anymore and I wake up every morning feeling depressed and sick. I’m turning twenty next month and I have so many plans for the summer and I just want to be happy.

    Let’s do this together, one day at a time.






    I have the exact same story, i’m 23 and was anorexic when I was in high school, then began binging in college and haven;t stopped since. Binge eating is the worst. I try not to let all my failures get me down. If they did, I would have no chance at recovery. Instead, I accept that I made a mistake and move on. I can’t do anything to change the fact that I binged, I can only try to do better next time. Try to learn to forgive yourself. We can both beat this. Keep us posted.



    Okay. . . .take a deep breath….Okay take another deep breath….Now think for a minuet and think about how you would treat a friend who feel the way you do….this is how you should treat yourself. Putting yourself down only make the problem worse and you will binge again. This is the cycle because we tell ourselves we aren’t worth it because we can’t control our binging. Looking at our little success is the best thing we can do. If you binge and maybe you binged less than you wanted to that is a success. Celebrate this success and feel good about it. This problem as well as our lives is a journey has no finish line. We just take one step at a time and celebrate each step because just putting one foot in front of the other is an effort.

    Another thing to consider is that our binging is the symptom of a bigger problem and investigating what that problem is may you understand why you do what you do. Then dealing with that problem will give you insight on how to deal with the binging. There is also a book called, “Self-Defeating Behavior by Milton R. Cudney, PH.D and Robert E. Hardy, ED.D which has helped me look at my behavior more realistically and and adjust our behavior.

    Keep us posted and I will be back to check on your progress!



    Hi Erb,

    I hear you sista! I went through a similar thing – going through anorexia which turned into binge eating. Stay strong and keep posting, people on here have some really good advice. Take one day at a time and take care of yourself.


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