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Looking for a support partner

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    I’ve struggled with this for years, and now that I’m at home for the summer, my binging has gotten worse than ever. I’ve never known anyone else with this ED and it’s gotten very isolating. Is anyone out there interested in being texting buddies?



    Hi, Aiieke.

    Sounds like you aren’t having the best time. Have you tried journaling about your struggles? I am new and haven’t come across anything you’ve written. Maybe I need to dig around the forum a little more. I would love to chat with you, but I’m not sure that I would want to give out my phone number right now. I would, however, be interested in keeping up with whatever you have to say on the website. I just joined a little more than a week ago but apparently I can’t stay away. I think I may be a writer is disguise haha. I have been pretty active in journaling thus far, anyway. Would you be interested in something like that? Wishing you the best…




    Ah. Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure I had an account here a few years ago, but there’s no way I would remember what random name I picked – didn’t want this to be linked with my main ‘identity’ online.

    I journaled for a couple years before I stopped. It didn’t really help me on a daily basis, only if I was super depressed/angry/confused or whatnot and needed to solidify my thoughts so I could move on. I still write out my feelings sometimes. When I had my own apartment last summer, I was buying my own groceries, I had a job that was literally a morning shift, and an evening shift. It all but stopped my binging by keeping me occupied. I was quite at peace during that time. Right now I just feel like I’m in a hopeless situation, living with my parents for the summer.



    I’m looking for the same thing – a texting buddy. One idea I’m playing with is taking a photo of each food I eat before I eat it. If I force myself to pause and document it, that makes me pause before scarfing food down, and also holds me accountable for all the things I’ve eaten that day.

    If you’re interested in sending each other photos of our food intake this way (without judgment, of course), let me know. Or if you’re just looking for a general texting partner, I’d be happy to do that as well. PM me :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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